Delivered from Homosexuality

Hello I an 18 year old man. I play the keyboard and always grew up in the Church. I say I dont have a gay personality, but I believe that if a man asked me to have sex with him I would. I have never had sex with anyone. I know that have a evil spirit because I dream about men. I like women but I
never think about them like I do men. I know that this lifetime is wrong.
I used to pray everynight, know i dont pray at all, and I know better.
Things I used to do, I just dont do them anymore. I dont want to be like this. Sometimes I say this is over, I’m not going to do this anymore, but I still doing. By listing to this testimony gave me a little bit of encourage. PRAY!
That’s all god wants me to do right now. Not another minute will go by without calling out his name. Lord(Save me save me save me save me).
I know that I am delivered because he said he would, so I am going to trust in him.(right now)! This is my testimony.( Never could have made it, Never could have made it with out you, I would have lost it all, but now I see how
you was there for me and I can say, I’m stronger, and wiser, I’m better, so much better, When I look, back over my life, I can see what he brought me through!

What do YOU think?



  1. Jozsef Fitz says:

    God bless you all and thank you for sharing those powerful testimonies

  2. new creature says:

    Hello 18 year old key board player,
    I am uncertain whether your believing you would have sex with a man who asked you to do so, still is what you believe, or if it WAS something you once believed but no longer do. I hope you no longer believe that lie. If you still hold to that belief please be free to email new creature via Michael the Lord directing you to do so.

    Jesus has all power and all authority both in Heaven and on earth. That is GOOD NEWS. Let us believe it and so live in its truth and light and glory.

  3. richyla says:

    ive struggled with lust since i was a boy and even after being a christian 17 years never found it any easier to deal with. 24/7 my mind is in conflict and like a cesspit.
    i mess on the internet and all through the day my mind has learned what to look at and how to best utilise fantasy and how i long to be delivered.
    i trust no one enough at my church as business with work and meetings (its community based and i dont live in community) have diluted what love and trust there should be
    i never got love as a child, my father is gay and im so mixed up.
    i long with all my heart to keep my thoughts under control and at 42, still wifeless and childless, i wonder if theres any hope for me.
    i tried to hide what i am through 30 years of drink and drugs and although i dont use hard drugs anymore (delivered off a 15 year heroin habit and 8 years crack) i still smoke dope for comfort and feel very isolated and lonely.
    rejection has always been an issue and to be honest ive learned not to trust anyone although it does not stop me loving others for ministry purposes. the Lord has used me to save others and i liove the fact lives have been changed for the better because God has allowed me in service.
    i long with all my being to think “normal” and hope to give testimony to Gods healing one day

    • danies24 says:

      he will deliver you….you need to pray prayers against soul ties.

    • deborahknight20 says:

      I would like to say that you more than probably have various evil spirits dwelling in you , and that is likely that you had some abuse as a small child. I would urge you to seek deliverance. If you do not know anyone that you could trust, maybe you could fast and ask the Lord to show you the areas of bondage. If you need help pleas contac me.There is a Pastor I know who does telephone deliverance, I was set free this way.
      As for not being normal, no one is. Pastor John Kerns Navarre BeachSide Church
      Senior Pastor · May 1995 to present · Navarre, Florida
      Pastor of Navarre BeachSide Church Deliverance Minister Worship Leader
      Blessings. I refer this to all who are in bondage to satan.

    • new creature says:

      Richyla. Jesus Christ is the Man! You need to fall in love with Him. He is all you could or will ever need. He understands your particulars – in every detail. He suffered for you. He died for you to rid you of all your burdens of sin, shame, doubts, confusion, guilt, condemnation, and loneliness, and uselessness, and every other thing contrary to the will of God. God raised Him from the dead. Now He has all power and all authority both in Heaven and on earth over everything you do, say and think and who you are, and over everything that has or could ever effect your life. He loves you as no one else has or could
      You must submit to Him and declare His Lordship over everything that you get involved in. He is greater than the internet – or whatever.

      He wants to be your Father – a Father to the fatherless Psalm 68:5; and relieves the fatherless Ps.146:9
      In Him is all wisdom, all grace, all beauty, all satisfaction, all purity, all love, all hope. He is completely trustworthy, and worthy of your complete trust. He wants to give you these things. He is very generous.
      Do you believe that Jesus has all power (ability) and all authority over everything and anything that affects your life? If you do then declare it boldly as you go about your business at home or in the street. Walk with your head up and your eyes fixed on Jesus sitting as King and Lord over your life and all that matters to you. Trust Him. Trust Him. Trust Him.

      The apostle John says that the lust of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life are things that belong to this temporal corrupt fallen world – which world is passing away (1 Jn. 2:15-17). Jesus is coming to set up His Kingdom which will never pas away. In that Kingdom there will be no wickedness or unclean thing, or any kind of decay, or darkness. It is and will be a glorious Kingdom, an everlasting Kingdom, of light, beauty, glory, joy and happiness, of comfort and rest for the soul and mind, of perfect health for the body, of glorious freedom to do all that pleases Jesus Christ and His Father.
      Where is your treasure? Is it in Heaven? I hope so. If your treasure is in Heaven – God’s glorious Heaven, that’s where your heart will be. If your heart is in Heaven and desiring Heaven where Jesus is as King, then Heaven will become more and more a reality for you today while you live on earth. The treasures of Heaven, like peace and joy and righteousness will, His power to live pleasing to God on earth, will become normal for you and will affect all of your life. Jesus while He was on earth was filled with Heaven. That is why He was able to do what He did for us all. Jesus had one love in His life, love for His Father. This love was the motivating thing behind everything that He did for us. This live can be yours too.

