Deliver us! – Encouragment to God’s People

Hi all

I just thought I would post this youtube video up. It the theme song ‘Deliver Us’ from the animation The Prince of Egypt. It’s so encouraging because of how it relates to God’s people, waiting on God to deliver us, particularly to the promised land (our home in heaven) or from a situation/circumstance etc :p

Hope this is encouraging to all. If you having seen the movie, highly recommend it, it’s a really amazing account of the exodus story in the Bible.

(Here’s the youtube link until I figure out how to embed a video)

What do YOU think?



  1. Looks like the embedding is suddenly working as I can see the video now, hope everyone enjoys it.

    In Spirit and Truth ;p

  2. Could someone tell me how to embed a video? I copied the embed code from the youtube video and pasted it in the blog entry after my writing. When I view the entry I can’t see the youtube video? I am able to view others embedded videos like Michael’s, but I cannot view the video I embedded with the youtube embed code?

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Michael has explained to me that video embedding is an administrative function. He has enabled your post, but it needs administrative attention. This is to be sure we can screen materials and not have the site defiled with harmful videos and photographic materials.


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