I thank God for delivering my girlfriend from many evil spirits,but there is a problem now that before the deliverance she confesd to have had an abortion and she had never told me,this pregnancy was for her exboyfriend. I managed to accept it then and i even consoled her w God’s love, i ws so supportive and i had to tell her honestly tht i’d forgiven her though it was difficult. I love this woman and i’d want to marry her but after thinking all the effects associated with abortion and some of the pains or sicknesses she is having are as a result of tht abortion, i’m likely to suffer with her the consequences of that abortion. I cant aford to hurt her or leave her, God comands us to love unconditionaly and i’m doing exactly that. I haven’t tok 2 her about how i’m really feeling but i’m emotionaly disturbed. I need help with advice on what to do. I can leave her but she’s been through a lot and i seem to be her angel bcoz i’v managed to help her heal emotionaly and this would make her go back to her past and before we startd dating she told me she once comitd suicide but she didnt die and i’m afraid she might be miserable as she has confided in me so mch, she has noone to turn to, i cnt leave her and wouldnt want to.

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  1. Are you treating her as you would a wife? I would consider her getting help with a pastor or his Wife. Yet tHe problem here is, if you are livinG together as man & wife, then you are in Gods eyes married. So you have already tied yourself to her. The problem here to me is that you are Judging her and to me if you don’t get perspective here, and get right with the lord yourself, you will start blaming her for Everything that goes wrong in your life together. If you Love this woman, then see if She or you can move apart and get right with the lord. If you confess your sins, and truely Love her and if she does the same and ask ChriSt Jesus to come into each of your lives & to forgive you and believe that he lives and is your redeamer. Then get to a Church and get married. So that God will Bless your Union. She has harmed herself enough, don’t you think that the lord has Forgiven her, So accept who she is now, and forget her past, or you will make her life & yours worse. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I Pray tHat you both get right with God and that he will bless your marriage, Love in Christ Jesus, Annette

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