Correction makes beautiful

God has power to give us everything we need and all in abundance , more than we can imagine but are we really ready for it? God loves us so much He wants us MATURE , with an unshakable faith, being able to give more than to ask and beg, able to make the most of blessings (and enjoy them to the fullest!), bearers of the Word that brings life and light(and is there anything more fulfilling than that?) . The world despises those things , it wants us all dumb so we can become easy preys .I’m realizing it more and more that i need correction and the Father of my soul Who loves me wants me lacking in nothing , though i catch myself now and then insisting on my own ways (worrying , becoming discouraged with the circunstances) for His perfect plans to happen in my life. Having “everything” or not the storms will continue to happen , and when it comes will you be then like the wise man who had built his house on the rock or like the fool man who built his house on sand?

If anyone would like pray this with me :

I love You Father… for You never forget about me , You treat me as Your daughter/son and You are always concerned about the change in my heart (get overjoyed with that!!The Creator of the universe wants you beautiful!!!) that will bring fruit to You and make me truly complete , able to stand storms and not collapse , able to see beyond skindeep and have the right words to say.Love to you all in Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Amen

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