Delivered from 31 years of depression

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  1. perhaps today says:

    Please have a look at You will find freedom in Jesus Christ.

  2. i feel happy that God had released from depression. now even i feel confident that God will release my beloved mother – Lakshmi, India from oppression by my wicked father – Raghu, India. She is leading a life of violent turmoil since time she married my father 36 years ago. I pray to the God Almighty to please deliver my mother out the wicked hands of my father – , Raghu as soon as possible. i pray to Lord Jesus to please save my mother from physical and verbal abuses of Raghu as soon as possible and bless my mother peaceful and healthy life or take her back to heaven where lovely God is there, as soon as possible. Please deliver my mother somehow dear God !!

  3. Hello everyone I hope you are okay.My name is Katambila Lengwe and I’m from Zambia.I completed my secondary education at sacred heart convent.i COMPLETED at the age of 16 instead of 18 because I was very very intelligent during those days and i’m stil intelligent.
    Since then I haven’t been able to go to university.What I can say is that my family is neither poor nor rich,we are in between though people think we are rich.My dad is not even concerned about my well-being that is go take me to university.All he does is go to his bar,drink come home and sleep.My eldest brother and my two other bros have the same problem as my dad.tHE MALE PROSTITUTE OR jEZEBEL spirit has also been part of our family.I have been a male prostitute some years back and also aporn,masturbation addict but Jesus freed me BUT my father and bros have remained the same.I WOULD LIKE TO GET A GREEN CARD TO USA AND STUDY ECONOMICS THERE.
    Brothers and Sisters of God pray for me(my email is [email protected]).Mail me to pray with me.Could this be a curse causing my brothers and daddy to behave in the jezebel way? I suspect it is because I was told my Grandpa had been a crel man and practised witch craft.Pray for me for the curse to be broken anmd that God gives me a financial miracle so that I apply for a US green card and go and study Economics in US.PLease please pray for me and email me please I need anyones help.Tell me if It could be a curse.Thank you!

  4. I’m so happy that we as Christians can encourage each other with our testimonies. I’m also facing a similar situation of depression to the extent that i’ve contemplated suicide a number of times. I’ve such negative thoughts especially when things don’t go well. I feel defeated and feel like a failure. I feel like there’s nothing good in me.I try so hard at everything, but the harder i try the worse it becomes. I’ve also tried so hard to have a better Christian life. I’ve been a born-again Christian for 5yrs now but i’ve experience very little maturity in my Christian life. I believe in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through speaking in tongues but i’ve still not received it. I know God’s words are yea and amen, so i always rely on scripture and the testimonies of others to fight back.Whenever the negative thoughts come i try to push them away. I know soon and very soon i’m going to overcome completely.For whoever the son sets free is trully free indeed. Jesus Christ is Lord over all the earth.

  5. Laci Rossett says:

    hi bev My name is laci and i was going through the same thing you were going through im 19 years old and i felt like i was going crazy out of my head cause i was worried that i could never have a close friendship and relationship with god and jesus christ , so i started listening to christian music and i was surprised that most of the singers sang about having some doubts sometimes and that made me feel like i was not alone in feeling this way and that made me want to change the way i was living and then i saw your inspirational video about how you concured your depression and i want to keep this happiness and my faith in tact with jesus christ and i dont want to worry anymore cause that is soo true that if you fear god himself you wont fear anyone around you and i also had self image issues i still do till this day and i thank you for sharing your story and i want to contact you and talk to you about prayer im not sure if they will let me put my email up here but just in case my email address is lacirossett[at]yahoo[dot]com. i hope to hear from you god bless you :]

    -sincerly, laci

  6. Hi i’m laci and i’ ve been suffering from negativity thoughts that have been corrupting my mind and clouding my heart and it blocks my heart from god and kept me from having a real close relationship with him, there are times when i get soo happy that god has saved me but then i get caught up in the negative thoughts again its like im being imprisoned in my own head with the negativity and i want it to stop, cause i dont want to feel like im going crazy. will everyone pray for me that ill rid this burden off my shoulders and out of my life for good? 🙂 i wish everyone a very good morning day and night

  7. In answer to your question “Do you think God might set me free? ”

    I not only “think” but know for sure that God wants to deliver you.Lets suppose,A little boy is playing with his father in a garden.Suddenly, an insect bites the boy’s foot and is sucking his blood.What do you think the father would do ? I think God is all the more loving towards us, his children.I agree with you, knowledge alone doesn’t help. But I know God is more real than any other thing we see around, this keyboard that Iam using, for instance, because we know that all things are going to pass away, all things,but God and his word will remain forever. I will pray for you, but more importantly, I will encourage you to pray once again, asking God to give you faith and asking for your deliverance with that faith.Lastly, remember, we enter God’s kingdom by being like a little child, so set all your knowledge and understanding aside, and liek a little baby, just call on the name of Jesus who alone can deliver you. God bless you.

  8. My name is Charles K. and I have been looking for a Christian ministry that would be able to help me spiritually. I have been suffering from being
    demonized for a very long time. I am not sure of my relationship to Jesus Christ either. I can say that I have experienced mercy from God in my life
    But I am not sure if I am truly a genuine Christian because of my spiritual condition. I know that I am still defiled by an unclean spirit that is dwelling in my body because I was set free from it about 8 years ago through a confession of sins session at church. The freedom lasted about a month and I was attacked in my mind to believe a lie in my thoughts and when I did not reject the lie I felt the evil spirit come back into me. Therefore, I know what it is like to be free and what it like to be defiled. I don’t know how to win this battle for freedom. I have read a lot about spiritual warfare but it seems to remain to be more knowledge about the subject rather than an actual process that actually delivers me from the evil spirit within me. I have been in this condition now since 1977 when I let some people who I thought were Christians pray in tongues as the put their hands on me. I also realize that my condition could also be the result and consequence of how far I went into the sin of immorality before I was enabled to repent
    From it by calling on the name of Jesus Christ to save me from the compulsive lust that controlled my will. I called on Jesus Christ to save me from it about 15 yrs ago. I can say that I my will has been set free completely from compulsive sins. But, I am still infected with desires for immorality because I can honestly say that it is sin dwelling in me and it is not me. The real problem is that when I felt the evil spirit get back in I was cut off from any sense of being connected to God. I am hoping to find some real Christians who are connected experientially to God and know it for sure. I have come to believe that they could pray the prayer of faith mentioned in James on my behalf.

    Do you think that God might set me free?

    Thank you
    Charles k.

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