deliver me

I have had some of the most beatiful experiences from God I was even filled with his holy spirit. Still I have fallen .I live eah day with the thought that I will over come. Many people say that I have to give it all to God, but i know for a fact that I have to take the steps to over come too. Still I fail to take those steps. I give in beause at the moment I enjoy the sin but then as always when the sin is over I am ashamed and fallen.I have dealt with certain sins my whole life. Thoughts that others put in my head and in time filled my heart and eah day I try to over ocme, but I ant . I believe in God and I believe in christ but I dont know if I will ever be able to be in the same house as God because I am so weak. Deep inside I want to destroy the power sin has over me but i have no power even as of today. God only an deliver me but for 30 plus years I have prayed and for all this time I have not recieved deliverane. ………. Now i have said all this and now I want to say something else. I know we all fall short of the glory of god.I know we all have a sinful nature. In the end unless God takes all of this away from me I feel I am fighting a loseing battle. In my mind all power and I mean absolutely everything is in Gods hands.We ask why we cant stop doing things and we really really really want to. What is my answer. God controls the breath I breathe he makes the sun come up, he takes away pain and allows pain to be. This is for everything. Even when people say that the devil torments well in my mind God allows him to torment so it is up to us to over come the devil for the love we have for God. Maby I am just too lost to get it I just dont know.. Have I been turned over to a reprobate mind? Why wont God deliver me. I dont want to be this way I hate the way I am in my sin . Out side of the sin I love who I am and I love God but right now I am so confused as to why I ant be changed like I should be. If any one knows what to do to help me then please please help me understand

What do YOU think?



  1. David chibueze says:

    Can I speak with you ANNETTE?.. I’m struggling with an addiction and I’m dying away gradually even after being baptised.. Please reply immediately you get this.

  2. I totally think my sins is more worst than anyone here … I was born into a christian family… Buh immediately I get into higher institution I became so vulnerable started drinking, smoking n become sexually imorraly active … As if that is not enough ladies became pregnant for n dey aborted it.. I fell into more gravious sin dat I can’t mention here … I clook back into my last 10years I can’t forgive mysef … The feelin of sucide is really strong in myheart I av try to run from one pastor to d other .. I’m even studying wit jehovah wittness but yet myconcience is not clear wit mysef … Can God forgive me …I av bein given to a reprobate mind

  3. Ok a few days ago I posted about my struggles with sins .ANd I have to share this with all who will hear me. I have my whole life struggled with sexual sins and temptations and one in particular that I found to be overwhelming me has been my thorn.My weakness my downfall,But I was lead here and honestly the day I came here I cant tell you how or even why I came across this sght but I did .I confessed and reached out and recieved the most gracious help and acceptance and guidance I have ever had. I still suffered maby even worse.It was like I was hit even harder with the sin but some how some way I have come to a different place.This sin is a bitterness in my mouth .I can taste the nastiness of it and my soul turns away and now even my mind.When I even hear the subject my whole body rejects it. I want to shout cry jump sing dance and tell every one I can not explain it all but I feel gods victory in me.I feel him burning that evil out of my mind. I have not become perfect but i know Gods spirit is with me walking with me and slaying the chains sin has had on me and for the first time in a long time I can breathe. I asked for prayer I begged for anyone to stand with me or even for me because my faith was so weak because my hope was all but gone and you did .Those who came to me and prayed for me thought of me and turned to God for me are a blessing I will always be thankful for.God used you.I dont evn know in how many ways on my behalf he used you but he did.In this I see the love God still has for me.He made me see the sin as exceedingly sinful and burned my heart and turned my eyes away from evil and my wicked ways.You stepped in in my darkest of moments and Gods mercy came to me.I am at the second step of becoming closer to God. My journey is only beginning I still have so many things to work through but because of Gods victory and his grace and his mercy I now have the strength in me to fight on . I can feel his angels fighting for me.I can feel the war and I can feel God winning.He is an awesome God and I praise him.He has blessed me beyond my understanding. In me getting to experience this wonderful work through his children in my life on behalf of my soul is a gift beyond measure. I am in awesome wonder. I dont know what else to say but thank you Jesus and thank you children of God every one of you and thank you to the lords angels for fighting for my soul and thank you God again for making me feel the evil that had taken root in my heart mind and soul. Please know I have been blessed beyond measure and I love you all and pray that you feel it and know it .Wow . I am not worthy to see the work of God like this my heart mind and soul is humble and filled with joy and once again awesome wonder

