Creative Miracles in Hospital

A little over four months had passed since I had given my life to Jesus and my heart was on fire to do something for God. The Lord placed a good Christian friend in my life to help me and it was this friend who presented the opportunity to fulfill my desire to work for God. He gave me some gospel tracts to pass out that explained the plan of salvation and before we knew it the door was opened at the local hospital for us to visit the sick. We decided to visit every Sunday after Sunday school. On our first visit we held hands in the parking lot and prayed asking God for wisdom and most importantly his perfect will. Carrying our bible, anointing oil and tracts we entered the hospital lobby with our minds made up and our hearts set on doing a work for God. Having no idea what to expect, we found ourselves a little nervous as we greeted the ?Pink Ladies? at the information counter. They gave us a little box containing index cards that listed the patient?s name. Each person was separated into a group, according to their religious beliefs. Knowing that God loves us and thankfully does not separate us into groups, we skipped all through the cards picking six people that God impressed us to visit.

When we arrived at the first room, room 117a the door was slightly open so we continued inside. When I looked down and saw the condition of the man lying in bed, it startled me. I felt the spirit of doubt try to grip my heart but I kept my mind on Jesus. The scene was horrible. Approximately foursquare inches of the man?s face was missing, including his left eye and nose. I could literally smell his decaying flesh. He had cancer. Taking the initiative my friend introduced us and explained the purpose of our visit. During their conversation I prayed silently. My friend ask him if he had accepted Christ into his heart and he replied “No, but I would like to know him”. We all joined hands and at this moment my friend led him in the sinners prayer. We were witnesses as he ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins and come into his heart. Tears ran down our face as we worshiped God and rejoiced.

After leaving the room we were confronted by a nurse who insisted that our intentions were noble, however she advised us not to get our hopes up because all that could be done medically had already been done as well as the patients next of kin being notified. Two days later as I sat in my car after completing a midnight shift of work, God impressed me to go to the hospital and visit him again, so I drove straight to the hospital. As I approached his room I noticed two nurses standing by the entrance of his doorway. I didn’t recognize one of the nurses however; the other I recognized as the same nurse we had spoken to before. While laughing she looked at me and said “So, besides being a cop you’re a priest too”. My only reply was “I’m just doing what God has called me to do”.

I walked into the room where he was sitting in a wheelchair beside his bed. His entire head was covered with bandages so he couldn’t see me. I placed my hand on his shoulder and told him who I was. He was excited to see me. I told him that God sent me to encourage him and that He was going to heal him and let him walk out of the hospital, then I prayed for him. He told me that he appreciated me coming to see him. I turned and walked into the hallway where I was met by one of the nurses who pointed her finger in my face and said, “You, Jesus Christ or nobody can help this man. He’s missing four inches of flesh from his head and its this deep” (She illustrated using both hands). I felt the Spirit of God quicken inside of me and I said, “It was for this reason that I came here today. I want to tell you and the people that work in this hospital as well as the people of Okeechobee, Florida and the entire world, that it was God who hung the world in the middle of nothing. He holds your breath in the palm of his hand and this is the same God that’s going to heal this man and let him walk out of this hospital”. She began laughing as I turned to leave and I heard her say “Whatever”.

Five days later my friend and I visited the hospital after attending Sunday school. We prayed for eight people before making our way to room 117a. I opened the door and Satan spoke to me and said ?He?s dead? and I said ?Not so?, there was a woman in the bed he had occupied before. We walked down the hallway to the nurses station where I saw a nurse I don?t think I’ve ever seen before. I ask do you know what happened to the man that was in room 117a? Stepping backwards she said, “I don’t know what happened down there last week but that man’s fine, he went home!” We raised our hands and began to praise the wonderful name of Jesus as tears flowed uncontrollably down our faces. On our way out, God spoke to me as we approached some windows in the hallway and said, “Look in the windows”. Immediately I looked into the windows, which reflected down the hallway. I saw one of the nurses that had laughed at me the week before walking in our direction. Because of the angle of the window we could see her, however she did not see us. As our hallway created a ?T? into hers, we met. When she saw us, she ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction. My eyes met my friend?s eyes with laughter as we magnified the wonderful name of Jesus.


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