dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses

In the first year I found Jesus,or I should say He found me,I found my 1st encounter with Jeh. witnesses. After they began to tell me about their belief,I was new but something didn’t sound right.Well needless to say they jumped from 1 subject to another so fast,they lost me,and I felt I had let Jesus down. I talked to my pastor about what happened,and he told me more about them and said leave them alone. I guess he was right but I felt bad still. So I began to write notes and study on the things they said. about a week later I tryed again to show them the right way.( for their soul’s sake only) again they jumped through the Bible and the NWT,and again they got the best of me. I studyed more and wrote it down,i studied their book and tried again. This time it was different,I showed them they were wrong and they asked me to leave their home. they didn;t change but I left knowing I did make my case and it was between them and God after that. I then kept making notes which became a book of notes,so I began going to their house instead of them for a change.I don’t know exactly how many threw me out but quite a few. I even went to a 94 year old head of their church and when he jumped so did I,he finally said I should leave but in all his years noone had ever come to kingdom hall and witnessed to him.I am sorry to say I never had 1 convert but the 94 leader died that year ,but he heard the real gospel, they began having meetings trying to learn how to hold their own if I should show up at their house.I guess I did this about 2 or 3 years.But satan really has a strong grip on these. Even when you show a list in their own book with scriptures left out with numbers where verses should be , only blank lines.Repubate minds ,believing a lie.

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  1. barbie49701 says:

    Me and my husband were studying with the witnesses. We went to the kingdom hall several times. I sort of infield traited the system if you will. Every thursday night they hold a service at the kingdom hall teaching you what to say to people who approach you. They have a book called Scripture reasoning I just threw it in the dumpster last night actually. They are brainwashed. My husband wasn’t having it. He argued with me they were a cult. They said that I just need to pray more and ask Jehovah for his salvation. They don’t believe in the cross. The believe that Jesus died on the stake. They believe you can’t hang out with anyone but other witnesses. If your family won’t serve or take up the fellowship you disfellowship them. If your children won’t take up the faith you disfellowship them. You will be given new parents in kingdom hall. Mine were the ones who came and studied with us. Kim and Shane. They were my new parents. The last time she came she said to me firmly you know what your doing is wrong. Your going sleep an eternal death. I said no I’m not. I put up my picture of the Jesus on the cross in my living room with all kinds of decorations for christmas. About 2 weeks ago she came by. She looked terrified because of the lights. She said she wouldn’t be coming back. When I was ready I could call her. She was scared of me. Like My picture of the cross with Jesus on it was terrifying her. The last time my husband came to the house he told me it was because of my faith in them that we separated. He couldn’t deal with. He said Jesus died on a cross to me!! They told me at the kingdom hall that it’s all for the cause to just let him go. Jehovah would give me a husband within the kingdom hall. But over half the group were divorced women. Their husband divorced them. But it was for the cause. I don’t think so. My husband is going to come back to me very soon. I believe my marriage is going to be restored. Untill then I am using this time to know who Papa God really is….To know Jesus……….To know the Holy spirit. I have gotten rid of all the materials they have given me. I will not be lead astray. They are like wolves in sheeps clothing. There afraid of me now. Cause demons and unclean spirits and satan know the truth. They won’t let us near them cause it’s the legion. I have read the bible and read the bible and their is so many ways that I see their wrong. Jesus is not Micheal the arch angel. Jesus is the son of God!!! Mary was a virgin when the holy spirit came down upon her. Joseph did not impregnate her. It says in Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was in this way: When, as his Mother, Mary, was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. There’s the truth people….Not in the New World Translation…Yes they even have their own Bible. Produced by the Watchtower. They say it’s pretty much the same as the King James Version. I read both. I had both. I can see a lot of differences. Also, the little book what the bible really teaches. Is mostly words. However, if you take the time to look up the scriptures they claim are there to prove what they are saying in the King James Version it doesn’t always prove true. We should really pray for these people. They believe were the lost souls and that were going to go to sleep and sleep the eternal death of sleep. Yes that when you die that’s it your dead. Hell is death. Sheol and Hades is just a metaphor for death. I’m not a scholor but why would it say that some of the fallen are chained there? Why would then need to be chained if it’s death an eternal sleep. No there’s just to many things that don’t lead to the truth. Jesus didn’t lie. God doesn’t lie. Even if 99% of something seems to line up but then that false 1% says Jesus isn’t the son of God. Or doesn’t line up. Think about the 99% percent who says it’s truth? God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit? Or does it come from somewhere else. Truth be told. If it’s not in the bible the closest to the Greek and Hebrew translation. Then it’s not truth. Ask Papa God in Jesus name for the real truth. He will answer. I asked and I was amazed. Be Blessed all of you and don’t be lead astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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