Demons Expelled

Today was the Last day of the great seminar Talking About how to Posses and reign through prayer! It have been wonderful but Just a glimpse of what happened today. As servant of God was praying for Young girls, Demons amnifested and demonstrated a lot! then I helped ushers to take the people to deliverance tent. You know what! I found too many demonized people in the tent and I have to stop going back to hear seminar to Help them in Casting out Demons.

The business went well and Jesus LIFTED HIMSELF.demons were cast out and girls were free! :clapping: By the way there were also some Mens,womens and boys also demonized but praise God for setting them free
Ev. Steve

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  1. Really? I’ve posted it on this group under Tarot Card Testimony, or if you do a search for zikomo, and then you will see Tarot Card Testimony listed. This should take you to my story. Let me know if you have any problems.
    God bless+

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Here is the link. Thanks. Tarot Card Testimony

      I have found it helpful to post the link when I refer people to my testimony. It can be easy to lose track of references. I loved your tarot card testimony, but did not recall it was yours and did not make the connection. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Jesus is absolutely our deliverer from demons. I discovered this for myself when I used to dabble with the Tarot Cards and the experience I had when I got rid of them (see my testimony). He is the only one who can deliver us from demons. Praise our wonderful Lord! Halleluia!!
    God bless+

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Hi Tina, can you give a link to your testimony? Would love to read it, but do not know where to look… Thanks for sharing!


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