Diagnosed with Sczhophrenia from a breakdown on Acid, but God healed me.

Acid Breakdown.

My mind moved with great velocity, into a nightmare of blood.
I travelled through the veins of distortion, my thoughts screamed out, but my lips did not move.
Crushing insanity blackened my perception; a taste of sulphur filled my mouth and throat, as seconds became an eternity, burning pain seared my soul.
Contaminated, my brain twisted into knots, as darkness converged, I ceased to exist as my breath expired.

When I awoke,
I could not communicate properly.
I thought my food was poisoned.
I heard voices,
I saw distortions of my face in a mirror.
I believed everyone else could see my madness.
I could not integrate socially.
I could not be receptive.
I screamed all the time.
I slept very little.
I was filled with dread, as mind and body separated as disembodiment became my reality.
I was suicidal because of the torment.
I could not be left alone.
I was unable to have any physical contact, if my body met another body by touch, I would dissolve into them, and disappear.
I was in hell.

By Debz Lowry

I WAS HEALED, IN JESUS NAME! God can heal anything. Thank you God.

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  1. I have that same problem. I took bad acid, and now I’m permanently fried in my brain. And I experience social problems. I can’t think at all. I have schizophrenia. I hate having conversations cuz I feel akward. its hard connecting with my freinds. And lots of problems. … I’ve been praying allot, but my walk with God isn’t too strong. .. please tell me how you got healed!!? Was it thru prayer by yourself, or with others? ?? Or what? … I’m desperate for a healing, please Tell Mee.. and thank you for reading

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