Christian TV series in Arab world

The production of the first ever Iraqi Christian TV series got off the ground last weekend with over 80 interviews conducted with Iraqi Christians. This coincided with the first batch of viewer reports from Tunisia in response to another unique series featuring local Tunisian Christians sharing their faith on TV.

Both projects have been top priority for Arab Vision, in this 10th anniversary year of its operations.

The Iraqi interviews were conducted with Iraqi Christians from different backgrounds who have immigrated to Europe recently.

“They are all very enthusiastic,” reported the project manager during the recordings. “One lady shared that she’s been praying for a TV programme in the dialect of Iraq for over six years.

“Another Muslim background lady is seriously considering participating in the programme. She’s taking a risk and still undecided; however she feels very strongly that this is a way to help Muslims in her country understand the truth,” he added.

The interviews will be slotted into the 30 episodes scheduled to be completed at the end of August. Five Iraqi presenters will be answering questions and discussing various biblical and practical life issues in each episode.

The series will be available for satellite broadcast in the autumn, and a local phone number is being set up in Iraq to receive calls and SMS text messages from the viewers.

The viewers of the first Tunisian Christian TV series are already responding. The series was produced earlier this year in partnership with Focus Media, and for the first time featured Christian presenters from Tunisia itself. One viewer called to say that he had been feeling scared and thinking that he was the only Tunisian following Christ in his country, but now he is so excited to see other Tunisian brother and sisters on TV.

Many others echo the same feelings.

“They have so many questions and want to meet someone to discuss many issues about the Koran and the Bible,” reported a team member who answers the phone calls from viewers.

Not everyone is as positive though. “One lady was so upset and shocked at how we could change our faith to Christianity,” the team member continued. “She was insulting me and trying to persuade me to return to Islam.”

Arab Vision believes that these unique TV programmes – by local Christians and in the local dialects – will make a big impact for the Gospel in the Arab World.

“Our commitment is to our Arab brothers and sisters in these countries,” said the International Director. “They are the ones who have been praying for such an opportunity for many years, and they have the vision to continue producing many more programmes in the years to come.”

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