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I want to open up this site to other Christian writers. If you have a passion to write helpful words of truth to bless others, consider using this site as a platform. We are reaching a lot of people daily, and are about to go on a significant promotion campaign to reach more people.

To be fair, this will be set up with a revenue sharing arrangement. About half of the ads on your pages initially will be ads which if clicked on will earn YOU money with google. Of course, I regularly remove ads which I don’t like from all the pages, and if you find ads coming up on your pages you don’t like I will ban them also. Of course I reserve the right to approve or deny you as a writer on this site. But if after checking the site out you believe you are in harmony with the beliefs presented here for the most part, you may wish to participate in a pilot program based on this revenue sharing model.

I need people to test the system with me. To earn money you will need a google adsense ID, and you will need to contribute some previously unpublished articles or writings on your own new blog on this site. Every registered user can start a blog on this site.

Contact me if interested in participating in this program. Especially welcome are pastors and ministers from developing nations.

What do YOU think?


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  1. nisa1969 says:

    I write. Here are some of the details of what I write.

    Newsletters and web content for a Christian charity (praise valley foundation UK)

    I have written 3 individual, unique bible study series:-

    1) Discipleship Studies – 40 studies of basic doctrine

    2) Young In The Faith – 160 studies going through the whole bible book by book giving an overview of each book and explaining any jargon – with recommended memory verses and suggestions for further reading

    3) Simple Studies – 50 seperate study booklets relating to matters of Chrisitan living typically 8 pages each in an A5 magazine format

  2. Glenda G says:

    Hi Michael,

    I just came across your website tonight and felt reassured to find someone who shares my own views across a range of key Christian issues.

    I am a Christian psychologist employed in private practice in Newcastle, Australia. I am also heading up a small group of ‘harvest workers’ involved in prayer intercession and prophetic action for the transformation of our city.

    Over the last few years the Lord has been instructing me to write (often He will wake me at 2am to do this!), so I have quite a lot of ‘notes’ that I think are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and would be interested in sharing them via this forum.

    If you are still interested in securing more Christian writers for your site, please let me know the process involved.

    Many thanks. May God continue to bless your wonderful work for Him.


    • michael says:

      Your background and experience sounds very interesting. I would certainly like to chat with you, or give you a call. Please send me your phone number of maybe a skype id by email using the contact form. That way we can talk and take it from there.

      Nice to interact with a believer from Australia. My family and I live in Brisbane. I have been in Newcastle a few times, mostly when I was working as a contract programmer for Tomago Aluminium in 1999.

  3. You would earn based on the advertising revenue generated from your writings. Its not like its capped or anything, it is only that unless you wrote a lot of material that was well read you would not earn a full time income from it.

    Having said that, this site gets more traffic than many, so having your articles on this website gives you a good opportunity for exposure.

  4. What does limited earning opportunity mean?

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