Could Following Rick Warren Take you to Hell?

Rick Warren is a very affable man who understands a lot of things, not only about the Bible, but also about leading and managing human beings.

He is VERY smooth.

I have read his book "The Purpose Driven Church" which came out well before "The Purpose Driven Life".

Rick Warren doesn't speak in tongues, or allow people to speak in tongues in his megachurch.

To fill the spiritual void this creates, he embraces all kinds of New Age spirituality, teachers and philosophies. The proof is easy to document.


Please don't be taken in by Rick Warren.

Beneath all the slick marketing and management, you will be able to observe that he works hard to bring in teachers who promote demonic spirituality.

He has recently introduced something he calls the Daniel Plan, which features some doctors who promote, amongst all the healthy living tips, such things as REIKI, EASTERN MEDITATION, and even TANTRIC SEX. These doctors include Dr. Mehmet Oz who recommends Reiki , Dr. Daniel Amen (promoter of Tantric Sex) and Dr. Mark Hyman, another strong advocate for mystical meditation.


Rick Warren is interested in herding people, leading them and has studied this process thoroughly. He was mentored by the management guru Peter Drucker. Rick Warren has taken the best of HUMAN wisdom, and mixed it with the Bible to produce an eclectic spirituality which really PLEASES MAN.

Because Rick Warren rejects the power and ways of the Holy Spirit, in favor of the seductive power of new age spirituality, he is in fact a FALSE PASTOR, a WOLF.

Any pastor who follows Rick Warren is being led by a wolf.

Its part of the great apostacy of the Last Days prophesied in the Bible.

You really need to check out

and other articles on this site to see the in depth research which backs up these claims I am making.

It is NOT wise to trust men these days.

It is DANGEROUS to refuse a LOVE FOR THE TRUTH in these last days. If you don't care about it, YOU WILL BE DECEIVED.

What do YOU think?


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  1. iwantlife says:

    I can’t believe it… is this true? I even have 2 of his books here at home… I didn’t notice that he doesn’t approve the Holy Spirit in his church. So I guess I’ll have to burn his books if they are truly of occult. I’ve been there…

  2. lady-in-red says:

    Tanks for the article! I bought the book late last year bcos pple in my church had read it & thot it was great, my pastor has read the book but says he doesn’t agree wit evrytin written there. Somehow i started the book & put it down after the first chpt or so.

    Its certainly a great pity. Wat the Lord said is so true, we need to be very careful & vigilant. Those we may expect to see in heaven may not be there! We ourselves need to watch & pray.

    Christ definitely is coming sooner than we can imagine!

    • MelodyCat says:


      That is the only reason I bought the book because friends I knew in a Church I used to attend were doing a Bible study on the Purpose Driven Life. The Pastor had the whole Church do the study.

      Boy did that book really confuse my friends. Bible teachings they used to know well had been underminded and replaced by Rick Warren’s WORKs mentality and other errors in that book. Rick Warren really takes the emphasis off Jesus doesn’t he and puts it on the Believer to work for God in their own strength.

      Anyway the rule of thumb is you should put everything against God’s Word like the Bereans did. If it doesn’t agree with the scriptures toss it away. If you are not sure. Leave the teaching of MEN and ask God to reveal HIS Truth to you through His Word. You will learn from the Bible in time through the Holy Spirit if you put the effort in reading your Bible daily.

      Better put your trust in the Bible than books written by mankind as we are not without faults but God’s Word is perfect and true.

      As you said lay-in-red we are to be vigilant, watch and pray. God will help us discern.

  3. deborahknight20 says:

    He will definitely lead you into bad music and dancing which is pretty hellish. Not good for starters!

  4. Redbuck40 says:

    My friend tried to lend me “the Purpose Driven Life” but I refused when I saw the list, God was at the bottom!

    I thought we had to seek God first, and everything else would, not just come together, but we would see his perspective. The “only” purpose we should have is to Fear and serve The Lord God Almighty and love our neighbour as ourselves.
    Since the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, therefore you will know how to love our neighbour in a way that will lead to their greatest benefit.

    If he is “America’s Pastor” I’m so glad I don’t live there!


  5. dresserandkeeper says:

    Do a search at this site in all of Paul Proctors writings you should find some more about Purpose Driven Hostages.

    Good post Michael….

  6. Thanks for the article Michael, always had a uneasy feeling about Him, got His book Purpose Driven Life from a friend, but never got to reading it, I don’t think there’s any 40 day formula we can follow in following the Lord, but rather reliance on the Holy Spirit.

    God Bless

  7. I have watched this man and he is good with words and hes very good at convincing people of things but I am very botherd that his wife speaks about things that really arent biblical and he speaks on the feel good gospel which I might ad is a part of Joel osteens concepts.I am amazed how many men are preaching now that God wants us to feel good and have a great life.What I find so amazing also nobody wants to discuss John the Baptist and his life.So thank you for writting this powerful article………..Tim

  8. Timothy Luke says:

    Thanks for the article shedding light on this man. The default setting for man is 'hell' already, so the question comes to mind, "Can following Rick Warren take you to Heaven?" Doesn't look like the man is tied into the Vine.

    There is such confusion in the church today. God HELP US!

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