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      sounds like you are getting rapture ready also, just look to the things ahead,and don’t look back and be brand new in the name of Jesus,he tosses our past in the sea of forgetfulness,we must do the same,great things await his children,

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you but I just saw the best doccumentary on a group whom did missions work in Equador in the 1950’s and had become close friends & the tragedy that took place there when 5 of the husbands went to bring the word of God to a tribe that were known as killers. The amazing grace God gave to that tribe is Awesome. It was a story of true forgiveness & the heart of God was truely revealed. The 5 men were killed because of a false witness & later one of the mens wives went to talk with some women from that tribe. She was there for 2 weeks and came back and invited more women to come. & before you know it the whole tribe became believers. What grace & Love was in these women even after they met those whom had murdered their husbands. The husbands did have guns, but said they wouldn’t use them because they knew where they were going and the tribes people didn’t. I don’t know the name of the documentary but it was narrated by Steve Strong. A son of one of the men. It was in documentaries on Netflix. You might look for it. Love and peace of Christ Jesus abide in you, Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

  5. lookinforacity says:


    Is this you??????

    Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga Method of Meditation – (website edited out – TL)
    Jan 14, 2010 โ€“ Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga Method of Meditation

    If this is you, I do not believe anyone on this site, is in the market for what you are peddling.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Jim, Who are you addressing here? Who has that link? Perhaps Michael pulled that post?  Yoga is definitely not of God. It is a counterfeit peace that comes from one other than the Prince of Peace and is indeed opposed to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        Yeah I was kinda wondering what happened to? I looked at new members and the comforter. Org was a new profile on the 19th. With bogus information for location etc.

  6. Timothy Luke says:

    Overcoming sin is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes.  There are thought processes and lies we believe on a deeper level that keep us coming back to the things we hate. Pull your sin out into the light of day and examine the end from the beginning of it. If it is lust related, for example, then follow the fantasy through to its bitter end, and don't just stop the tape in the middle, before the consequences of diseases, fear of disease, betrayal of loved one in your home, and the betrayal and wounding of loved ones of the one(s) you are tempted to think about in wrong ways. Think of the dehumanizing effects of sin, and take the varnish off the vision. Do we really want to go there? What about the cost of your reputation and consequence of pregnancy? Keep putting the lie of whatever sin you are facing into the glaring light of reality, and keep coming out of agreement with it more and more. Sometimes you have to confess face to face with pastoral covering and receive prayer for forgiveness and deliverance. We are not called to do these things all alone.  Of course, the fear is that you will be rejected by those you confess to. The truth to that lie is that if you are truly confessing to Godly counsel, they will not reject you, for they are supposed to be representing a Savior who does not reject. If they do reject, you were in a dysfunctional church home anyway, and it probably was feeding the problem, or at least certainly was not the place you needed to be, to become free… so move on and find that place.


    These are just a few rambling thoughts, but I hope there is something in there that helps.  You are not your sin. Your sin is not who you are. Jesus came to cleanse the sin from the sinner and make us clean. He is able to separate you from your sin. Can You? Hint: "I CAN do ALL things, through Christ who strengthens me."

    • I am thankful today.I recieved many thoughts on my sins.I have felt alone and ready to give up and then today I come on and see many response that are good and helpfu. It is honestly more than I have ever had. I went to my last church pastor and wife and confessed all but they rejected me and my kids.I became bitter inside because it hurt so bad.I needed help I was begging but didnt find any. I became mad with God for many reasons. I am ashamed of that but I have been trying to get back to him.My sin has been with me my whole life and I hate it but i seem to be overcome by it more and more lately. I opened up and told someone and they said it was not a sin unless I did the act. That just thinking about those things could not be called a sin but I disagree the thought is a sin I can feel the sin on me when i am done with the thought.SO I have come here in the hopes of finding help .Today from you and many others I found that. I thank God for that because in my mind it is his hand in all things for with out him there is nothing. SO he has givin me hope and strength to keep fighting .And I will keep fighting because to me the reality of the sin is death from God and I dont want that but if I give up then thats what I will have. I still dont have anyone to talk to about my sins and wish I had someone who was with God – close to me but this is a beautiful gift so I thank you for takeing your time with me and trying to help me. You honestly dont know what that means for me so I hope fod blesses you and all those who have reached out to me.You all have blessed me. Thank you

