Compiled by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad

My name is Warobon Booncharoen. I was nicknamed “Moo” since childhood because I was born small and tall; my parents had called me that name which is contrast to my body (Moo means pig in the Thai language), in the hope that I would one day grow fat. I was the oldest child of a big family which consisted of my father and mother and 8 children. I thus had experienced extreme hardships both in family and school life since young.

My birthplace is within the area of Thailand’s former Don Muang international airport. I was born at Bhumibhol Hospital (an air force hospital) behind which my house was located. About 50 years ago, this area was regarded as suburban full of paddy fields and canals. A Thai saying could be used to describe my home place: there’s a lot of fish in the waters and a lot of rice plants in the fields. Even though our family was poor, we had closed ties to each other. My father and mother were highly responsible parents. All of us have led happy lives since childhood.

Since I was the oldest child, my father had paid much attention to my social and educational life. He had been my tutors and always rendered support to me in every aspect. As a result, I received highest scores in almost every subject and was always appointed as student’s leader in my class. I thus had dreamt of furthering my study at university level.

Unfortunately, my family of 8 siblings which was once peaceful, happy, and secured had turned into hell when my father, who had always been kind and responsible to his wife and children, had tremendously changed. He started to drink too much, causing sufferings to both my mother and all his kids. Therefore, my performance at school was very low, from being top in class to lowest in nearly every subject. I consequently graduated from high school (Matayom Suksa 5) with the grade point average of only 1.44! Not only my dream of graduating from a university with honors was dashed, I had to work immediately after graduation to help shoulder my mother’s burden (since we could not depend on our father anymore) and to support all my brothers and sisters.

Since then I had experienced many serious financial problems. I thus had to resort to religion to seek encouragement, mental support, and peace of mind. During these times, I had made a trip to a Buddhist temple in Chantaburi Province (a southeastern province of Thailand). In order to arrive at the temple, I had to take a motorcycle taxi. It was already late in the evening by the time I took the motorcycle. I had traveled alone with only 1,000 Baht cash in my purse. I didn’t know why I had chosen that time to go to the temple. However, the motorcycle driver took me to a hut (with the other 3 men waiting) instead. I was then brutally raped by them. Fortunately, I was so hurt and frightened that I was unconscious. I could not remember any of my rapers after that. When I regained consciousness I saw many local people surrounding me. Even though I was rescued by them, it was too late because great damages had been done to me. I had already lost my sanity since. The only thing I did at that time was scream!

Those kind people had given me 500 Baht to buy a bus ticket from Chantaburi to Bangkok. When I arrived home, I screamed and cried all the time. My family had sent me to Sritanya Hospital (a mental hospital run by the government). I had been strictly treated while being admitted there until I was discharged from the hospital. After that I had to take medicine to control myself for all of my life.

Before long after being discharged from that mental hospital I was given a job. I also applied to study at Ramkhamhaeng University (a government university) and graduated within 4 years with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Thank God that my hopes and dreams had finally come true even after having been through many difficult and tough times in life. After graduation I had thus written my autobiography, sharing my predicaments with others.

One day there was a Christian named Wasana who had bought my book by giving me money but refusing to take the book. She had also given me a tract depicting one of Thailand’s and maybe the world’s famous rock singer: “Anchalee Chongkadeekij.” Anchalee used to sing duet with Tina Turner on one of Pepsi most memorable Commercials. She was also converted into Christianity many years ago. She is now supervising her own church at Sukumvit area. Anchalee’s testimony about Jesus was printed on that tract. Not long after reading the tract, I had called Wasana because I wanted to go to church. At first I just wanted to seek helps from the church (Romyen Church). However, after I had opened my heart to accept Jesus as my Lord and personal Savoir, many good things and miracles have happened to me and my family since. He has proved Himself that He is the greatest Provider.

As a result, most of my sisters and brothers have also opened their hearts to Jesus Christ. I can tell the whole world now that God is existent and His son, Jesus Christ, is the only One who can forgive our sins, and His blood can cleanse us from bad and filthy things in life. Thank God that He has chosen me and cleansed me from all filths (especially from the rape) as well as rendered His abundant and eternal life to me and my family. Thanks be to Him forever and ever.

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