Deliverance from Drugs

Shelia Holcomb – shares how the Lord intervened in her life of sorrow, rejection and addiction and gave her a new life, a loving husband, healing from the effects of drug addiction and other diseases and a purpose for living in blessing others with God's love.

Shayne Ethridge – Delivered from Cocaine Addiction.

Raul's Story – Raul shares how he was hopelessly addicted to drugs and lost his family through it. But then, after inviting the Lord into his life, not only did he get delivered of the craving for drugs, but also, he got his wife and family back!

Julian Dobbs – delivered from drug addiction by the power of God.

Kevin Raymond – saved from drug addiction, perversion, emotional problems through Jesus Christ.

Roger Henricksen – Delivered from drug addiction through the dealings of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Michele Appelbaum – Delivered from drug addiction and depression!

Kevin's Story – from Jailbird to Pastor – Kevin Coley was in and out of corrective institutions. Life seemed without hope for him, until he encountered Christ. Now he is a pastor. Read his story here.

Set free from drugs, seeing and angel and hearing God's audible voice – An amazing story of a man dissatisfied with life, hurting who had supernatural encounters with God, feeling His surge of power and His love.

The Love of God – A lady shares how she came to the Lord and was blessed by God even after abusing drugs and being abused in relationships.



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  1. raymond7777 says:
  2. KingsKid07 says:

    I can testify to God’s unfailing love!

    I was born into an alcoholic home (you know the horrors if you’ve experienced this kind of lifestyle – I don’t need to give you a play by play), but I have been given a gift from as far back as I can remember, I have had an awareness of God even as a child. I can remember the days of innocence, being amazed by God through being aware of His holy presence in His creation. The innocence of that of a child, the God given intuitiveness without the head knowledge. It’s one thing to have a faith based on Scriptual learning, but it’s another to have experienced the very PRINCIPLES of God’s Word by our choices and consequences and the depth of faith that comes from that foundation. (Religiousity vs spirituality)

    My life’s story has been one of rebellion. I have looked for love in all the wrong places. I left home at 16, was pregnant at 17. I named my baby girl, Charity Dawn (in her little life, God’s LOVE dawned on me). She was born with a serious congenital heart defect. I didn’t know that the word charity in the old english, meant LOVE (1 Cor. 13:13), but I started to attend church during her first year of life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and was baptized at the age of 18,(October 1976) and my precious daughter died after her second open heart surgery on November 13, 1976 just prior to my 19th birthday (she was not quite 17 months old).

    To make the story short…..I entered into a path of rebellion against God, I was angry, I (in my ignorant state of comprehension) felt abandoned. I thought I was okay, I functioned somewhat normally, I worked, married, had two beautiful children, started and operated my own business, only to begin to crash after a 14 year marriage failed.

    I used alcohol to numb the pains and deal with the disappointments that life threw at me. I took off in “self will run riot”, and found myself broken and entered into a women’s recovery house.

    I began a spiritual program of recovery. I have now been clean & sober (by the grace of God) for almost 11 years now.

    During the first 5 years of my recovery, I lost my step-father and second husband to cancer, but by God’s grace, I didn’t use any substance to cope.

    God gave me a most awesome gift! He gave me the strength to assist my husband through his battle against cancer, God used this situation to show His direct involvement in our lives. It was the most HOLY experience I have ever been apart of! My husband was pallitive, I cared for him at home through the whole process of his surrender and death.

    Three days before my husband died, he said…”when it comes to the end all that matters is our relationship with God and others, the love we give and receive is all that we leave and take.”

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ was speaking with my husband while he lay dying an hour before he died. My husband was coherent through his whole process, and at one point he said outloud….”No I don’t want the water, I asked for my life back, and now you’re offering me water”!

    Jesus Christ is the only one who offers us waters of everlasting life (John 4: 13 & John 7: 37-39), so I know he was speaking to Christ.

    He went into a dialogue with Christ (I could tell by his body language that he was conversing) but I knew intuitively that I wasn’t supposed to over hear my husbands part of the conversation. I can say though, that I know that we can go to God with all our questions, anger, pain, confusion, temper tantrums, excuses and reasonings and He won’t condemn us! He knows us better than we know ourselves, He’s “Big” enough and can handle our insanity, our disappointments, our everything! He knows we are imperfect and He desires us to stop trying to “win” His Love, it’s a free gift, given to us only through Jesus Christ, which we must choose to accept, if we want to live happy, joyous and free.