      • Timothy Luke says:

        It is amazing to me that a wonderful sheep such as yourself can be wandering in the wilderness for so long. Yours is a classic example of what God despised in Ezekiel chapter 34. God wants his shepherds to watch over, heal and deliver his flocks, but his address is one you should read, and find your place in, then pray for the pastor and wife who rejected you and your children… they were GOD’S children first (as are you) and so this couple has some overcoming and repenting to do before the Lord.
        Meanwhile, you get the wonderful opportunity to forgive them. Look at the judgment that comes upon pastors that err, and then have pity on them and pray for them… as Job prayed for his friends.
        If we bind others to their sins, and do not forgive them from our hearts, then we will find ourselves bound (as you do today) to our sins… Do you need the power to overcome? Of course, that is what brought you here! ๐Ÿ™‚
        You will not receive that power until you make a thorough list of people who have hurt you and then one by one, forgive them and ask the Lord to release them from their sin against you.
        If you have had abuse and purposeful attacks against you, this will be hard, but Jesus said to build on the Rock – and rock ain’t easy no how!
        Your pastor and wife should have asked you who hurt you so much that you took to hurting yourself in their absence? Read Matthew 18:13-35, and realize that you are dead-center in the middle of this paradox. You have tormentors assigned to you until you forgive all who have hurt you.
        Tell me sister, I believe this is close to the trunk of the problem for you, is it? OR, have I missed it – it wouldn’t be the first time, so freely let me know!
        Shalom, and may the Lord cover you as you draw near to him.

        • you are right I am angry with them.I am trying to forgive them but the memory still hurts. I trusted them and they turned me out . I know they dont understand and they felt that it was my fault because i brought the sins on myself by not committing to their church, but i had a pastor who I loeved and and then i moved away and i dont just easily bond .It takes God for that to happen so I couldnt give them what they asked for so when i confessed i was put out.It ia how it is but i need to forgive them .But what is the worse part of it all fo rme is I became mad with God. I felt he abandoned me and that he didnt care so then my sins became worse on me. And now all I want is for them to go away. I have thought of how nice it would be to go into a coma and wake up with no memory of myself and create a whole new me, but this is such a silly thought.I know I have to face myself and I have to face the truth .Ihave anger in my heart and I have been so confused and I dont have anyone to help me find my way. I can not lean upon my own understanding because I have so manythings that cloud my judgement so now I am lost. So yes you are right. On one part it really is my heart and anger and unforgiveness that keeps me bound to my sin and seperated from God but on another part this sin has tormented me my whole life so all I can do is fight myself everyday it seems. You know my heart is broken. I used to be so close to God. maby not as close as most but for me it was pretty close andnow I so far away looking up at him wishing he could take me back , but knowing in my heart I have hurt him too many times. I miss him and yet I can feel him. In my tears I feel him. In my hurt I feel him.In my fear of damnation and death from I feel him and still i cant get close enough . I will read what you have given to me and I will keep praying.Will you pray with me.I dont know if my words are reaching him as they should anymore because so much stands between me and God. Ok well thank you and thank you again.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            There is nothing.ever. that can separate us from Gods love. No height no depth. No powers.nothing. He loves us when we don’t love ourselves and unconditionally

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Lizanne, what came first, The broken spirit or the unforgiveness? Your problem did not begin with your pastors, it was merely compounded by their rejection.

            he thought of going into a coma and creating a whole new you is a dangerous temptation from the enemy. The devil wants you to disociate from yourself, but he will be there to form that new personality. You have been wise to see through that!


