Derek Prince on the End of the Age

Derek Prince makes the statement that if you are not working on doing something about bringing the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations, God will not tell you anything more about the end of the age.

From Isaiah 60 he says that the darkness will get darker, and the light will get brighter.

From the parable of the wheat and the tares given by Jesus, Jesus points out that the “harvest is the end of the age”. Right up to the close of the age, the wheat and the tares will be growing side by side. If you want to be sure you are wheat and not tares, check on the fruit you are producing. The church will not be fully purified until the end of the age.

Rev 22:11-12 The time is at hand. He who is unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still. He who is holy let him be holy still. If you want to be unrighteous, go on, you don’t have long. This is immediately before the end of the age.

You have to keep moving with God in order to stay in the pathway of righteousness.

Luke 21:25-28 – signs in sky, men’s hearts failing for fear. The whole globe is going to be shaken. Then Jesus will come. When these things begin to happen, look up … your redemption is drawing near.

How do you react when you see turmoil? You should say: “Praise God, our redemption is very near.”

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  1. Derek Prince is obviously teaching a kingdom mentality type of doctrine. It says the church has to go through the tribulation in order to be purified and must preach the gospel to all the nations of the world before Christ can come back and establishes the nations.
    This is not true. The Kingdom of Heaven was never promised to the church in their calling. It does not mean that we will not be a part of it because we are now being trained for rulership in this kingdom and the universe. 2 Timothy 2:12.
    The gospel of the kingdom is not merely about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ even though this is the only gospel concerning the soul. It will be a declaration that the Messiah is coming back to earth to destroy the kingdoms of this world and set up rulership in Jerusalem and all of Israel.
    The parables of the tares and wheat have to do with believers and unbelievers, both, Jew and Gentile. The church will already be raptured before the tribulation or at least 3 years before. Revelation 11:15.
    The Kingdom doctrine is said to believe that they will bring in the Kingdom by propagating the gospel. This is farther from the truth for the Kingdom is a work of Christ and not of man.
    There will be great persecution and this world system will get worse and worse. Read Acts 2:19-20; Revelation 6. There will also be revival; read Acts. 2:17-18.
    Luke 21 says your redemption draweth near, which seems to imply and is used to imply that he was talking to the disciples in the 1st person meaning that it would be the church for they were to be the leaders of the church and this is the age of grace. Mark said that this generation will not pass till all these things be done. These seem to be contradictory in some respects. Being that the Lord is coming out of Heaven with his saints to make war doesn’t make sense that our redemption is near as needing to be saved from being in tribulation. It makes more sense that it is believers in the tribulation, whether jew or gentile.
    Last, the church does not need to be purified for the true church is Holy and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it. The professing church is a different story.
    Revelation 22 gives no implication that this is talking to the church at the end of the age.
    Nobody knows the time of the 2nd advent, except the father. Acts 1:6-7. This is the dilemma for the kingdom people who believe they have to preach to all the nations of the earth in order for him to come back.
    God Bless! Jerry Kelso

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