Deliverance from shyness

Hi. My name is Raeann. I am a 17 year old girl that used to be extremely shy. I attend a decent sized church, and in church I was usually just a spectator. I would never participate or worship God. The most I would do is clap; and even that was pushing limits for me. I was more than just quite. I was silent. I would not say a word to anyone when I was much younger. I would just smile when people talked to me , I would never answer them. I would nod my head when it was necessary when they asked me a question. I was so shy I wouldn’t even talk to my Aunt’s , Uncles, and cousins. Most of them never even knew what my speaking voice sounded like. My mom, dad , and brother were the only ones that knew how much I really talked , and when I got home I did talk a lot to them. As time passed I slowly started to open up. I never even got close to being talkative, but I would at least talk. When I did begin to talk my voice was very quiet and to some people it seemed inaudible. Many nights I cried and asked God to free me from my fear and shyness. I thought it had such a strong grip on me. I was to the point that I hated being shy, it was almost like I was invisible. People would walk over me and I would never even stick up for myself. I had an extremely hard time in school due to my shyness.I felt almost as if it was a curse to be shy, because I did not benefit anything from it. Well even still when I began to talk I still never worshiped in church. I began to realize my shyness was a bigger problem than I thought. I noticed that my shyness prevented me from worshipping my Lord and Savior. I knew something was wrong. I would get very nervous over the littlest things, like talking in front of a small group of people. That was my biggest fear; talking and being in front of large groups of people. I began to accept my shyness and I thought I would be shy and suffer from the affects of shyness for the rest of my life. But God had different plans for me! It all happened on a day of church. I thought it would just be a normal service but it wasn’t. The service that day was pretty much based on worshipping God. I felt very uncomfortable because it seemed like everyone around me was worshipping Him, but I was not. The most I was doing was clapping my hands. I wanted to praise God, I longed to praise Him, but something was holding me back. I felt like I was just not capable of worship. It was as if something was holding my arms down and keeping my mouth shut. There was an alter call for people that felt that they were being bondaged by fear. I knew that I should go up, and I knew that fear was holding me back from praising God. I knew I should go up but I did not. I was even too fearful to go up. A few people went up and got prayed for , but not me; I was too afraid to go up. After the people were prayed for my pastor said now let’s all worship God. I now felt very uncomfortable because I was not praising God and I did not go up for the alter call when I knew I should have. Later on into the worship my pastor came to me and told me I should be worshipping God and praising his name, and that God wants me to praise him. My heart began to beat rapidly as he walked away; my shyness was kicking in. I made an attempt to try clapping louder but I changed my mind. I still was not worshiping God. It just seemed too hard for me to do. I guess my pastor saw I still was not praising him and he came back to me. He asked me if I was a Christian and I replied yes I was. He then asked me why I was not praising God, and I truly did not have an answer, so I told him I did not know. He then told me he isn’t trying to scare me and he isn’t trying to say I have a demon, but he said that it was demonic. He said everyone should be able to worship God freely and if we can not there may be demonic activity that is preventing us from doing that. He then asked me to repeat some things after him such as , I break all generational curses, etc. After I repeated him he prayed for me. I do not remember exactly what he prayed but it was pretty much of removing everything that was trying to come against me. As he prayed for me I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. After he prayed, he said now go ahead Raeann, praise God. I took a deep breath and I began to open my mouth to praise God. It was extremely hard for me, but I did open my mouth and I started saying I love you God I worship you; things like that. He then said keep going Raeann I believe God has a breakthrough for you in that area of worship. It was very hard for me and I still was not speaking loud but I was telling God I loved him , which I never did before in public. Not too long after, worship simmered to a close. The sermon began and I think it was something about freedom or worship. I thought God was finished with me, but he wasn’t. In the middle of the sermon my pastor turned to me and said Raeann God said you are a songbird. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, he was talking to me on the mike in front of the whole congregation. But one thing I actually was not feeling nervous as I normally would. Well he then went off to say that he saw me singing in front of many people and them falling under the anointing of God. I was amazed. No one had every heard me sing but my brother. I was ashamed to even sing in front of my parents. I knew I could sing but my fear always held me back. He then asked me to come up so that he could pray for me. He prayed for me and I felt God’s presence again. He then asked two ladies to come and minister to me. They came and started praying. One of the ladies asked me to raise my hands as if in full surrender. That was very uncomfortable for my shyness but I did anyway. I had my eyes snapped shut, then she said Raeann tell me when your ready to open your eyes. Right when I did open my eyes I started crying, and my cry very rapidly turned to a loud sob. Then next thing I knew I was screaming to the top of my lungs. I did not realize I was screaming until I noticed I was on the floor. The ladies helped me up and then said that I needed to fill the empty spaces in me with the Holy Spirit. I got up lifted my hands and started shouting out the name of Jesus. I was yelling at the top of my lungs and then I started screaming again uncontrollably. Long story short, I was delivered. And I am here to tell you today that me, once a shy girl that did not say a word to almost anyone, is now in front of the congregation leading praise and worship with the praise team every Sunday. I am truly amazed by how powerful God is. I thought I would never be free, but he freed me. He truly amazes me because even when you start to give up on God he will never give up on you. He loves us even if we run away from him. At first it was hard for me to praise God, but obedience is very important. I praised Him even though it was extremely hard, and in return he consumed me with His love. His mercies are new every morning.GOD IS REAL. I thank Him for all that He has done and all that He will do. I still face trials and tests from day to day with shyness( so please keep me in your prayers) but they are only making me stronger and equiping me for the things to come.I will trust in God and I know that I will soon fully jump in to all that he has called me to do with no fear. Greater things are yet to come.