            Is it fair to say that the sin that has bound you your whole life has had power over you because you did not know how from early on to forgive? the devil abuses children who are too young to stand against him, and then conditions them to believe he is too powerful to overcome. On one glorious hand, you have been able to see that is not true… so you are seeking the solution. On the other hand, you are not there and cannot cross over, because (I suspect) you have not been able to forgive the ones who hurt you when you were younger.

            Am I still on the right track here???

            "Father in Heaven, you are so wonderful in your love for us! Blessed be your Name forever! The power of sin in Lizanne hates her and is out to destroy her, and you love our sister so much that you absolutely HATE the sin that is set for her destruction. Thank you for bringing her here where we can pray with her and for her. Let our prayers address the needs of her heart and life.

            "Thank you for Lizanne's children. She is a rich woman. Help her to be the joyful mother of children that you have promised. Help her to lay down the sins of others against her and her family, and help her to surrender her 'rights' to be angry at those who wounded her from her first heartbeat to this very day. Show her what you expect her to do, and give her the courage to lay it down. She really really really wants to get past this and be the overcomer you have called her to be. Set her free from the unforgiveness and from the tormentors that have bound her all these years, including bitterness, anger, fear, confusion, sins and addictions. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we command these spiritual mountains to step aside. We declare it is God's time for this prisoner to be set free. We loose the bonds of unforgiveness from our sister and release her to forgive those who have abused, hurt, wounded, used, maligned and defiled her to the core, in Jesus' name. amen.

            "Thank you Father for your love for Lizanne. Let her heart be filled with hope and lead her into your green pastures, once and for all, with Jesus Christ as her shepherd. Show her who she has harbored unforgiveness toward. Give her a true heart of forgiveness. She now sees how people can be bound to sin and do things they would really not wish to do. May she see that her perpetrators too, had strongholds greater than they themselves, and may she petition earnestly on their behalf. Show her who your faithful servants are in her area. She lives in a city of millions, and all she needs is one. Lead her to the pastor's that have your heart to save, heal, and deliver. In Jesus' name, we pray. amen."

          • wow you and a the others have made me see that there is more to this than I ever knew. What I thought was my battle turns out to be only the beginning. Thank you so much for praying with me. It meant everything to me. …You are right. My forgiveness does go back to my birth almost. I have a long hard story .One that is very sad, God took me out of one bad story but in the end he put me into another .And then you take a confused young girl who has to walk alone and this is what you get as a woman. I have decided to share this I will cut alot out to keep it simple. First I was born toa big poor family.Where I was by the age of two introduced into the sexual world, I lost my whole family and those I loved dearly. In foster homes I was severly abused even more than my own home.I was handi cap un able to walk and unable to talk and this made them very angry and so I was beaten and tied down. By the time I was 6 I knew the world and the people in were cold and hard empty people but you see something happened in all that . One week after being tied up and given one glass of water and two pieces of bread and locked down in the basement Jesus came to me. he told me I would live and he fed me. I had never heard of jesus but there he was telling me his name and about him and that he loved me. He said that my life was going to be hard but to hold on to him and so I did . I held on to him and i blocked every one else out.So when i was adopted into a home i thought i would finally be happy . But the mother was schitzaphrenic and sick all the time and she had many different personalities who hated me and tried to kill me. But I survived. More sexual abuse came from those in my new family and finally I just stopped. I became hard inside . And then I had my boys and it all changed . I went to church and I found God but once again things led me away this time I was even more angry. After all Ihave been through I though for sure now things will be better and i will be delivered from some of these sinful addictions( sexual). But no instead i was pushed away even more by his own children. I know they are his children. We all are even if we sin constantly right. Well at this point i fell into my sinful nature so deeply that I cant seem to stop the affects of those sins.My anger grew towards God. Iyelled at god and turned away from God. I had what I thought was a friend tell me I needed to study old religions and so I did. WOW Ok it was interesting but i knew better .But by the time i walked away from all that I had already hurt God. So now here I am trying with all I am to find Jesus and to over come right but i get struck down with these illnesses that are incurable and my whole world has changed and now I have to live literally one minute at a time so i cant just get up and go. I have no money because I can not work I cant get disabilty because they cant say definately what is causeing my sicknesses. SO here I am hurt angry sinful and confused. But I am also hungry , thirst broken, scared , ashamed and desperate. I dont want this. I dont know how to fix it .After reading all you all have given me I see now the problems are bigger than I thought . So all I know to do is pray . I want to forgive all those people I do but it is hard. I also just want a little bit of life back so I can be here for my kids. They say I might make it ten years but I want to be saved now.I dont have ten years. Well Iknow this is all a bit much to read so I will cut this short.Even in all this chaos that is my life I can feel God .I dont know what it is he is doing but i want to believe I was brought here to be saved and delivered. So for every word given to and every prayer sent out for me and even a thought you might have spared for some one like me I thank you .I really do.I pray every day for help and i have found some and now I praythat God blesses you for helping me .And one thin Timothy Luke I do find it amazing that God let you see into the heart of it all. Gods work in you and all the others has truely amazed me. Thank you Jesus!

