Covenant of Power

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  1. twoythal says:

    Just out of curiosity… Are you all referring to the description-comment I posted, or the audio message? The reason I’m asking is because this is an audio message, but it doesn’t appear on my iPhone, only the computer. Are you guys able to see it?

  2. childofjesus says:

    We are the People of power and Jesus has given us Authority in His Name to defeat every sickness, calamities, tragedies etc. and live a Victorious Life in Him through faith, love, His Word and the gifts of Holy Spirit.

  3. twoythal says:

    The genuine “sufferings of Christ” are persecution for the favor of God upon our lives, our stand for righteousness and truth, and for denying the will of the flesh when it goes contrary to the will of God. But religion has taught us to “suffer” with the things that Jesus has redeemed us from (Sickness, calamities, tragedies, broken relationships, poverty, etc).

    God has made His overcoming power available to every believer, and given us the weapons of faith, love, His Word, and gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to live a victories life and defeat Satan at every turn. God wants it released in your life!!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Amen Tom!

      I had noticed that too. When we did not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to perform healing and miracles, while we were in great distress with sickness, it was easy to promote Christian suffering as being our suseptibility to sickness and the suffering wrought by it. When we saw our sickness as a manifestation of sin, or the fruit of a hidden root, and when we were set free upon dealing withthe root, I came to the conclusion you have stated.



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