devils fear God’s people

few years ago I went to a church sunday morning,during that service,a stranger came in and when the alter call was done,he went to the alter and people prayed for him,I didn;t go to the alter that day,there was about 60 people,! guess, but nothing unusual,that night ,service was at 6.30,as usual,my wife and I went in and set down,out of all the people there,he sat beside me,about 3 seats from the back. I got up when time to sing in the quire,and when we were done,I went back to my seat,the man said,good job, I just smiled,then he began to act strange,my wife got scared and said move places.well then he began to say me ,meet at a hardee restrarant down the road ,to fight, and during service,I had brought 6 unsaved people with me,and they sat on the back seat,I tryed to play it cool,because I wanted them to get saved,finally he left,I never saw him again,but he tryed to kill his mother with a knife the next day and was arrested, at this time I was doing much fasting and praying,the devil tryed to scare me,but I was not,am not nor will be by the likes of satan, If it had not been for those lost souls behind me,I would have confronted the devil then,but all things must be done in descentcy and in order. I have more testimonies comng soon amen

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