      Evil lust and pride is part of our fallen nature which we inherited from Adam. These things are passing away and will vanish from among the living. Get hold of your Bible and ask God to fill you with a love for His word, that you will delight in it to read, hear and do. It is your life. God’s words are spirit and they are life.
      Since I was about 15 months I was fatherless. Now I am 63. God is my Father. And He is a faithful and true and delightful Father. He is full of surprises. He is not a genie in a bottle. He is not a pamperer to evil and selfish desires. He hates sin. He wants us to hate sin too. Hate what He hates and love what He loves.
      He loves righteousness. He wants to fill your with His righteousness, His peace, His joy in the Holy Ghost. Read and think on Acts 2:38. Is that your experience. Turn away in your heart and mind from all sin. And turn fully to God. When you are going off to the shops to get what you need or even want, you do not walk backwards do you? It is perfectly natural to walk forwards with eyes ahead, heading towards the thing that we need to do.
      When you get in a train, or plane you expect the driver or pilot to look ahead and keep their mind on where they are taking you. This is normal. It is the same in the spiritual walk with Jesus. You can’t progress forward, if you are looking back at what you are leaving. Remember Lot’s wife! Jesus warned us.
      Jesus is your storehouse of all good things. Look to Him without looking back at the other things and cry out to Him for strength each step of the way. Trust Him that He has ALL the power to keep you on track as you follow Him. When we are going on a journey our whole being is involved – spirit, soul and body. Jesus wants our whole spirit soul and body to be joined to Him in Baptism (Romans 6) as we journey with Him in this life. If you have been crucified with Christ, and buried with Him in baptism (Rom 6), and you are risen with Him, then you have been raised to a brand new life in Jesus Christ – completely different to the old life. If you already know these things, then come back to them and get back on Jesus Way. That Way is holiness, Truth and Life. Seek those things that are above, not below (Colossians 3). The reason why we are to seek those things above is because that is where we are going.

      Read Peter’s 2 letters.
      Meditate – read out aloud – preach to yourself Richlya, day and night. (Psalm 1) Our behaviour will change as our mind is renewed in the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus (Rom. 12), as we submit daily to Jesus our Lord and King AND TO HIS WORD. Submit to His power, and His authority. See yourself as being dead to sin. How can a dead man smoke dope, or lie or look at evil things, or do anything he used to while alive? You old nature was crucified with Christ If you are risen with Christ, then you have His life abiding in you. Live! Live! Live in Christ who was raised for your justification (Rom. 4:25). Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling…Jude 24, 25.
      See yourself as being risen with Christ alive from the deadness of the past. Rejoice in Jesus your King, your Lord, your God. Sing unto Him – regardless whether your voice is pleasant or not – He wants to hear you sing to Him. Delight in Him.
      Doubts and fears will come and the enemy of our souls will not be happy and will seek to deceive, and upset and put you off track, but that is what he does. But DO NOT FEAR Jesus has overcome the devil. Jesus rendered the power of the devil as useless (Heb. 2:14) against anyone who will trust in Jesus. Matthew 11:28-29.
      I ask, what do you want? The security of the past and what you have known- or the security in Jesus Christ and what He is about to do in your life if you will surrender totally to Him and always? Fall in love with JESUS! HALLELUJAH!

    • deborahknight20 says:

      Firstly everyone has a sick mind. The fact that yours is occupied with lust is no different than some one who focuses or is preoccupied with self or anything else that is not focused on God. You need the Holy Spirit to come into you. Listen to Derek Prince The Holy Spirit in You. Go to Derek Prince legacy radio and join it is free. I suggest you start with that 2 week series of messages. God knows your struggles. You are set free in the name of Jesus , because Jesus obtained freedom for you. It may take time but you do have the victory. At the momment you are bound up with guilt and the devil is really hammering you. You are a new creation. Start to stand on that , and instead fo fighting in your own strength start confessing what God says about you. Not being maried at 42 is no big deal, St paul never got maried. Build yourself up what God says. Andrew Wommac is very good and very funny. Rejection causes so much misery and confusion in peoples lives, but you are not rejected by Jesus neither on this site. God Bless you Brother.

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        for deliverence from everything ,go to Jesus.our high priest is not man but God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Timothy Luke says:

          FYI, Derek Prince taught people to go to Jesus and walk in the authority given to us. Thought you would like to know…

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            didn’t come to argue,just to fulfill my promise, C,F would be concidered by prince some spirit and not a disease, anyway when Dylan is healed I will testify of it, I have only ever heard of 1 case being totally healed,now there are 2,and soon there are 3.praise God Almighty !!!!! Tim I know you say FYI, but what I preach is healings and have the proof to back it up,ALWAYS ,signs and wonders Follow them that believe, FYI, I have my own site, there are some here whom was interested in the condition of my grand kids,and I promised to tell of the miracles,( I will not fight with you on prince,or your spirit stuff, I only say this,in order to see what God will do,you must know God is a jealous God,He will not share his Temple will anyone,including spirits, you have a BLESSED day,I surely have had a BLESSED one,

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Glory to God! Glad to hear about Chandlers healing! Be expecting Dylan’s any time now

          • Timothy Luke says:

            FYI, taking your advice for a minute, I do not listen to men anymore and you are a man. So, I will not listen to you.

            You have less of everything you claim to have than Derek Prince does, but your pride and arrogance forbid your seeing that. Have your blessed days elsewhere please, for you are a stumblingblock to civil discourse and sound recommendations of others on this board.


            PS – If God will not share his temple with anyone else, then why did he share it with thieves and robbers? They operated freely for years and decades before Jesus kicked them out. Your theology is flawed and your heart is set… so please go. I will consider deleting all further posts.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Hey listen up, we all have different opinions about this evangelist or that evangelist, preacher, prophet, etc. But like you said, its not man or woman we listen to, everything is to be tested and weighed according to the Word of God! With that said it looks to me like different perspectives got taken the wrong way, talking to a person in person and talking to a person by text or in this case posts, what really might have been taken in a gentle loving spirit face to face was taken differently when it was typed? You with me so far? I know Joe meant no harm by the way he said to “go to Jesus” . Even deborahs comment about “learn how to spell” she later said was her sense of humor. At first glance it would look like an attack back at Joe for saying not to listen to derek prince but go to Jesus, im sure no one meant any discord now that I see the bigger picture and thought about and prayed about it myself. Its all in perspective, sometimes you have to see where the other person is coming from before you fire back something and everyone is going “what just happened?” I’ve been there and been guilty of reading something and taking it the wrong way and firing back under those conditions. Thankfully I’ve had to eat crow a few times and got a little wiser from it. Joe has never attacked anyones self image on this site. He is very passionate about our Lord and savior, and passionate about helping others, even the apostle Peter was rebuked by other apostles in the bible, but they didn’t kick him out of the group, just told him what he was doing wrong and did it in love. Without love we are hopelessly lost. First Corinthians chapter 13, we all need each other and because of each of our individual uniqueness we should be able to agree to disagree. And help each other grow stronger not angrier. My intention here was not to attack or offend anyone, if I did or do, I deeply apologize. Be blessed in Jesus

          • childofjesus says:

            I know each one of you are right on what you say..I come to you as a sister in Christ and not anyone who knows any better.

