Coming Out of Babylon!

Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye recieve not of her plagues.”

The woman or”her” is Mystery Babylon. and The Mystery Babylon is The United states of America. The people of the Most High are Israyl. Israyl mainly consists of so called Africans in the US and most of the Americas (Carribean etc.) The Name of the Most High is YAH and His Son is Yahoshua our Salvation. It does not really matter who is black or white or latino, and so on. What matters is the The U.S sees the truth.
How can this be? Gentiles have ruled this world for quite some time. But the evils they have done to the people who are thought to be of African desent but are really Hebrew Israylites have been far too atrocious. Furthermore, ha Satan has decieved the world so that it believes otherwise. Therefore people must heed the prophetic warning and come out of Babylon. Not speaking hastily as to persuade people to leave for another country physically, but to first join the true Israyl in leaving Babylon the Great (The U.S.) Spiritually. Then YAH will deliver his people physically (most likely through a prophet).
It is possible to hold beliefs that are not true. Christianity is one of those beliefs. However the Bible when accepted for what its purpose is not a false belief to hold. I am not here to promote that only so called blacks will reap Salvation or that white are all just wicked Edomites. I only share the Prophecy that came through Angels and prophets before me. Come out of Babylon and worship YAH in Spirit and in truth. The U.S (Babylon) will be destroyed in one hour when the time has come so prepare and begin to escape from her now. I know that YAH’s wrath will be swift, for the Son of Man Yahoshua Ha Messiah is coming quickly. So leave the world’s religions and love truth.
Please do not let racist ideology stop you from see something that it takes open eyes to see.

In the name of Yahoshua Ha Messiah

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