Claiming Our Legal Rights


Introduction: KINGDOM is a legal document. Most of our basic legal terminology comes from the Scripture. The very titles, Old Covenant and New Covenant, are legal terms.

A. Every step in the plan of Redemption, from the Fall of Man until Jesus Christ was seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High, having redeemed the human race, is simply a series of legal steps perfecting the most remarkable Legal Document that we have in our possession.

B. The plan of Redemption cannot be understood unless one reads it from the legal point of view. In this plan of Redemption there are three parties to the contract; God, Man, and Satan. (God must be just to Himself, just to Man, and just to the Devil)

C. We understand that God created man, placing him here on the earth, and that He conferred upon him certain legal rights.
Legal rights that are conferred are more easily forfeited than those that come by nature. These rights man transferred to Satan, God’s enemy.

D. This brings the Devil into the plan so that he must be dealt with, and the whole scheme of Redemption is God’s seeking to redeem the human race from Adam’s sin, and doing it upon such an equitable basis that it will perfectly satisfy the claims of Justice, meet the needs of man, and defeat Satan on legal grounds.

E. The Fall of Man was a lawful act; that is, Adam had a legal right to transfer the authority and dominion that God had placed in his hands into the hands of another. This gives Satan a legal right to rule over man and over creation.

Point: The plan of Redemption is one of the most ingenious, and most wonderful of all the many works of God. (Legally God was obligated to redeem man)

1. Notice what He is obliged to do.

A. Man sold himself out to the Devil, making himself a bond slave, and God must in some way redeem fallen man from his sin, and Satan’s dominion. He must do it in such a way as not to be unjust to Satan, nor unjust to man.

Point: God must recognize man’s treacherous act of transference of dominion. It was a legal act, and God has no right to arbitrarily annul it. He must show to Satan perfect justice at all points, and at the same time He must reach man in his helplessness and redeem him.

B. In order to do this, it is necessary that one come to the earth who is not a subject of Satan, and yet a man, and as a man meet every demand of justice against man. (In order to accomplish this, there must be an Incarnation)

C. This Incarnate one must not be a subject of satan, nor a subject of death, so what does God do? He sends the Holy Spirit to a virgin in Judah, and she conceives and bears a son.

1. This son is born, not of natural generation but of supernatural. The child is not a subject of death nor of Satan.

2. He has the same type of a body that the first man, Adam, had before he sinned.

3. Every step of the work that was accomplished by this Incarnate One was based upon perfectly legal grounds.

4. This Incarnate One met the demands, first, of the heart of Deity for a perfect human who would do His will; second, He met the demands of fallen man in that as a man He met the Devil and conquered him in honorable open combat.

“Being tempted in all points, yet without sin.”

5. He goes on the Cross, and God lays upon him the iniquity of the human race.

6. He, then, with this burden upon Him and under Judgment of God, goes down into Hell and suffers the penalty demanded by Justice.

7. When He had paid this penalty, He arose from the dead. He conquered Satan. He broke his dominion and took away his authority and power.

8. Then, with the trophies of His triumph, He ascended to the right hand of the Majesty on High and laid the tokens of His victory at the feet of His Great Father.

On the ground of this victory, the sinner has a legal right to accept Jesus Christ as a personal Savior.

You have a legal right to Eternal Life.

You have a legal right to Victory over sin and Satan.

You have a legal right to a home in Heaven.

You have a legal right to use the Name of Jesus in prayer.

You have a legal right to your Father’s protection and care.

You have a legal right to a son’s place in the Family of God.

You have a legal right to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, to the care and protection of the Spirit, and to the intercession and teaching of the Spirit.

You have a legal right to be translated at the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus.

You have a legal right to immortality for the body.

You have a legal right to an inheritance in the New Heavens and New Earth.

You have a legal right to live with your Father throughout Eternity.


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  1. I refer to your point 6.

    6. He, then, with this burden upon Him and under Judgment of God, goes down into Hell and suffers the penalty demanded by Justice.

    Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus paid for our sins in hell, or that he suffers the penalty demanded by Justice in hell? It seems to make sense INTUITIVELY, but it doesn’t seem to match the statement of Jesus “It is finished!” as he died on the cross.