            Dear All, i have seen the vidoes of Derek Prince and i believe He is a Man of God who is mightily used by God.People desperately need this Ministry (casting out demons ) all over the world.The Enemy is trying his best to deceive people in every possible way and He has also gone far into this Ministry and thereby deceiving people that such things are fake.The other day some people were selling “christian magazines” outside our church for free. I read the articles in which demons were casted out in a way which were not in accordance with Bible.

            Dear HR, may be you have been exposed to such false people, however God is not short of using His people in this Ministry. I have been uplifting Dylan & Chandler & all others whom i have met on this site in my everyday prayer.

            I can only request all of you to forgive each other and be a Blessing in God’s Ministry.

            With prayers

          • Timothy Luke says:

            There is forgiveness, and it should be noted that asking one to not continue on this board is not disfellowshipping them from the Body of Christ… it is simply an acknowledgement that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed, and Joe is not in agreement with the founder of this site and his continual comments that flow from that disagreement here, are sowing hurt and discord here, and so cannot be tolerated. 
            He has been given the right to post his own web address here and all who wish to maintain contact with him are invited to do so. That seems pretty loving and forgiving from my perspective.

            Joe was not right to reprimand a sister for recommending a solid teacher of the Bible whose ministry has set tens of thousands of people free. He has pushed an agenda that is contrary to what he sees on this site. IMO, Deborah’s analysis of him on the 3 points was extremely accurate and borne of discernment, not malice. Joe’s actions lead to her being accused of strife for standing by her original post. That is discord, and Joe is responsible for the genesis of it.

          • Gods sunflower says:

            Amen I agree with you 100%.

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            tim ,go ahead and delete my account,it is not I who is wrong,I will not post my site here,the teaching you push are wrong and I do not want it on my site,just as the scribes and pharesees ,those were the most dangerous to the cause of Christ,not demons ,those who follow every man’s doctrine,I am sorry for you, It is your loss,not mine. also stop the subsciptions from going to my email. we are totally done,

          • deborahknight20 says:

            Why has this become nasty?. Holyroller you are not at all behaving as someone led by the Holy Spirit as you claim. What about the two men struggling with their problems? What about them, are you going to try to help? Have you considered that they mabye have no idea how to get into a place of surrender and understanding and looking to Christ or hearing from Him?. We are supposed to lead the weak and those who hurt and struggle with sin, not put stumbling blocks out for them to fall over.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Both of these also teach on the spiritual authority a believer has

        • deborahknight20 says:

          Please do not write negative stuff about anointed teaching. These people are here for help, and you do not have to slander someone you know nothing about. I have been helped immensely by Derek Prince, I have no church or fellowship. People need to learn how to get to Jesus because most of the churches are apostate especially in America. With all the garbage passing as anointed these days, he is one of the very few who spoke the truth. These people obvously have no one to go to with their problems and are seeking help and deliverance. If you were close to Jesus as you imply you would not have written such a denigrating remark which can lead to someone becoming confused and hopeless. Also learn to spell.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            It is a terrible thing to see some so quick to jump at someone else and try to cause strife! We blame one for slander and then slander them back! Is this the kind of church Jesus wants? Always looking for something or someone to bicker at? If one person doesn’t like derik prince or if another does, or if someone mis spells a word? Really? Seriously? The mentality of this person said something that made me mad now im going to say something back is terrible . Look. WE ALL LOVE AND NEED JESUS!. Period. All im trying to get across is that we need to get along. God made each of us unique and different, some people experience things others don’t or in a different way. You cant put God in a box, He does things different for everyone. In the blink if an eye our lives our over, our short years here on earth compare nothing to eternity, I pray we all realize that and be thankful for the short time we have and use it to be a blessing to others! Amen!.I forgot to add, let’s be thankful for the testimonials we receive from each other! Praise God for Joes grandkids!

          • deborahknight20 says:

            I am not bickering, the least one can do if one wants to dismiss someone else, is spell their name correctly. But then I am English, and we have a different sense of humor. I will not reply to anymore posts as I may be accused of spreading strife.

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            spelling the word,saying the word, and doing is a different thing,god bless you too

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Sense of humor is good! Nothing wrong with that:)

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Deborah, I am sorry that you made a recommendation of a solid Bible teacher with an anointed ministry and were then harrassed with an infantile comment like, "go to Jesus," as though Derek Prince does not direct people to Jesus and the ministry of Jesus. I am also sorry that you were accused of causing strife. You answered a person according to their folly, and ran the risk of it making you look like them.  But then again, you were perhaps motivated more by the admonition to answer a person according to their folly, lest they should be wise in their own eyes…

            Well, Joe is wise in his own eyes anyway and it doesn't always go the way we anticipate.

            Joe, please find another place to sow your discord. You do not agree with this board, so please do not belittle those who come on and post things we are in agreement with. I would rather lose you than Deborah.

            Derek Prince knew and walked and prayed more than you ever dreamed of. Tell us the address for your website and then fellowship with all who come there, but please do not come here anymore.

            Thank you, Tim

          • deborahknight20 says:

            thankyou tim

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Seems like things snowballed. But I agree with being forgiving!

