deliverance from fear & earned my bachelors degree

I used to live in fear a lot as a child and couldn’t sleep at night out of fear that there was a ghost living in my house. I had a large spare fridge in my room for a while, which covered the entrance to my room. I would only sleep in the shadow that the fridge would cast on my bed. If I woke up and knew I wasn’t sleeping in that shadow, I would panic. I could not walk around my apartment without the feeling that someone was always behind me, it was a scary feeling not a safe one. When I was around twelve years old I had an irrational fear that something bad would happen to my parents every time they stepped out of the apartment and I wouldn’t stop crying until they would get back home. I tried to not cry or be scared but it was something I had no control over. I would cry for hours and was unable to take any control of it. After my parents asked a local priest from our church to pray over me, my fear went away and I had not even realized it until a good period of time had gone by. Thanking God for taking that fear away from me is something I had not acknowledged until now.

My first year of college was a bit of a nightmare because I could barely remember anything I studied. I used to have photographic memory but in my freshman year of college I could remember nothing. However, as I kept moving forward, year by year I got back some of my memory and I know that it is only through my prayers to Jesus that I got my memory back.

My parents paid my fees for college and did not take a loan to do so. Financially, we were doing fine until my father lost his job before I could begin my senior year of college. My parents were able to pay my fees for the first half of my senior year but not for the second half. My parents and I were pretty sure that I would have to go back to India without completing my degree. But we prayed and hoped Jesus would work a miracle.

My grandfather died years ago without making a will. In addition, my father and his brother (grandfathers’ sons) have not been in good terms for decades. My father didn’t want any more confrontations with his brother, so my mother and father decided to give him the power of attorney (regarding my grandfathers’ property) without expecting anything. My father had no hope of receiving anything from his brother. Last year my father spoke to him over the phone and his brother decided to give him Rs. 7,00,000 lakhs ($14,000) as part of my fathers’ share. Though the property was worth much more, my family and I were very excited to receive this amount. The money my father got was the exact amount needed to pay my fees for my final semester and that is how I was able to obtain my B.S. degree in the US.

I thank Mother Mary for interceding for me and praise and thank Jesus every day for showing us his power when everything seems impossible and we lose hope.

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