Deception in the midst

It seems in these last days,doctrins of devils are everywhere,,,just when you think you’ve heard them all,a new one shows up,,,people trying to cast out emotions,,,or naming dates of Lord’s return,,or aliens ,it goes on and on,,,,satan is injoying watching people tripping over themselves,only because they do not study and seek and pray on their own,,,,rather than listen to every old story a so called saint will tell,,,,Jesus said,,Is there any among you for the elders of the church, to pray a prayer of faith,,,,,and if any have sin,it shall be forgiven them,,,,Blood washed saints,,cannot have unclean spirits inside of them…no spirit can take your life,,,only God and you,,,,as badly as satan hates God’s creations,,,if he could kill mankind he would have a long time ago,,,,,Jesus came to save that witch was lost,,,,,and seal his people from all unclean spirits,,,,no spirit can over throw the HolyGhost out of his temple!!! put on the whole armor of God….we are more than conquers through Christ Jesus,,,,,,,,

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    Gal 5 verse 19 now the works of the flesh are manifest,which are these;Adultry,fornication,uncleaness,lasciviousness, verse 20 Idolatry,witchcraft,hatred,variance,emulations,wrath,strife,seditions,heresies, 21 Envyings,murders,drunkenness,revellings,and such like;of the which I tell you before,as I have also told you in time past,that theywhich do such things shall not inheritthe kingdom of God. This tells me these things are not demon spirits,but are of man’s sin nature,of his own spirit before the change by the blood of Jesus,futher more if not spirits of satan then those who claim to cast them out,are mistaten or

    • Demons are not limited to promoting only one particular kind of sin as far as I know. But they do take on roles. I believe demons can and do work to promote certain kinds of fleshly sins. You can call them what you want, the main thing is to cast them out if they are there.

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