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            I offer truth and testify of hope,you offer me a stone or better yet 3 nails.thank you,if I be persecuted for Christ sake ,my reward will be blessed

          • deborahknight20 says:

            Don’t be ridiculous. You either have a self inflated opinion of yourself, your relationship with Christ or you have a persecution complex. Or all three. Yes Jesus is the answer, we all know that. Maybe in your enlightened state you can get these poor men delivered? I expect that yo missed the point that we are redeemed to go and heal the sick, cast out demons, deliver the afflicted etc etc… In the name of Jesus.

  4. I have struggled with homosexuality since I can remember. And I never understood why God would do this to me as a child, I can remember thinking this when I was like 9. In elementary school and jr. High kids use to tease me and call me gay and fag, but I thought I was a very ” straight” acting gay ( I never wanted to call myself gay). I was a football player and couldve had just about any girl I wanted but I couldn’t because my mind was focused on men. I went to church and gave my life to Christ and figured that he would deliver me from my desires.. And I thought if he didn’t then he just made me this way. I’ve had sex with girls and also had some encounters with men but neither seem to just satisfy me. I am now a sophmore in college and it seems like now the true me is coming out becuase while all of my friends are out finding girls and having sex imstuck trying to convince myself of who I am. I’ve prayed so many times that God would just tale me in my sleep, and get so frustrated when I wake up… I can’t do this anymore, I want to just give up… I feel like no one knows my struggle… I’m so insecure right now that I can’t even go out to social events fearing that my secret will be exposed… Lord please help me, hear my hearts cry lord… I need you more now than ever

    • Hi Meangreen. I read your post and I praise God that you know who to call upon to deliver you. My advice to you is to keep praying. although things may not be changing at the rate that you’d want it to, trust and believe that God is working it out. We also have to remember to do our part. Yes, we have stuff to do to. 🙂 It seems that you are doing that by staying away from the places and people that may tempt you. The bible states that some things only come but by fasting and praying. Matthew 17:21

      Whatever you do, don’t give up or give in. Also, I want you to know that I will be praying with you and for you. Proverbs 24:16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. God is a God of forgiveness.

    • peterws says:

      How many times must we all hear this , the suffering, hoping you wouldn`t wake up . . .so many people, so many lives. I`m not going to say wasted lives, there`s more to it than that. In my church the pastor spoke of this clergyman, a homosexual who had abstained from sexual relationships for years. An upstanding fine Christian man, said our pastor whi was his friend. A credit to Christ.
      I wasn`t happy to hear all this, sounded like hard work when Christ died to free us. Few weeks later came the news this guy, in his 50`s, had fallen, unable to hold out any longer. Don`t you feel like weeping? Not because he`d fallen, but that his perception of Jesus had brought him misery. Total misery, maybe he shoud have done this sooner, let the Lord deal with the ongoing problem (call it sin if you like) and come through the other side.
      I heard a few years ago the most tortured sound of an animal in pain whilst in the Scottish Highlands. Thought it was a wolf or something, caught in a trap. Turned out to be stags rutting. They were in torment over sexual desire.
      Don`t know what else to say except talk this through with the Lord. You`ll get all sorts of advice from this site, you need His. If you restrain or abstain, you`re putting yourself under a pressure cooker, the Lord cannot do what you`re trying to do yourself.
      Look at it another way, if you were born a cripple, or got made one by an act of violence, would that stop the Lord accepting you? AS YOU WERE?

      • michael says:

        “Look at it another way, if you were born a cripple, or got made one by
        an act of violence, would that stop the Lord accepting you? AS YOU


        Your analogy is very misleading. It is not morally wrong to be born a cripple or to be made one. It is morally wrong to practice homosexuality, according to the Bible anyway. It is also morally wrong to steal, to lie, to fornicate, to commit adultery. But people are born with tendencies to do these things! Does that mean that God will accept the thief, liar, fornicator, adulterer or murderer AS THEY ARE because they say they were made that way? If that is the case, then obviously God will judge no one, because when people sin, they are basically following what they want to do without regard for God’s law. They are just being “true to themselves” as God haters, unbelievers, transgressors – whatever. The same for homosexual offences.

        People may have defects in their moral nature from birth. We all do, and partly this is due to the demons we inherit from the sins of our ancestors. Christ came to set people free from this.


        We are dealing also with unbelief here, folks. People either want to say that God accepts homosexual practices if done in the “right way”, or that God cannot and will not deliver us from the things which He hates – which is practically a denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


        We need to accept people who have struggles with sinful tendencies and bring God’s power, love and healing to them so that they can change. But if we can’t do that, or won’t, let us just confess that we don’t believe that Christ’s cross and Christ’s blood will really cut it.

        • horns4plenty says:

          Amen Michael!
          And God bless!

        • peterws says:

          Hey Michael, Thanks for getting to this one quickly. I haven`t explained very well, I don`t condone hohsexual practice, but some of these guys here are virtually suicidal, a common ocurrance amonst gays particularly years ago, NOT much signs of fealing as the heading would suggest.

          What d`ya tell a new Christian whose in a relationship c/w kids, but not married? What would Jesus say? What DID he say to the woman at the well, the Samaritan, who`d had 5 husbands “you told me the truth there . . the man you`re living with is not your husband” Did she go away chastened? Well, she changed the subject (women!) asked Jesus about the Messiah, and Jesus amazingly told her he was the Messiah, I who am talking to you now” My favourite passage, no condemnation . . .How many people did Jesus tell this to? Directly? NOONE except his disciples many of who didn`t believe he would be resurrected!

          There are issues here. Different churches have different viewpoints, Jesus is not always as central as he should be, many don`t believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, saying they are not for our time. Strewth, we need them more than ever, never have these tormented people needed deliverance so badly. When somebody says life is so awful he wishes he were dead, it`s not on to quote the Official Party Line, something more is required. Condemnation is of Satan, and Scriptures/Christians are instruments in his weaponry.