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Illnesses are only incurable to those who are not the Great Physician. You may read Our Story to encourage you on that! http://www.our-story.html

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Praying for you! Look in the main menu for "Messages" on the column to the right of this note, and click on it to contact me, if you would like.  Thanks so much. I would like to share a couple things with you privately that will help.

          • looking. i dony know this stuff well at all

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Just click on message and you can send a private message to whomever. Or click on their name and at the bottom of their profile you have an option to send that user a message.

  7. lookingforhope2011 says:

    I forgot to add. One has to come to a place where they absolutely hate the sin or sins they are involved in. The bible tells us we cannot serve two masters. Pray for the strongholds to come down. Find a good strong believer in the Lord and become accountable. Someone you trust and can be completely honest with. When darkness is exposed and the light comes in the strongholds lose their roots. And must come down. Be blessed!

    • Thank you I will pray just that and your right the sin needs to become exceedingly sinful.I wanted to say something though. I was deep into church . I loved Christ with all I had in me. Still I had two prayers that were constant. One was deliverence from the thought of the very sin that holds me two was for a good christian friend . Neither one was granted. I am not wealthy and I was in a church where people went out to eat all the time and had the best clothes and thought they never judged me they would have never come to my house. At the time it was a small trailer. It hurt me bad when they rejected me and my children but now I have no church and I know no one that I can trust. This is why I have come here in the hopes that I can find some one who will at least pray with me. I dont need a best friend I just need God but it would be nice to know that Gods children and warriors are with me. I cried once no many times to God.Why the world hates me I just dont know but why do your own children hate me. I just cant see. I have no one just me and God and this site. So For this I am thank ful.I see now some things i need to do. SO thank you so much . One step at a time. I will drag this sin to the light because I hate it with all my heart .God bless you

  8. lookingforhope2011 says:

    And being conscious of wanting to change and making an effort to change is a start. This race we run was all started out by crawling. So be easy on yourself and take one step at a time. An athlete becomes an athlete because of discipline, self control, and A LOT OF PRACTICE!

  9. lookingforhope2011 says:

    I’ve been there. Believe me. It was not until the Lord Jesus gave me a vision. Of two roads. There was one main road and off of that main road were many side roads. He covered me with His robe. Under His robe I was safe. Everytime I stepped out of His robe and strayed to one of the side roads He stopped and would say “over here”. I would get scared and run back to Him. Some may say this is corny. But from what I learned. My righteousness is of filthy rags. Only as im covered by Jesus will I be safe. Plus He guided and directed my steps. When it comes to sin I like Paul have sinned much. My reliance on Jesus has to be more! Oh how He loves us so much. There are super genuine friends on this site to help encourage you and walk with you. I too will pray for you. Be blessed

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      1st.When a person has been turned over to a reprobate mind. they have NO desire of freedom of sin nor care about God or what he wants,they don’t seek help nor want help..2nd moving on,what is past,cannot be changed so dwelling on it is a waste of time, 3rd to be free from the sin nature,to have control, is a thing only God can give. It takes willing to spend long hours seeking until you find it. but can be found, take to an alter in prayer and stay until recieve. its not so easy waiting for it,but its the ONLY way. seeking takes hunger and a willingness to see it through,then will your request be granted

