Cleansing Fire – Catch the Glorious Fire


From "Catch the Glorious Fire" by Ps Paul Quadros


As we have learnt the importance of prayer in our relationship with God, we can surely catch the fire if we carefully follow the principles or steps.


Now, since we have caught the fire, this fire begins to cleanse us and purify us as it is written: “For He will be like a refiners’ fire and a launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver” (Malachi 3:2-3) NIV


We will become humble and broken vessels as we go through the process of cleansing by fire. Even when we suffer grief in all kinds of trials, we must greatly rejoice as our faith is refined by fire (like gold) and will be proven genuine resulting in praise, glory and honour, when Jesus Christ is revealed (1 Pet 1:6-7).


So beloved, let us yield ourselves to the refining process of cleansing and purifying. Let Him shape us into His image and character.


I was a new believer when this started happening in my life. On one hand I was crying with pain, on the other hand I was asking God in tears for more of His dealings in my life so that I would never be the same again. Therefore, let us be humble and broken.

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  1. christy teel says:

    I am in need of prayer. I am currently an unemployment licensed practical nurse. My husband and I are separated, I have 2 small children. My family needs prayer.

    • you have an inheritance in christ through his riches and glory. I am praying for christ to bring a financial breakthrough for you and to protect your children. I pray for your husbands heart to be made of flesh and not stone, through the salvation that god gives freely to those who believe. I pray you and your children to believe (I don’t know if you do).

      May God bless you in all things, prosperity, salvat ion to your entire household, peace, joy , love and all that heaven has to offer in jesus name.


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