Crisis of Our Time

If you are awake to the reality of what is happening in our world today, you may be preparing. You may be buying food to store. Or other things as well.

I am going to give you the signal that even if you are not it is time to start. Here is the writing on the wall:

Online sites which sell storable food like Mountain House and others are having every bit of their stock bought up by the Government even as we speak. They are also trying to buy all of the Potassium Iodide they can get their hands on.

I do not know why many of these companies are not sharing this with those of you who may be buying from them, since they often market what they do as the key to “surviving a collapse on your own” or “getting off the control grid”. Sounds like selling out to me. But they are selling BIG TIME to the Government RIGHT NOW. In fact, many of them may be totally bought out soon.

What this means to those of us who are trying to prepare for the economic collapse is that it is at the door.

Pray and love each other.


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