constant occurrence of the number 11 more than just a coincidence!!!

I need some insight on the number 11!!!! This may sound crazy but it is something that has been following me for years all day everyday! this has been going on for atleast 4 yrs! I’ve fallen into a horrible depression,anxiety substance abuse etc…. I know this is some sort of communication from a spiritual source (god i believe but i don’t understand!! I have suffered a great deal of pain and heartache everyday waking moment! Someone Anyone HELP!!!!! I am the 11th child my father was a pastor, i used to have a close walk and relationship with God that truly surpassed all understanding! I made some stupid decisions out of fear and my faith has been on the decline! Unhappily Married and was spoken to by many people with the same message. I even went to see a psychiatrist and he led me back to the cross, i am having the most difficult time with this for my whole world has stopped for 5+ yrs! Completely lost! I know what it feels like to have the favor of God and I know how this feels and it is Horrible! Suicide would have been a very easy option but its a sin! Help with the 11 please! i have a great supportive family and no one can really understand this malady! I have kids to live for etc… but i feel numb! I keep having these spiritual dreams and battles asleep etc… Someone say something please!

What do YOU think?



  1. Roadrunner says:

    For a while now I too have been seeing the number 11, after googling it I found there were all kinds of occultic explanations which were just tring to decieve people into believing and being led into the occult, so I decided I would just simply ignore all 11 signs.
    However a while ago on the God channel seeing the number 11 was mentioned and this guy said how it was a sign from God linking to Isaiah 11:11

    “In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a secondtime to bring back the remnant of his people – those who remain in Assyria and northern Egypt; in southern Egypt, Ethiopia, and Elam; in Babylonia, Hamath, and all the distant coastlands”

    I’m not to sure what it means or if theres any truth in it, but thought I’d share it with you. Just know your not alone, I feel your pain, the number 11 does get annoying after a while.

    I don’t know if seeing number 11 and the spiritual battle dreams are connected though, you might have seperate problems with demons to deal with, I’ll pray for you though.

  2. smoothbaritone says:

    I am Greatful for all the heartfelt responses for this has been a serious issue with me…I am making strides to draw closer to him. Lord i believe but help me with my unbelief! Than you all for your sincere concern and It feels more assuring knowing i have intercessors by my side! although i know “according to your faith be it unto you”!

    Thanks again and God Bless!

  3. Beloved says:

    I will also pray for you,unfortunately,I know all to well how you feel.You might be in need of deliverance.Unclean spirits could have attached themselves to you when you opened the door through sin.Yes,when you repent and confess your sin you are absolutely washed clean by the blood of Jesus.However,demons will not leave until commanded to go in the name of Jesus Christ . A good place to start reading about this is the “spiritual warfare” tab at the top of this page.I hope this helps 🙂

    Hang in there!!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Beloved, I love your name…!

      I think it is more accurate to say "some" demons will not leave until commanded to do so. I believe there are three levels at which deliverance takes place.

      1)  "My people are gone into captivity for lack of knowledge," Coupled with, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Indicates when the truth genuinely penetrates our minds and hearts, we can come out of agreement to the extent that a deceiving spirit has no more cloak for deception and just goes.

      2)  "Resist the devil and he will flee from you," has me thinking of those who overcome addictions by brute will power. The evangelical churches see fruit of resistance and so they are satisfied that this is the level we are to ascend to, however,

      3)  Jesus cast out a devil and told his disciples that if they had faith, they could speak to the devil's kingdom and it would be cast into the sea.  This is the level of deliverance you are referring to, and it appears this is the level our brother needs to act upon.

      So, I am writing this in a spirit of agreement but seeking to broaden understanding about your loving post.




      • Beloved says:

        Yes,please by all means broaden away !! I agree completely with your additions. You are much more knowledgeable in your understanding of Scripture,which is evidenced by your post.My heart truly aches for people that suffer from oppression,or anything for that matter,and sometimes my heart gets ahead of my brain 🙂
        Please add to,or correct anything I write if you ever see the need,with the confidence that I will not be offended. I have read enough of your post to understand your heart in these matters.Thank-you Brother.
        Beloved (I love the Song of Solomon)

  4. jspring says:


    Oftentimes, when I have seen the number 11 in dreams or visions, it means ‘incomplete.’ So, the Lord could just be telling you that your walk with Him is incomplete (Phil. 2:12; 2Tim. 4:1-8) & this is His way of encouraging you to get back on track & spend more time with your relationship in Him. Since you’ve been seeing it for years, may be that He is stressing the importance of getting closer to Him (that we don’t have time to not be serious in our walk with the Lord now). I would suggest that it’s best to work on your relationship with Him seriously, and not to put it off anymore. Work on hearing God’s voice and get back into studying the Scriptures. Don’t allow the enemy to prevent you from doing this. God’s encouraging you because He loves you and wants to help you, not hinder you from being all that you can be in Him.


  5. Timothy Luke says:

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, FOR THOU ART WITH ME."

    God has not left, nor forsaken you. You have forsaken Him. When you turned your heart back to Him, He welcomed you back, like the prodigal. "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness."

    HOLD FAST to the WORD of GOD which alone can save you. You gave major place to the devil and he, being a deceiver, is playing mind games with you to make you feel cut off. Keep pressing into the Lord. Set your heart to be obedient to Him once more, in all areas, and pursue His righteousness and Kingdom and He will add/restore all things in due course. "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you, resist the devil and he willl flee from you…."

    Let God be true and every man a liar. God bless you!


  6. twoods09 says:

    I don’t know why this number 11 keeps coming up but it certainly doesn’t sound like it’s from God. Satan is trying to use this to depress you, but you don’t have to put up with these attacks. If you have been saved, you are a child of God and as a child of God you have been given authority over the powers of darkness through Jesus Christ. I encourage you that whenever this comes up that you take authority in the name of Jesus Christ over these powers of darkness. We have victory in Christ and there is no reason that you have to put up with these lies that Satan is trying to deceive you with. Take the authority that God has given through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and I assure you that the forces of darkness will have no choice but to leave you alone. I am praying for you brother!

    In Christ!


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