Derek Prince – War on Earth part 2

Derek Prince continues to talk on the subject of deliverance from demons. Part 2 of 3. He talks about various experiences he has had in this ministry, characteristics of demons and some of the ways they enter.

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  1. I1chamus.project says:

    “Don’t be playing games with God!”

    “A jewish man said this to me in a home church one night, “Don’t be playing games with God!” My sister was with me and she didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I did! Now the understanding clear that I Keep and hold it as a truth and will by finding that jewish man was standing in as an tool for me in my journey. I will update you after I talk to him to let you know how it goe down.

    found this online and wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested. I would like to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks, I1chamus.project

    The call to PEACE that Israel are commanded to make to their adversaries before commencing battle is a call for them to accept upon themselves the Seven Noahide Commandments that apply to all humanity. If they do so, all of them are spared without exception (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 6:1).

    Israel were explicitly commanded not to wage war against certain neighboring peoples such as Edom (Deut. 2:4-5), Moab (Deut 2:9) and Ammon (Deut 2:19). Israel could only fight these peoples if they attacked.

    The Torah gives man the inviolable right to self-defense: “If someone comes to kill you, get up and kill him first” (Talmud Bavli, Berachot 5a based on Exodus 22:1).

    “When you draw close to a city to fight against it, then call them to PEACE.But if they will not make peace with you but they make war against you, then you shall besiege them.” Deuteronomy 20 vv 10, 12

    • I1chamus.project says:

      I’ve come across something, photocopy not the actual one cause it’s too valuable, but I think it’s one of those lost gems every one has been earnestly seeking, like the dead sea scrolls or the ark of the covenant! This is actually a memoir/diary of a King of long ago and the legend has over time caused it to become known as “The List”! I think publishing into the public domain is approriate since the King is Dead from heart attack long ago and as Christians, “You know we don’t keep any secrets”

      Please send me a message if you would like to see it in its original form. I will post it on my blog.


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