    I sat away and waited for about 45 minutes then went back to my husband’s side to reassure him that I was there.

    He said in the most clear, strong, but humble voice….”Please, give me the water”. When he said that, his eyes opened wide….and as he breathed in a slow deep breath, he was completely consumed by complete joy/ecstasy (it was holy) and as he was doing this, the smile on his face grew and grew, then he breathed out and let go and left this physical realm. He died with a smile on his face.

    I know that this physical exsistence is not the end! In God’s time, we will go to our real home! For those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, there is a future beyond here and now! (Luke 9: 23-26)

    The story of my life is an “unfolding” and even though I have made poor choices, I have sinned over and over again, God has never left me, he has continued to work in my heart and my whole life finally crashed this year (I can relate to being broken). I’m not saying that my sin is justified, but I see how God has used the direct consequences from those sins/choices to draw me closer to him. Looking back I can see how God used all situations, the things that the enemy of our souls, used to lie/destroy/attack/condemn/steal from me, how God used these very same things to draw me closer to Him.

    Yet again another failed relationship, I was fired (for the first time in my life) from my job. I dropped to my knees and cried out to God, There is so much more (I would have to write a book) to the process that has happened since April 2007….it’s amazing how God has shown his love, answered prayers and is revealing himself. His call to me is that he desires me intimately!

    No matter how broken my heart has been, no matter how badly I have believed others have betrayed me, ect….I learned that ultimately….I did those very things to GOD! It was I who have broken God’s heart, betrayed HIM, rejected HIM ect., so now in that realization, I have confessed my sins, repented and am looking to God and trusting HIM for all the answers.

    I have given him every area of my life, I am His work in progress. My spiritual walk is not about perfection, it’s about progress! All fall short of God’s glorious standard! (Romans 3:23)

    I AM A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST and not living as I used to, not making choices I used to, not deciding how I would live as I used to! I know I will make mistakes along the way, and I know God will continue to love, forgive, instruct and discipline me. Humility is a powerful key to surrendering everything to our Most High God.

    I have been asked to help in a christian recovery house for women that is in the plans of opening. I continue to give this hope to God, that if this is the place he sets me to be a blessing to others for His glory, that this takes place. Please pray for God’s Will in this matter. There are so many people dying, homeless, in bondage to drugs and alcohol who need our prayers and our direct involvement. (Galatians 6: 1-10)

    So please be encouraged! Accept being broken, cry out to God, open your heart, repent and surrender! God will do the work that He has planned.

    My spiritual process has taken 31 years (thus far), but through it I have a God given experience, strength and hope to share. Praise God, that he never fails, that what he begins in us…will come into completion. Don’t loose faith in God, He won’t fail you! Continue to “trudge the narrow path to happy destiny”.
    Remember, that what satan intends for harm, God intends for good!
    God bless you and keep you! Sincerely, in Christ, Debra

    • Praise God for everything that he has done for you and your family, praise God he opened you up to see him when you needed him most. Praise God! Your story brings tears of Joy to me. I to have known of God for many years. Until about 6 weeks ago I never fully trusted to hand over my problems to the Lord. I have now done this My son has tried to commit suicide multilple times. The last time was Sept 24th. Daniel was almost at deaths door and God spoke to him and brought him comfort and instructed Dan to make a choise…Pick up the phone and call for help or lay there. Dan picked up the phone, he was in intensive care and currently still in the hospital. I heard of a program called Teen Challenge I heard many wonderful stories it sounds similar to what helped you. Dan is going to be pulled by demons to try and stop him from going. If you have a prayer circle please put Dan in your prayers. He is being fought for right now and currently he is choosing Jesus.
      I believe all of us Christians are to be united and we all have to start preparing for what is to come. I pray that one way or another we all find eachother and we all get on our knees and praise God and thank him for all the beautiful miracles which he has done and what is done.
      Thank you so much for sharing your testimony it shows just how powerful God is.
      God Bless you!

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