Diagnosed with Sczhophrenia from a breakdown on Acid, but God healed me.

Acid Breakdown.

My mind moved with great velocity, into a nightmare of blood.
I travelled through the veins of distortion, my thoughts screamed out, but my lips did not move.
Crushing insanity blackened my perception; a taste of sulphur filled my mouth and throat, as seconds became an eternity, burning pain seared my soul.
Contaminated, my brain twisted into knots, as darkness converged, I ceased to exist as my breath expired.

When I awoke,
I could not communicate properly.
I thought my food was poisoned.
I heard voices,
I saw distortions of my face in a mirror.
I believed everyone else could see my madness.
I could not integrate socially.
I could not be receptive.
I screamed all the time.
I slept very little.
I was filled with dread, as mind and body separated as disembodiment became my reality.
I was suicidal because of the torment.
I could not be left alone.
I was unable to have any physical contact, if my body met another body by touch, I would dissolve into them, and disappear.
I was in hell.

By Debz Lowry

I WAS HEALED, IN JESUS NAME! God can heal anything. Thank you God.

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