Here in the United States there is much controversy over what is happening in Florida….One must check this out for oneself….There is confusion and confusion is not from God…..There are lies in favor of what is happening beening set forth…..They are being reported as false reports after some investigation….People are flocking to the event but what is being transfered???? They return home and bring this into their church….

Check out the speaker’s myspace page and what he likes in music and what his beliefs are….Some of his beliefs have been deleted since they are so controversal….

Check this site out

This is a very disturbing one :

Not all the blogs on this site are negative but one must investigate for themself…

In the last days and if you believe this we are in the last days one must be very aware of things…….


What do YOU think?



  1. warrior daughter says:

    I am adding another link to my blog…The more I investigate the more disturbing….This link has to do with tattoos…Many people tattoo themselves before conversion…They are the unredeemed and do not know that God says in Leviticus 19:28 “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you; I am the Lord”. The tattoos on his body have been put on within the past several years…You can see some very satanic tattoos and other gods tattoos…God tells us to come out and be seperate not to take on the very character of the world…I am a pentecostal and have been for 25 years….My denomination has taken the Gamaliel stand to wait and see the outcome….The problem with this is that there is transfering of spirits taken from the revival and taken into the local church….These spirits are out there to destroy the works of God and His Bride…

    I am very grateful for being allowed to post things that are contrary to God….Some sites take the view that one is bashing another ministry…..That is not my intent but to make people be aware of things…Some people will declare anything is from God…Some people will deny anything is from God and then there are people who proceed with caution and then decide if it is from God or not…


  2. skinnyboy71 says:

    I have also had a feeling that something isnt completely right with the lakeland revival. But I dont like the arguement “If its confusing its not from God”. Ive been confused MANY time over the Bible does that mean the Bible isnt from God. The church has been confused and separted over speaking in tounges and the gifts of the spirit does that mean these arent from God? God isnt a confusing God but satan can cause confusion.

    • It’s better to hold healing services of your own and bring others to Christ, than to spend time critiquing another brother’s work for the Lord.

  3. Hi Warrior Daughter,

    I just followed your links.

    It seems to me that this guy is very suspect indeed.
    The latter rain movement has been arousing suspicion for a while and Todd Bentley appears to be a “full on” disciple.

    God Bless,

    • Gods sunflower says:

      Jesus warns us about these types of things that would happen in the last days, He also says (Paraphrasing) “IF POSSISBLE THEY CAN DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT” We need to try the spirits. God people cannot be easily fooled if we truly rely on the Holy Spirit, Jesus said my sheep knows my voice and not another. Christains need to stop following signs, and let signs follow them. Jesus said “signs shall follow those that believe”, not us following signs. Becareful people of God.

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