    Isn’t it possible that the suffering on the cross was FAR MORE than a physical death? I am sure of this. Jesus cried out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” while still on the cross. He was bearing our sins at that moment. Somehow it must be that God can suffer in a short time equivalently to what would take us all eternity to endure.


    • Chris Petersen says:

      Did Jesus bear false witness to the thief beside him on the cross when he said “TODAY you will be with me in PARADISE”? Jesus neither died nor went to hell after he said “IT IS FINISHED” rather “He gave UP his Ghost”.

      • The Bible does teach that Jesus preached to the spirits in prison. The Apostles Creed says “He descended into hell”. What I have been taught is that “paradise” was the place of the righteous dead, the “other side” of the chasm mentioned in Luke 16. This was before that whole place was taken to heaven by Jesus. The Bible is a little murky on all these areas so it has been a fertile ground for speculations.

        • Chris Petersen says:

          The “Apostles’ Creed” is primarily a Catholic veneration. Nothing more. Much of what they do openly flouts or down-rightly defies God’s Commandments, Jesus’ Doctrines or both. According to the “Holy Catholic Church”, not everything that begins with “Thou shalt not” is a Commandment. In the (so called) “Apostles’ Creed”, it fails to address and acknowledge God the Father as “Lord” only Jesus which usurps God’s Sovereignty over His Son Jesus Christ and thereby breaks the first and Primary Commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. It also incorporates a veneration or belief/allegiance to the “Holy Catholic Church”, although some variations change it to the “Holy Christian Church”, yet they too fail to acknowledge God as Sovereign Lord over all.

          Also, Jesus did not give us “The Lord’s Prayer” so that part of it could/should/would be used as a form of punishment for sinning. And the saying of “our father’s” as used by Catholics OMITS the veneration of God’s Kingdom as “All Powerful” and “Glorious” at the end.

          What good is it to a sinner to confess the sins that they are aware they have committed to God (who knows ALL their sins already) and be forgiven for the ones they know and not be forgiven for the sins they committed that they are not aware they committed? Wouldn’t they be far better off saying “The Lord’s Prayer” (in full) which covers all sins/debts/transgressions and venerates God’s Kingdom (in which Jesus also presides on the Right Hand God the Father). Also, if the sin is against one’s brother, didn’t Jesus say to “FIRST be reconciled with thy brother whilst thou art in the way with him before approaching the altar”? Or did he say to be reconciled with the preacher/minister? If confession to a preacher/minister is all that is required, then why did Jesus say what he did?

          Jesus sent the Disciples/Apostles forth to preach the Kingdom of God Baptising “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (not in his name only) because first was the Father, then was the Son and then was the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not come to destroy the Law or the Profits but to fulfill. So what was before him remains, fulfilled the prophesies of his coming and spoke the word of God and delivered the Holy Spirit. All these things in order could be referred to as Protocol (all due respect and priority).

          All the Commandments are all about respect in one form or another. Respect God. Respect God’s Sovereignty. Respect the Lord’s Name. Respect the Sabbath. Respect both your Parents. Respect another’s right to life. Respect and confine coupling to marriage. Respect another’s belongings as theirs. Respect the Truth. Respect all that belongs to another as theirs in mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, (added by Jesus) Respect God with all thy mind, all thy soul and all thy spirit and respect thy neighbour as thyself. For if we TRULY RESPECT, we TRULY LOVE also. For example: Love God. Love God’s Sovereignty. Love the Lord’s Name. Love the Sabbath. Love both your Parents. Love another’s right to life. Love and confine coupling to marriage. Love another’s belongings as theirs. Love the Truth. Love all that belongs to another as theirs in mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, (added by Jesus) Love God with all thy mind, all thy soul and all thy spirit and Love thy neighbour as thyself. Love and Respect are both Pure and Simple, as is a child and also Our Lord Jesus.

          When you TRULY LOVE God with all you Heart, your Soul and your Spirit, and TRULY LOVE your neighbour(s) as yourself, breaking any of the 10 Commandments is not possible. And if one continues to sin, then they have not God’s TRUE LOVE abiding in them.

          TRUE LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness of health, or in other words “come what may”. A greater Love hath no man. When we can forgive all that know not what they do (those less fortunate than us), only then are we “hitting the mark”. If we think we are superior or of more importance than anyone else, then we are sadly mistaken.

          Got to Love the Word of God IN FULL not in part and each other likewise (warts ‘n’ all).

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