dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses

In the first year I found Jesus,or I should say He found me,I found my 1st encounter with Jeh. witnesses. After they began to tell me about their belief,I was new but something didn’t sound right.Well needless to say they jumped from 1 subject to another so fast,they lost me,and I felt I had let Jesus down. I talked to my pastor about what happened,and he told me more about them and said leave them alone. I guess he was right but I felt bad still. So I began to write notes and study on the things they said. about a week later I tryed again to show them the right way.( for their soul’s sake only) again they jumped through the Bible and the NWT,and again they got the best of me. I studyed more and wrote it down,i studied their book and tried again. This time it was different,I showed them they were wrong and they asked me to leave their home. they didn;t change but I left knowing I did make my case and it was between them and God after that. I then kept making notes which became a book of notes,so I began going to their house instead of them for a change.I don’t know exactly how many threw me out but quite a few. I even went to a 94 year old head of their church and when he jumped so did I,he finally said I should leave but in all his years noone had ever come to kingdom hall and witnessed to him.I am sorry to say I never had 1 convert but the 94 leader died that year ,but he heard the real gospel, they began having meetings trying to learn how to hold their own if I should show up at their house.I guess I did this about 2 or 3 years.But satan really has a strong grip on these. Even when you show a list in their own book with scriptures left out with numbers where verses should be , only blank lines.Repubate minds ,believing a lie.

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