communion, or sacrament or drinking the blood of Christ and eating his Body?

This is more of a curiosity. Than an observation. With all of the discussion about this preaching of a man called “Joseph. Prince”, I was wondering does anyone even compare themselves to Christ Jesus before they take of it. if each day we checked ourselves and asked if we are on Christ side, we would be much better off. I have found myself at odds with the lord more than I care to admit. But it is better to admit the error and run to him than to keep struggling. On my own without him. Also. i may sound harsh on the man Jp, but I do not know him. Yet if he is telling someone a partial truth or a half truth than he is not being a honest man teaching the word of God. I am no minister, no teacher, just a woman whom tries to read and retain the word of God and pray and abide in His Holy Spirit and his Truth. Yet i do strive each day to put to death my flesh and allow my Lord to live in me. Does communion need to become a daily choice to keep us aware of God in us, it should be a want to do not a Tradition! Just because he is a free gift, does not mean we should take him for granted. Please let me know your thoughts, and no cruelty please. Love in Christ Jesus, Annette

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