I have to use this to contact you, as I don’t know how to contact you otherwise. I would like to join your church, however I can’t use facebook and I am leary of Google as they are getting so big and intrusive. I was wondering if you could have an alternative solution available like a regular forum where we can post comments also, for those who don’t want to use facebook. Facebook is just too much for me to deal with, I don’t have time for it for one thing, and I can’t control what my no believing family posts so I just don’t use it. If you come up with an alternative way to post comments please let me know. My email is [email protected] God bless

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  1. Our next online church meetings will be using The web addresses to log in and the times are listed below. Monday 7 p.m. New York Time Friday 7 p.m. New York Time Saturday 9 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time

    Please use to work out what times these are in YOUR time zone.

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