No matter what age you are- young or old, no matter what sin you have committed or what you have done GOD LOVES YOU.I hope my testimony has blessed you, even if it is in the smallest way.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Raeann
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  1. Lawrence Wiebe says:

    I need a prayer to get rid of my shyness. Please send me a prayer to pray to get rid of my shyness.

  2. DarknLovely says:

    Hi I’m crying as I’m reading this. I struggled with shyness for most of my life and I’m tired of it. At my former church, people used to pray for me and encourage me to come out of it, and I used to wonder why they did that. Well, being in my thirties, being single with no children, hardly having any friends, and just starting out in life, I know now! I was so withdrawn I didn’t even like to be called by my name. There were times I wanted to be invisible. But I know God doesn’t want that for me and He doesn’t want me to be lonely either. All I can say is please pray for me!

  3. kenzieb10 says:

    I am 16 as well. And i’m alot like you but I never have completely stopped talking to people. When i was many years ago, i talked alot and wasn’t shy at all. I was usually the leader of the group. As i grew older though, i don’t know why, but i grew very shy. Especially in front of crowds and guys and new people. The past couple years i have been progressively getting over it…little by little…but it still is very strong in my life. At school i don’t talk much…mostly cuz i’m tired…but shyness too. I talk alot when i get home though. And there have been alot of nights i’ve hated myself for being shy and have cryed asking God to take it away. I have had that exact experience like you did in church…where the message was about worship/letting go of fear and people getting called up to the alter. I raised my hands and stuff and clapped and sang…but even though i could feel it that i needed to go up there…i didn’t…cuz i was afraid. I never have gotten prayed over and screamed and stuff like you did though. My dad and i have been going to this new church and my dad’s boss goes there. And they have a worship team, just singers…that sing along to music. And i like to sing radio songs alot and i’ve always thought of becoming a christian back-up singer. And one day during wroship i rember thinking, i think it’d be cool to go up there and sing along to music. It’s what i do at home. And then, my dad’s boss (who is on the worship team) came up to my dad at work one night and asked my dad if i would wnat to be on the worship team. And my dad came home and told me…and i knew it was from God. So, practice was tonight and i went. And i was soooo nervous and a bit awkward. My dad came too. and mostly i sat next to him until worship started. Junior (my dad’s boss) came up to us and talked ot me…and the pastor came up to me and he said: do you have a problem with fear. and i said yes. and i knew this was from God too. and so he told me i just need to say: fear be gone, cuz i have a spirit of power and courage! in the name of Jesus. and that i’m afraid of what people will think of me. I just nodded. He said when he was called to minister he laughed at God…cuz he had fear too. and now he’s like the most God-center spirit filled pastor i know, with very powerful messages. Anyways, i got up and sang…but was sorta stiff…the 1st song i was nervous…but after awhile i felt God’s peace. and it was fun. but i felt so awkward and nervous…and i wasn’t focusing very much on God..mostly on singing good. So, afterwards i talked to a kid my age named eric…thouh i was a bit awkward too. Anyways the reaosn why i’m bringing this up, is cuz i think God wants me to be on the worship team. But, i don’t know why…i’m shy, am an average singer…and i have all this fear. Plus i don’t know anyone at that church barely. When i left i felt a bit ashamed…that i didn’t just give myself over to the holy spirit during worship…and was focused on my voice… plus, i didn’t really sya hi to anyone besides eric. Junior syas i can practice for a month with them…then he and the worship leader dude will talk to me to see if i’m lead to do this or not….thing is i have no idea. I think God wnats me to do this cuz of how junior knew my priivate thought. and maybe to get rid of some fear. But, for how long? and is He calling me to worship? Please pray for me…i need help with this and getting rid of my fear/shyness. i’m so sick of it. it keeps me form doing everythig i knw i should. even goign to the worship practice made me so nervous i thought of satying home. And now that i’ve talked all about myself…:D sorry…Raeann i will definently pray for you…and thank you so much for your testimony. 🙂 it helpe dme alot.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Im going through the same thing I joined the choir too just like you im shy and everything but i pray that God will take me out this shyness i cry at night and cry that God will tka e me out this shyness my shyness is just like yours but ill pray that God will take you out this shyness.

    • Look up social anxiety . I think you have it .

  4. Free_Christian says:

    OMGoodness, I cried when I read your testimony! It was so powerful, so good! I have always been know as being shy. My friends caught me singing off guard a few times and tell me that I need to sing & stop being shy. As a child I was very timid, and somewhat shy I would never praise God out loud in church either besides clapping my hands. I would never approach people, although I did speak when spoken to & I was always liked by many. I never had any enemies. I always had that “stay in a child’s place” mindset from when I was younger & you have inspired me to reach out and be more bold and outspoken. I think that I am called to sing a;so and reach people through writing or some type of public speaking (which oddly enough doesn’t scare me). Because of you I know there’s hope & I now know what to do. I never thought about why the enemy would want to mute us & now I know why. I’ll be praying for complete deliverance from fear & praying for you also 🙂

    Thank you Raeann!

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