Dark seeds 3am will be released this year with new additonal pages, read why.

Having written a difficult but rewarding book about how I got saved amongst other things, it is auto-bibliographical, I realized I should have took more thought and time with it because if you get to the end of the book there is no direction for the unsaved person, what they are to do, where they are to go for help, how to get saved, how to break free and so on. So, I have decided to add additional pages to the book on warnings about the occult as it tends to in the UK anyway that Christians just don’t seem to want to open up about this area. As I now live in Eastbourne, East Sussex in an area that has many pagans and Witches, and people broken by many other areas, I felt convicted to testify about the one and only true God. I also want to direct people who are lost to be saved and get help. I would appreciate your prayers as I add some additional pages to the book, prayers for finances to pay the publisher, and prayers for me as I Tackle the subject of the occult. For anyone who is interested I do have a web page www.darkseeds3am.co.uk where the book can be read free for the first fourteen pages, it is still available via Amazon. (kindle also) For your reference my book will be re-published in the name of D J HAWKINS going back to my family name here in Sussex.It is published in the name of Debz Lowry at the moment. I will also cover why 3am has significance, the sound of hooves, actions and consequences, there will also be a questionnaire in the book for those who need to address their issues, my email address so that I can help e.t.c so please pray, and thank you brothers and sisters in Christ.

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