          When I got born again in `81 Satan made his presence felt, the Lord felt so far away because I perceived sin in my life, courtesy of Satan. I had a rare moment with Jesus one afternoon after I`d had a bad back strain for a few days. I had THANKED God for this in line with a book I`d been reading and was praising him for the pain as best I could. The praise gave way to worship, the Lord spoke simply to me (then as now) and said “It`s not me condemning you”

          He was weeping. . . . And my back pain went.

          We hurt Jesus by our attitudes so much more than we can ever realise..Anybody reading this in pain physically, mentally or sexually, He knows . . .If you`re looking for change, you may be putting God second to your central issue . . .He can show you a way out and as a result PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!! He did this for me (I`ve been there, pal) . . .He is able to do so much more than we can ever imagine!!

          Michael, if you`ve issues about this, you might like to contact my email address to keep your site free, best regards, Peter

        • new creature says:

          We were all born in sin and conceived in iniquity (Ps 139) – only in that regard were we ‘born’ with any one particular sinful tendencies’. We were all born of fleshly parentage with the capacity to murder, and rape and steal, and …and…
          But if Jesus has washed us with His own blood and we are believing in Him we are born from above with holy, pure and lawfully joyful tendencies. Let us call upon Jesus – JESUS!!! we need Your almighty, all encompassing help to live in this new kingdom of Yours.
          Yes, Michael, you got it bro! UNBELIEF. WHAT A KILLER. Jesus was often rebuking His disciples for that sin – ‘How long will I suffer you blokes?’ But after the Holy Spirit was poured out on them, they were able to overcome that little terror.
          No wonder John baptist and Jesus and apostles were big on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
          Let us pursue righteousness, holiness, humility and peace for Jesus glory and honour. Amen Michael.

          PS all you dear folk who have ‘problems’ with sexual sins being plagued or overcome by them, read 1 John 2;12-17. Read it over and over again everyday ALOUD…until your spirit gets it. And wherever it is that you seem to fall in a heap, read it out aloud in that place, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, garage, etc, and declare Jesus Christ to be Lord over that place, and ask Him to cleanse that place, and set up a spiritual altar to Him in that place and sanctify it unto Jesus the King. Invite Him into that place and tell Him that it is His – it is you know. The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness of it…even your little bit of earth.
          And when you go to bed, get on your knees and submit your whole body soul and spirit to Him and declare that He is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy (Jude). Thank Him and praise Him even if you think you can’t.

          After my wife passed away, August 2010, although I sang praise to God as part of the service and I had great freedom to do so, it was after that that when my loss had really set in and I was doing a mighty lot of weeping, God spoke to me and said “SING”. I knew it was God. But do you think I could sing? Nonetheless I tried. My first attempt was just a gasp and I broke out in more weeping and sobbing. This went on for many weeks – every time I had this word ‘sing’ came to mind. In obedience I kept trying, till finally I could sing a whole word without weeping, then a whole phrase without weeping. Now I can freely sing before my God without being overcome with weeping. Different story but same God. Desperate need. Same God.
          God will help you if you are serious with Him. He loves you dearly and wants you to overcome – come over to His side and see things from His perspective. it is a lot clearer from where He sits. Praying for you all. Jesus can’t lose. He’s busting to work on your behalf. Believe!!! Lord, Help my unbelief. I believe!!!

      • sandrine says:

        The fact that God loves you does not mean that He accepts your wrongdoings.the devil is a liar.homosexuality is a spirit,it’s a bad spirit that the devil installs within you to control you,for you to act upon what is forbidden by God.1 corrithians 6:9. so you have to fight it with all your power and strength,do not be mistaken,it isn’t God who is doing this to you,but the devil-God sometimes allows the devil to test us so that God sees how great your faith must conquer this.the greater the fight,the greater the reward! its the same thing with muderers,rapists etc.they have this urge to murder or rape-it’s because they let the devil’s spirit within them control them.
        God has given you so much strength to fight this-utilize it.

        you’re in my prayers

        • MWalker says:

          you should have directed to the whole passage because you are missing something very important here….verse 11 reads “And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

          So there is hope. The Holy Spirit will purge and purify all of us from unrighteousness

          • jesseedavis says:

            I just wanted to point out what the text of this verse says and a greater hope that goes with it.

            You WERE washed, you WERE sanctified, you WERE justified…in other words, God said its already done…will you believe Him?

            I guess to better phrase your thought…The Holy Spirit will purge and purify all of us from unrighteousness (once we believe what God has written).

          • MWalker says:

            you are exactly right. there is hope and he needed to know. just quoting part of a scripture is missleading. it leads the person to feel bad about themselves. thats why i posted the rest of the passage.

    • danies24 says:

      i know what u mean and jesus can heal you. what you need to do is change the way you pray… need to pray the prayer of soul ties. and then get rid of everything that youve recieved as gift of bought that has came from a gay person or has something to do with homo ssexuality.

    • Hi meangreen
      i totally feel what you are going through.this is not a pyhsicial battle but a spiritual one. its a battle for your body [which is supposed to be a temple of the Lord] a battle for your Mind [ which is supposed to think whats pure holy acceptable before God philipn 4.8 , its abattle for your Soul [ which is supposed to rest in God AND BE Resurrected with Christ oneday. ITS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE CALLING FOR SPIRITUAL CONTERACTION.
      1st – its not in your power or might to fight spiritual battles -so trust in Gods deliverance and guidance. if possible ,get sometime in prayer and fasting with a Friend/ a someone who can pray with you. renew your mind in reading and speaking out scripture .Begin to trian your spiritual man in resisting the Devil – through speaking directly and aloud to negative thoughts that the devil will continuely want to make you believe. aLWAYS STRIVE TO KNOW WHAT YOUR TRUE IDENTITY IS AS ACHILD OF AGOD -through the scripture so the Devil wont wisper to you otherwise. renounce any involvement -any attachments-any soul times[the two shall become one] – discard the gifts . ask the Lord to fill you with his Holyspirit.Surround yourself with True believers who understand you and are willing to stand with you in a time like this -to love-to protect-to pray with you – to encourage you.

      dont be discouraged – know that despite this you are still A child of God.Christ still loves you and wants to help you so that you dont miss the mark- just totally surrender. dont let the Devil tell you otherwise . romans 8.1

