Delivered from Homosexuality

Hello I an 18 year old man. I play the keyboard and always grew up in the Church. I say I dont have a gay personality, but I believe that if a man asked me to have sex with him I would. I have never had sex with anyone. I know that have a evil spirit because I dream about men. I like women but I
never think about them like I do men. I know that this lifetime is wrong.
I used to pray everynight, know i dont pray at all, and I know better.
Things I used to do, I just dont do them anymore. I dont want to be like this. Sometimes I say this is over, I’m not going to do this anymore, but I still doing. By listing to this testimony gave me a little bit of encourage. PRAY!
That’s all god wants me to do right now. Not another minute will go by without calling out his name. Lord(Save me save me save me save me).
I know that I am delivered because he said he would, so I am going to trust in him.(right now)! This is my testimony.( Never could have made it, Never could have made it with out you, I would have lost it all, but now I see how
you was there for me and I can say, I’m stronger, and wiser, I’m better, so much better, When I look, back over my life, I can see what he brought me through!

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