On the radio the other day a new age speaker was talking about the importance of opening your self to spirits.What I find so amazeing is so many people involved in psychic powers,mediums,wizards,tara cards,quija boards,black magic or white magic dont realize that every time you open the door for demonic spirits to connicet to you,you are actualley becomeing enslaved by them and most dont realize this till its to late.When I wrote my book a psychic discovers jesus I didnt realize I would get e mails from people world wide needing help and getting deliverance.I have told countless people that unless your coverd by the blood of Christ entering the spirit world is just like drinking anti-freeze because it looks so good but its extremely evil.I know expert but I do know this that so many people who I have bknown either went insane talking to demons or they took their life.So unless your opening your self to the Holy Spirit you could pay a price much higher than you could ever imagine.Tim http://exposingthedarkness.com/

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