    • deborahknight20 says:

      It seems very cruel that you are in this situation, and have struggled in this way for so long. However, you cannot help the way you feel, any more than anybody else trapped in a seeming impossible downward spiral. But you must not condem yourself, because you are desperate to put yourself right. However, God does not wave magic wands.
      I think you need to give yourself a break, and really beleive that God truly loves you as you are, the same way he loved tax collectors, prostitutes and all of us other types of sinners.
      You are not condemmed by being this way, God wants to free you but it will take some work,because we need to grow and cast off the flesh and all its bondages, and firstly that requires you to have real faith and a real relationship with Him. That is what you must seek.
      You cannot get into fornication with men as I cannot either as a single person. Your sexual preference is tied up with many things and cannot be resolved just like that. If you do, you must repent and avoid situations of temptation, even if it means staying home.
      what I am trying to say is that in whatever situation you are, you must keep trying to kill the flesh and become Holy. And you can, because God has said it must be so, and He will make a way for you. Do not look at the others, you are a child of God, flawed, but His all the same. Seek Him and no one else, and He will do a work in you. It is His presence you need in your heart and spirit. Then you will find all the rest will take care of itself. you are very young, and God will do a great thing in you for HIS GLORY. Seek His face, have faith and trust. When you fall get up, start again, one day you will be so tired of it you will just give it all over. But remember, do not listen to satan telling you to take your life, or listen to his condemnation. you are in Christ. He intercedes and covers our sin and our corrupt nature. You are no different to anyone else. I am ashamed to confess what I really had in my heart. I am reminded when I feel too saintly. Blessings.

    • Reading your story breaks my heart. Let me first say sorry that you have gone through such struggles in your life. As I read your cry I could only think of the women in the Bible named Hannah in 1 Samuel. So I created an account on this site with the name Hannah, because I believe that you will soon birth a new vision in your life, in Jesus Name! She went to God broken and at the end of her rope for a need that only God could understand. People thought she was crazy even drunk but God saw the desperation in her and answered her prayers. God does not place heaver burdens than we can carry actually he carries our burdens Isaiah 53:11(MSG). You are not alone- Matthew 11:28(TNIV) Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Jesus burden is light so put yours down you have been carrying around weights since childhood it’s time to run to Jesus. I don’t know all you beliefs but if I could give you any advice from a person who has been delivered its (1) seek the Holy Spirit Mark 1:8 says “I baptize you with water, but he (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”(TNIV)He gives us the power to overcome get the fire of God in you. (2) Study scripture read, memorize and do daily devotionals. (3) Don’t just say the usual prayer- Set apart special time with God and pray the word of God in to your life. He has freedom for you in Jesus name. (3) GO TO CHURCH you need to grasp the word of God and I would suggest going to a church that has a men group and a mission department. Church once a week won’t give you all you need so pray worship listen to pod casts of “the ramp” or even go to their website the and listen to the messages and engage in there worship.
      Jesus, I pray right know for deliverance but even more than that I pray for your Glory to abide in this man in Jesus name. I declare freedom, freedom, freedom in this life. Lord don’t let the devil steal any more time form your child. Jesus I pray for the wisdom of salvation 2 Timothy 3:15 Jesus fill this person with the fullness of God.
      Ephesians 3:14:21
      14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled with the measure of all the fullness of God.
      20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.
      I will continue to intercede to the father for you…

    • I don’t know if you received this or not. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So, am sending it again.

      First of all, God loves you unconditionally, and he wants the best for you. His love never changes regardless of what is happening in your life. When you think about yielding to this particular temptation ask yourself this question: How will this make me feel afterwards, if I give into this sin? If you’re not going to feel good about it, then ask yourself this question also: Is it worth giving into? If the answer is no, don’t do it. You have already stated that you don’t feel good about it. Be glad, because that’s God convicting you. That means you are his child.

      This problem you have is a stronghold, or an addiction. Satan knows our weaknesses and he tempts us in the areas that we are weakest. My oldest daughter started smoking when she was a teenager. When she got older she got a job working at a hospital. She observed people first hand that was suffering physically from the effects of smoking. She decided then and there to quit. The first two weeks was the hardest, but she did manage to quit. She has never gone back to smoking again.

      What I want you to know is that you CAN quit the thing you are struggling with. Other people have done it. If one person can do this that means you are capable of doing this. You might need some help, but there is nothing wrong with that. Make a bet with yourself that you can overcome this. Once you overcome it, then you can help other people to overcome the same thing. You might want to make this your goal.

      Find yourself a special spot to talk to the Lord Jesus. When you are having a problem, go there. You can tell Him everything without fear. He is your very best friend.

      Pick verses from the Bible that will encourage you like: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13. Read your Bible. This is your spiritual food. You would not go without feeding your physical body every day, would you? So, feed your soul. I recommend that you read Psalms, Proverbs, and the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

      Pray. Prayer is to the soul like breathing is to the body. You would not go without breathing every day.

      You will need to fellowship with other believers. Find someone who is strong in the faith to mentor you, to be an encourager to you.

      Practice being a man, because that is what you are. Practice walking and talking like a man. Be a gentleman. Women love a gentleman. Pretty soon it will come naturally.

      You made this statement: “I am now a sophmore in college and it seems like now the true me is coming out because while all of my friends are out finding girls and having sex imstuck trying to convince myself of who I am.” I would like to say that it matters who your friends are, because they can influence you for the good or for the bad. I think you need to find some friends who don’t go out there and do that sort of thing.

      I read a true story about a gay man and a gay woman who got saved and gave up their gay lifestyle. They met down the road of life somewhere, fell in love and got married. So, there is hope for you.

      Just know that God wants you to be well and whole. He did not make you that way. That would be cruel. Something has happened to you that has caused this. You need to get to the root of the problem. You may need some professional help from a Christian counselor. But, that is your choice. If you want to get married and have a family, then do whatever it takes to resolve this problem. I say, Go for it.

