Confused on the LGBT movement

I am a bit confused on the LGBT agenda. I was hoping someone could shed some light …

Recently, a local political group leader made some comments about a LGBT political group that were received as anti gay sentiments. When I heard him speak, I understood what he was saying, yes – he could have polished his language. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with his comments, my question is about the reaction of the LGBT group. I would have thought that a group that promotes tolerance and demands tolerance would respond in like manner to others who disagree with their lifestyle, but …that’s not the case. The individual who made the comments has been humiliated in all sorts of ways, degraded and such…it has been awful. I heard one person make a comment about hanging him. The most crucial point is that this individual attributed his sentiments to his religious beliefs. He is a Catholic. Anyway, I was just astounded by the anti-religious attack from both Catholics, obvious non believers and a few other religious groups. I wonder how this particular group can demand tolerance, but not show any…does anyone have any insight they can share?

BTW…I like the idea of this site..

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