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Hello… I am writing an essay on a subculture and I chose to write about Evangelical Christians. I was wondering if I could get some feedback about the beliefs and values (the things that take Evangelical Christians out of the mainstream) or things that are important to you and think I should include in my essay. Thanks, Melissa

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  1. I believe what separates us from most christians is we take the word of God as it says.Allot of christians dont agree with the prosperity teachings or healings but I do because God is a God of his own word.Why we are so differnt also is we believe in being Faithful to a church,people,our calling and doing what the word says to do.We also believe in being Accountable,accountable to a pastor,friends,teachers,God and the Holy Spirit and when some one tries to get in to an arguement with us we have learned to walk away instead of getting in to strife.Teachable,most others christian beliefs dont like this because they believe in argueing their point or trying to bully people in to their concepts but we believe Micah 6:8 God says he requires us to be humble not door mats,so when some one I see on this web sight try to prove their point to me I just ignore them because,Michael the web sight owner of this sight has allot more patience and grace than others so to show him respect I just look at some people just as lost as the world when they want to get in to something that really holds no great value.Also christians like us believe in taking God for his word,if Christ said he became the curse and his name is above every name why disput that?So many people make excuses for mental or emotional problems but if Jesus Christ name is above every name than why debate Gods awesome and loving power.

  2. I would say the reality of Gods grace take Evangelical Christians out of the mainstream. The fact that the christian walk is one of depending upon and dwelling in the grace of God – at least that's how God intends it to be – from moment to moment, in everything. So it's not  a self effort, self striving, do it your own strength, attain to something by your effort, obey rules kinda thing. Which I think completely seperates it from every other religion or 'way' out there, as well as any other human endeavors. In this relationship with God, its a love relationship where you rely on the grace of God to work everything out, and work through you. Its also this place of grace where the human soul finds rest, protection, safety, boundless joy, excitement, freedom, amazing love and returning 'home' to where we belong – in God's grace and love.


    This is what Jesus has purchased for us, this is what we have access to and where we can dwell. That is what I think makes christianity completely set apart from everything else out there, the reality of God's amazing grace.




    Edit – I understood the question in general to mean christians, so answered like that, think maybe you meant specifically evangelical christians.

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