      P.S. I had this as an afterthought. Be careful what your eyes see. Stay away from TV shows, movies, books and Internet sites that have lewdness on, or in them. These could aggravate the struggle you are having. You can go to Christian book stores and find books and movies that are wholesome.

    • Hi Meangreen,

  5. Denziel Dorsey says:

    At a young age I was molested by a man. During the years of me growing up I knew that my desire was not natural and that it leaned more towards loving a man than it did a woman. This was an inordinate desire. Upon coming into the knowledge of Christ it was then made “my decision” to act upon what I knew was wrong. Seeking deliverance is not always the easiest thing to us because its something that we are use to doing. When seeking deliverance there are steps that have to be taken. Steps to freedom are getting saved, admitting and accepting that homosexuality is a sin, and having a made up mind that you no long want to have the homosexuality. We want God to do everything and we do nothing..which shows us to be lazy. The thing that we don’t understand is that God is a perfect gentleman. He will not take anything that you are not willing to give. Once deliverance has been done…YOU FOR YOURSELF WILL KNOW THE CHANGE. Understand…deliverance is a spiritual purging. The body(flesh) has gotten used to getting what its liked, so yes even though you received your deliverance your body will still react to what was. The Bible tells us to “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. The only way to become renewed is to study and meditate on God’s word. The only way to do this is to make sure that you have an understanding on his Word. What I usually do in my studying is I take a major part of my life for example: lust, and I use my bible concordance or the internet to look up all scriptures to fight against it. I then meditate and study them..and when you notice the will see that the Word will become you. Understand that you can’t hold on to homosexual friends either…because until you are strengthened…you can’t help them. Its just like the blind leading the blind..and both of you will fall into a ditch. You have to separate, get delivered, get strong…and wait until God releases you. All of this comes with relationship with God. You must be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT in order to fight against the homosexuality, because without it…you would then be fighting alone. Surround yourself with REAL people. People that won’t entertain the lifestyle, but also won’t judge you. People that are saved and will love you through. I know the struggle and the fight won’t be the prettiest thing you face…but the testimony will be greater. The thoughts may come to visit every now and then..but they serve a purpose to keep you humble. IF you remain humble you will be open for God to use you..and also it will keep you humble enough to pray…thats only if you love the Lord enough!!! I love you all dearly, if you would like to get in touch with me you can email me at

    Truly blessed,
    Min. Denziel D

  6. for Jesus says:

    I was sexually abused when I was 5 and then 9 years old by a teenager. Only thought of men, nothing else came to me after that. But I Believed in christ and was actively involved in ministries at church.I Never had sex with anyone till I was 25.Till then I only masturbated and kept the desires within me. I was very straight acting. My urges took over me and started meeting men for sex. I liked it very much and was slowly drifting away from God. Though I felt on top of the world.

    I prayed though continually that God will not leave me. I got married at 29. With the lord’s help I was able to consummate my marriage.But i had no children. This was the biggest trial in my life because I loved children. I started looking at God and reading his word and praying. The Lord spoke to through his book of Job and Malachi, especially Malachi.

    We were seeing a doctor, who after spending much money and time over two years told usthat we had no hopes of becoming parents. By then I had already confessed and submitted myself to the Lord. Though i had homosexual desires , I abstained from it and was only with my wife.But I know that I should never question God for not giving me a child. I Prayed, ” Lord, even if you don’t bless me with what I ask for and everything is down, You are still my God and I shall only serve you. I will never turn back and entertain my homosexual desires. Amen”

    That night was difficult. I couldn’t sleep. I cried and uttered to the Lord to forgive me for all that I had done and bless me with a child. The Lord blessed me with sleep.

    The next day , the doctor called and said that my wife was actually pregnent then as he had overlooked the blood test. God had blessed us with a miracle.He did it for me and I had a healthy son 9 months later.

    Thank you Jesus, for using trials and temptations to draw me closer to you and save me from eternal Hell. Now my desires for men are slowly fading away.I believe the Lord is changing me.He will if you submit to him too. Amen

    • What a testimony Brother. Maybe I should get married too. I love children. Even though I am not married, the LORD has done so much in changing me. Though I still look at the odd guy here and there but it’s basically seeing him as good looking not attractive or sexual. The beginning of your testimony is so much like mine, I just had to respond. I am 42, what a waste of life. But the desires are waning. The fear of God keeps me in check and the wages of sin is death, so it’s not worth going there when you start weighing things. God bless your little boy, may the hand of God protect him and that his life be free from the grief that we had to endure with sexual confusion, your will be done.

  7. 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 do not let go of this passage, claim it and own it, take it as your possession and never let it out of your heart and soul:

    7To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

    don’t let go! you will fail at some point. not on this maybe but on something. you will sin. you will sin and not know it. you will fall short. therefore you must never give up this verse! tell God you will not let go of this verse, that it is yours! i fail. i may never get those thoughts out of my head. i can’t do i. and god hasn’t purified me yet. i have learned that we will never be “perfectly perfect” here. but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. it is much better to fail at perfection than succeed at merely being good. and then you will fail enough times that you will “give up” and give in to God.

    i am losing my faith as i write this. i am losing my grip, and i am falling. it won’t be the first time. sometimes the Lord catches me and prevents me from going SPLAT on the pavement and sometimes He comes in and picks me up and carries me. right now, i can’t do it! i can’t do it! i don’t know how i believe in God! i don’t know how to believe in God! but deep down inside, it’s not that i don’t believe in God, it’s that i am a wretched, imperfect, miserable human. my faith and my hope rests on God allowing me to believe Him. not just believe ‘in’ Him like the demons, but to believe that He is God and that He loves me. it is the most difficult thing to be a Christian and have these thoughts / impulses / proclivities (however you wish to phrase it) and feel like you are loved. right now i feel like nobody loves me. and i am nearly correct. my gay friends have abandoned me. my christian friends have abandoned me. my parents, they never really were there for me anyways. i have given up asking my mom to call me to check up on me or just to say hi. she never has and she never will.