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        Artical of faith # 10 of the Penticostal Holiness manual 1977, we believe that entire sanctification is an INSTANTANEOUS definite SECOND work of grace OBTAINABLE by faith on the part of the fully justified believer (John 15;2 Acts 26;18

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          There was a man,who came to church looking for help,and he prayed and the church prayed with him,but yet he was still bound, he tried and cried but still no victory,everyone always had a reason for him why he wasn;t healed, but he kept going to the alter and pray,even those around him,was thinking he must not be sincere,and fear and doupt was hammering him.Why Lord.why do you hide your face from me. yet nothing,but he still searched for God. After a while even those nearest to him,began to question him and saying you know if Jesus comes you will be left because of your sin. and the worst he felt, Jesus why do you hide your face from me? he would pray. he made 1 last try,at seeking deliverence,beaten and feeling low. he raised his hands for 1 last time,and said God I have tried all I know,but I give up. as he began to let his hands down, the Holy Ghost grabbed them and they hung in the air,the power went through him so strong and kept him for hours,burning out his sin with fire, when he was finally released, He was made whole and never was tormented with it again! the reason I know this is real is because it was me. 28 years ago.and I am still FREE

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            That is an awesome testimony!

          • Garrett Leffers says:

            How long did this take? I know for everyone it is different but I have been going through some very challenging times and was curious as to how long the process was?

          • Glenis Goldsmith says:

            Hi Garrett, in reply to your post, I know many people struggle to stop sinning. the flesh and the spirit war against one another all the time. There could be a number of reasons why you are struggling with sin.
            Perhaps you need deliverance, but I feel you need to take it to the Lord yourself. Do you fast regularly? I am a Born-Again believer and according to my experience to break that yoke of sin over your life, I fast and pray.
            I presume you have received the gift of the Holy-Spirit with the evidence of speaking in another language?
            Look forward to hearing back from you, God bless you , Glenis

      • Thank you I do believe in prayer like you have mentioned. I believe that only God can deliver me , I know I cant deliver mself I have tried so hard .I see some of what I need to do I guess its the doing them that is hard.I wanted to thank you for what you have said about the reprobate mind and soul. It has scared me so bad each day. In the dept of my heart I want to be saved and I want to be delivered. In this message you gave me strength to keep going to try again and maby even try harder. It really is a battle with me. One I have had my whole life.I just hope I am able to be delivered and be saved completely before I have to leave this life behind. Thank you so very much and God bless you for helping me

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          your most welcome,and let me add this,set back in your easy chair,turn on some good praying music,and spend time with Jesus,and let him fix it,you just let him fix it,I learned long time ago,when I try to rush or help God it took longer,he wants you to seek,but also allow him to take care of what you cannot do,God Bless,and if we can help,be glad to

        • Hi Lizanne, I Do understand what you are dealing with. You are Not alone in this kind of struggle. Don’t forget that what the World thinks isn’t important, The fact that Jesus overcome the world. I think on how to encourage you and all I am getting is Whom God Loves he Chastizes you my dear one are trying to love God & Love your flesh also. It is impossible. You cannot serve God & Mammon Too. Our senses of Sight, Taste, hearing ,smelling & Feeling are Not the only senses that we have. We Have Good sense. And if it seems too Good than it usually is. The devil has decieved many by using their senses against them. Just because. It feEls Good. Or Sounds Good doesn’t mean that it is!!! I will tell you that the best way to fight this Sin is to stay away from anything or anyone whom will cause you to go backwards. REpent. And go Forward. What you are speaking of is almost like Getting a meal that tastes Good & then finding out that you have Food poisoning from it and going back and eating it again. It is A painfull & deadly Cycle. Resist the DEvil and he will Flee. Give this to jesus & open your heart & mind only to him. FoR the wages of sin is Death. I Dear one would Hate to see you Die and be lost forever because you couldn’t let go and let the Lord take this from you. So dear Lizanne, if I hurt or offended you please forgive mE, for I Don’t want to see one person fall because of their fleshly desires are calling them instead of thEm hearing Jesus. You will Be in my prayers dear Lizanne. Love Annette

