Did Anyone See it?

The other Day my daughter told me to see this Video on YouTube so I Looked it up. What followed was a Dad of a young Daughter Whou worked in Internet technology. He had come across an open Letter from his daughter about her parents. This young girl is around 14 years old and She had blocked her parents from reading her Facebook page. This letter was Disgustingly offensive and the swearing was worse than the words the dad read. But even read, they were Obsene. She griped & complained & disrespected every adult in her life. I heard this letter and was brought back to one my own daughter had written about me. And my heart sank. Then after the dad finished reading the letter, he addressed every issue that the daughter had brought up. About getting a job, about chores about school and about a lady whom does some housework in trade for services on her computer. By the time ye finished he was so Angry, that he got up & Shot her laptop 9 times then told her that she doesn’t need to worry about getting new things for her laptop because the next laptoP she gets will be one she buys herself. I ws stunned. I realize that she did wrong but this dad let his flesh take over and it was obvious to me why his kid has a dirty mouth, yet part of me was cheering him on. I couldn’t help but look to the bible & remember the type of children there would be in the last days. I raised my daughter as a belIever, yet she has turned due to things that happend to her but I couldn’t help but wonder if I had done this, what my daughter would have done to get even. How can we teach them to love when they have a heart full of dissrespect. This girl. To me was. Very troubled & her pArents most likely spoiled her. You can’t say it was abuse because he didn’t hit her, Do our kids need to be knocked down a peg or two to hAve respect? My own grandmother couldn’t get her daughters to pick up their dirty clothes so she decided to pick them up for them. The interesting thing was where she put them down, right outside their school steps & led a trail of them including their dainties right to their front door. They wasted no time grabbing their clothes away from boys & picking them up & running home. And after that, they did their own laundry and never had to be reminded to pick up their things again. My question is. Are our children so spoiled that they need harsher punishments today. What worked for my grandmother may not work today, & what are they learning from people like this Dad? How do we know what to do before things ever get to that point? I would love some input on this for I pray over my children always, even over the one who claims to Hate me. All input will be wellcome & I really Love Godly counsel. Love in Chrit Jesus, Annette

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