    my only hope is that God will take me, because i don’t have anywhere else to go. and i hope that He will take me ‘just as i am’ and at some point, maybe in this life, but unfortunately it appears at the resurrection, he will make me perfect and clean and blameless and able to stand before him, and even able to look at myself in the mirror. i read how we are designed to reflect the glory of God. i cannot tell you how i long to no longer see myself in the mirror but to see Christ. i don’t want to see me anymore!

    so hold on to that verse. it is all i have to hope for, is that God will take me as the flawed being i am, ever flawed every day of this life, no matter how far i go, i miss the mark and fail to measure up. my only hope is that when i stand in front of God, that Christ will step in there, and He will say ‘this one is Mine, this one belongs to Me’ because nobody else will take me.

    it hurts so bad to be so crushed every time, every day, every moment. sometimes i get mad at God. but i tell Him, yes i am mad at You but it is not Your fault, i have no right, i am sinning and i confess and agree that i have no right to be angry at you — but i still am, so please help me not be angry with you! so then i get angry with myself. and then i have to turn back to this passage and try beyond all trying to believe that it’s not those few time when i am strong and can resist, it’s those times when i try and fail that Christ is there to pick me up.

    you’re going to get knocked down. you can’t hold a candle to Satan. you can only hide in His robes, you can only run for cover in the shadow of your Heavenly Father’s cloak. you can only cry out to your “Abba, Father” “DADDY HELP ME!” and you can’t even hold on to Him but He can hold onto you. But you have to try. all you have to do is try to stand up. all you have to do is take that one step. Elijah never knew the second step until after he took the first one. Job never even knew in this life “why?” i don’t know why and right now i want to die, i cannot tell you how many times i go to bed and ask for Him to take me in my sleep and how many times i wake up hurting because He didn’t take me.

    i can only try my best and fail and let Him take the slack, let Him pay the price, and stay at the Cross until He calls me home.

    so don’t let go of that verse — don’t go having sex with men. even if you are gay, if your mere state of being is gay. if the face you see in the grocery store or the post office or the crowd, even if your eyes make contact with this one man, instead of a pretty girl. keep your eyes on the cross. i’ve done every thing, i’ve taken every drug, i’ve been a whore, and i’ve been in love with a man. it’s not worth it. you might still be miserable from resisting the temptation. but i have been on the other side, and it’s pretty miserable here too. yet i don’t have the ability to say “i persevered” and i am miserable because i succummbed to temptation, not because i resisted it. and i will tell you, resisting temptation can be the loneliest most painful thing you will ever experience. the only thing worse is not resisting temptation.

    we are on a battlefield. this life is not paradise. this world is a hell. all we can do is cry out to Christ to come rescue us. sometimes that’s all you can do. i’m trying not to lose my faith tonight. everyone abandoned me. and now i can’t feel God.

    but i KNOW, I KNOW GOD IS THERE. i know God exists. i know, i know, i know. how can i know so much and fail so utterly? i can’t do it. i give up, God, do you hear me, i’m falling, i’m slipping, i am losing my ability to hold onto you. please Father remember all my prayers that when i fall you don’t let me go! i am counting on you to keep your promises even though i have broken all mine! i don’t understand how i could be worth anything to You, but for some reason You say in your Word that i am worth very much to you. i feel worthless right now. so please don’t let me go — please, don’t let us go!

    • My friend,

      All I can say is that you WILL be rewarded for your suffering, you chose life not death! You chose to be free for eternity by suffering a very limited time here on earth, remember what Jesus did for you on the Cross when you think it is just to much. Seek the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added on to you, keep your faith and Jesus will bring happiness and joy into your life!

      Be strong my friend, it is satan who do not want to lose one of his trophies and will do anything to take you away from the Lord.

      I have a lot of respect for you and wish you the best!



  8. Hello friend. I do hope you are continuing to grow in the Lord. I pray that His Holy Spirit may strengthen you in your battle. I pray that you will become and over comer through Christ Jesus the Lord. I, too, had thoughts like yours when I was young. I tried to make them go away but I eventually gave in to them. When I was 17 I decided to turn my back on God and follow my lusty desires. I was a homosexual for 3 years. It seemed like fun at the time but inside I knew I was in utter darkness. Finally, in a desperate attempt I broke up with the girl I was with at that time, bought a Bible, went to church, and started praying. I felt terrible about the things I had done. However, the thoughts and desires came back. They would usually come in times when I was lonely and with out much connection to the people around me. I fell again and again back into homosexuality. I felt like God must have hated me for my waywardness. However, even in my sin God reached out to me. I realized that while I was still a sinner Christ died for me. In Him there was forgiveness for sin and hope out of this life of darkness. By giving into the thoughts and homosexual desires I had fell into a miry clay. The kind that the more you move the deeper you sink. However, God took me out of the miry clay and set my feet upon the Rock who is Christ Jesus our Lord. Yet in this time I had not truly repented from my sexual sins. A short time later I fell into sin again but this time it was with a man, a “Christian” none the less. Finally, after a short period of time I listened to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He showed me that if I continued to put this before Him I would be separated from Him forever. I needed to make a choice. Was I going to worship a human being through sexual lust or worship God out of a pure heart? I desperately longed for a pure heart. When I had repented of all my sexual sin and putting man/woman before God’s commands Jesus came into my life cleansed me of my sins and gave me a new heart. Wow, I can hardly explain how awesome it is to be touched by the love of God. He didn’t give up on me. As the word says He wishes that none should perish but that all might come to repentance. Praise our Lord for His unfailing Love, His amazing work on the cross, and the new life He has given us in Christ Jesus. We are over comers by the blood of the Lamb of God and the word of our testimony. I am now a happily married woman to a wonderful man who loves Jesus. It is a picture of my new life in Christ and all He has done for me. Sex outside of marriage with a man or woman is sin that leads to death. However, if we repent and trust in the Lord Jesus to cleanse us He will give us life and life more abundant. He already finished the work on the cross by paying the punishment for our sins. It is now our part to commit ourselves to Him, repent of our sins, follow Him by faith, and share the Good News with others. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

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