          • Well you are right. But its the how to repent that stumbles me. I am sorry for my sin but to me it is not repenting .To repent is to stop the sin. SO I am doing the best I can one day at a time and one step at a time. when this sin comes up its like it sneaks up on me and then before I know I fall. I just want to make it all stop and Ineed support for that. I am not strong enough on my own Ineed some one to pray with me and help me because my faith that God will hear me now is weak but i know he will hear those who are stronger than me. Iron sharpeneth iron. I was strongbut now I am weak but with the strength og god his children and his angels I know I can over come. Thank you for careing and thank you for helping me. God bless you

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Annette is a great sister and very encouraging friend. A heart bigger than Texas itself. I guarantee you can trust her and she would be a great friend to confide in.

          • Oh Dear one, I Wondered if I was being too harsh. I hardly ever chastize and you were one of my first. So please understand when I say that not One of us has been Perfected as of yet. The things I keep getting in his spirit is not so easy in words but in spirit I think you are saying That. You are Weak all the time anymore? I have no idea which sin you. Have not given to Jesus. I do Agree with Joe. You NEED To GIVE this offering To Jesus Along with your Prayer offering. If Gods Holy Spirit still deals with you & has not left you. Than you just may need to ask the Lord how you should repent & whom you should pray for. If you speak out to God in a private place, He sees your faith and deals declares you publicly. Also Tim is correct. You need to Forgive All those whom have hurt you. I also would try to ask for prayer on the Viral Prayer network. Its in our forums. There are many on here who are Pastors & nobody is turned away because of Sin, for Jesus came to sinners. Not the religous leaders of that time. By asking for help, I believe you want to change, so allow satan to burn this out of you and return to JeSus Because we know not the hour or the day! Love, your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

          • i did not think you were harsh . Straight talk is always good.I just have been lost for so long and dont know how to do the things I need to do.So when anyone gives me advice I take it I look at it and pray over it and I usually end up holding on for another moment. Because for me it is a moment to moment kind of life. I believ with all my heart that absolutely everything is in Gods hands nothing is with out him good or bad. I am not saying he is the author of bad but if he wanted to he would destroy it all in the blink of the eye but he has his way of doing things and for me i think this is the way he has given me to fight what I need to fight but as of today I am realizing because of all of you that the sin I thought was have the fight with is really so much more than just one. so I beginning to piece the puzzle together even if it is only the first piece.So you see I am not upset with you or anyone when it comes to helping me find Jesus again. I am thankful. More than you could ever really know.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Repentance is a process at times. It takes more than a second to change a freighter around. You are turning. The prelude to it is what we are dealing with in unforgiveness. For Jesus says plainly, "if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither shall your heavenly Father forgive yours." Take heart. You are on the right track. Now lets do the right, first, one step!

          • bornagainbytheblood says:

            Are you sure it’s really sin that you are succumbing to, or just temptations and/or bad thoughts that invade your mind? The devil is crafty, and he can do a number on the mind if it’s not properly girded; a tired mind is particularly vulnerable to these attacks; these things aren’t sin so long as you don’t embrace any of that mess in your heart. The devil will convince you that since the thought came to your mind that you might as well carry it out since you sinned already; if he can’t get you to carry it out, then he’ll condemn you anyway and you’ll feel hopeless; but, just know that he is a liar and a thief! Turn the tables on him and tell the devil with authority that he can’t make you do anything against your will! You’re in control of your own tabernacle of clay and you choose holiness and righteouness.

            What’s more, take the time to disciple your mind to shoot down his devilish thoughts with the good things of God.

            Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

            Everyone’s going to have bad thoughts come to them, but we can disciple our minds to fight back with the Word, the blood and the name of Jesus.

            2 Corinthians 10:3-5 – For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

            Glory to God! There’s power in the written Word!

          • wow taht was beautiful. And It is what I needed too. Thank you and thank you God 4 giving me this help .Thank you 4 letting me see ..Thank you 4 giving this to me and god bless you

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