Delivered from the power of witchcraft

Before I was an occultist. At the age of twelve  I practiced doing this. The only reason I come into witchcraft was through inscripting the figure of satan. Then later talking to that image. I did this because I want the power of witchcraft. 

Through this  occurrence I got knowledge and practiced clairvoyance. ESP for me to have 3rd eye  that I could perceive the future and the past. That I may distinguish things and recognize  missing person. And how could my sight (mental vision) penetrate into the wall, which we called X-ray vision.

I learned as well how to do “oracion”[1] and to heal sick. I did self-study on black magic and white magic. The so called “Majica blanca of Moses.” Which came from Egypt , those  things magician did that confront Moses during his time.

I acquired the knowledge of “Talisman” they said, this wisdom came from Solomon. But the truth is, that intelligence instigate from satan.

The most powerful book I studied was the “Eleven Key of Power. This knowledge gave help to the oppressed. However, it was destructive. This is very hard to overcome by “ magbabarang or sorcery” , voodoo or witchcraft, or any Satanist which has a dark or black power.

Several steps in performing  the “ Eleven key of Power. However, I wasn’t able to carry on because I was too young that time. The instruction goes like this; I have one ritual to do through the help of magician which has knowledge about this.  Then I will offer my first born son as a sacrifice offering.

Each time I do the “oracion” I gained power from all personal things even in my handkerchief. I knelt down fronting East and uttering prayer as this; “ Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory to the Father, Gloria Patri…” The prayer said by the Catholics are the same prayer used by the occultist.  After I did the “oracion” for those things, I hid those items at the back of the altar for a week. After one week it has super natural power. It can be used for witchcraft, dispel darkness and so on. There was a supernatural force, power when hidden at the back of the altar.

It was 1983. I picked  a piece of gospel tract, I read and kept it. Every time I saw someone distributing I asked those who gave.  I read about the way of salvation. Until I attended a Baptist Church and I talked with the pastor. I told him I was involved with occultism. As we rehearsed, he convinced me to burned those objects. Nevertheless, I did not renounced it. I missed it.  The only way that could cut my ties totally with occultism. 

The evil spirits did a restback, they disrupt me, oppressed me. They scared me often.  They make known with me anywhere I go. I always dreamed of evil spirit. Often it end up in nightmares. They held my neck while in deep sleep. Sometimes even when I’m awake , yet they still wreck my neck. I am very desperate and restless. I don’t know what to do, for them to stopped disturbing me.  

Thanks be to God. The Lord rebuked all those evil spirits that coerce and afflict me.

It all happened when I made a decision of deliverance, I renounced all, I cut all my ties that connects me with occultism. The Lord set me free  and gave me a total freedom. He released me from all the ties in occultism when I believe and applied the truth of deliverance. I was totally delivered on 27th July 2003 . Praise ye the Lord, Jesus Christ.!!!


[1] Oracion- this is the practice wherein you have to stopped at specific time just to commune or say prayer with the spiritual dark forces in the air. Usually they did this consistently  during   6pm , 6am , night time, midnight or early dawn.


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