Christian TV channels should NOT support false prophets and teachers

As someone who is involved in setting up Christian TV channels, I feel it is important to state that FINANCIAL REALITIES DO NOT TRUMP GOD’S COMMANDS NOT TO BE PARTNERS WITH FALSE PROPHETS/TEACHERS.

In other words, just because a certain preacher can raise a lot of money from people on TV and can pay handsomely for TV time, does not mean that it is God’s will that his or her message be heard on TV.

The influence of Television is Massive. True Christians SHOULD be aiming to get hold of this medium. It is the best medium right now for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

But what Satan has done is this: he has poisoned the chalice of much of Christian television. Instead of being a pure stream of God, it has become many times a kind of haven for false prophets, false teachers, religious politicians, carnal compromisers, men pleasers and others money hungry people who suppose that godliness is a means of gain, and that huge influence is proof of God’s blessing.

If someone is teaching heresy, and those in charge of a Christian channel come to know it, IF they continue to allow it on their channel, then THEY ARE PARTNERS WITH THE FALSE TEACHER.

If someone comes on TV using deception and false prophecies to pull money out of people’s pockets, and those overseeing the channel don’t stop it, then THEY ARE PARTNERS WITH THESE LYING FALSE PROPHETS.

What should it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? We need to fear God. Better for our TV channels to go down than to depend on false prophets and false teachers for their financial viability.

How can Christian TV networks tolerate the presence of someone like
John Hagee who is now selling a book in which he claims that Jesus is not the Messiah to the Jews
?!? How can Christian TV networks tolerate the serial polygamists who get up there telling people how to live and why they should send their money in? Why is it that some popular TV preachers can AGAIN and AGAIN make demonstrably false prophecies which do not come to pass , and yet are never called to account by those who can deny them a platform to the masses? Could it POSSIBLY have something to do with the fact that these people are giving people what their itching ears want to hear? Could it have to do with money? Could it be that it is now considered that THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS and as long as we can have a big voice to the world, it matters not if we have integrity?

If it has come to that, then God help us. The harlot church is on the airwaves, waiting for someone in your home to tune in.

We have to pray about this, and act. We need uncompromising Christian TV whose producers and executive love the TRUTH more than financial viability itself.

God is well able to raise up even a small handful of people who can finance God’s message to go to the entire world. It is nothing for God to make a man even a billionaire, if it so pleases Him. Let us pray then for the true gospel to go forth on the airwaves and for powerful purveyors of error to be soundly REBUKED, that THEIR MOUTHS SHOULD BE SHUT.

Tit 1:10 For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision,
Tit 1:11 WHOSE MOUTHS MUST BE STOPPED, who subvert whole households, teaching things which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. “

What do YOU think?


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  1. safariland holsters says:

    Oh yes, there are some TV channels that show false teaches and prophets, thanks for bringing up the topic…
    safariland holsters

  2. rocky boots says:

    I completely agree with your points.

    rocky boots

  3. Dear Michael

    I am not certain if my first comment came through. Please clarify for me if you are saying giving 10% of gross salary as is required in Malachi 3:6-10 does not apply anymore.

    Annastina – South Africa

  4. jesseedavis says:

    I just wish that more people would understand what just is false or true. Most people that I have met or that I know have such a shallow faith and knowledge that they could get fed anything from Satan himself and they’d take it. It is so grievous. I think that we all have been through this, usually close to our conversion, but why aren’t people maturing in the faith? They seem to get disciplines down, they make habits, but why can’t people actually grow?

  5. K Karupa

    I believe they are but very few TV channels to trust when it comes preaching the word.Obviously when I watch TV I would rather watch a Christian channel than these secular channels ,however we need the Holy Spirit to guide us not to consume everything that those televangelist preach.We must be like the Bereans in the Book of ACTS.

  6. I’d like to say that their are alot of false prophets in our tellys. most of them are just out to make money.
    sara lee

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  7. I encourage everyone who is outraged at what is happening to todays church to be strong in the Lord. Get right with God and have him use you as a vessel for spiritual warfare.

    • warrior daughter says:

      My question is why do Christians watch so much television instead of reading the Word of God??? Yes,there is anointed preaching on television but not all of the programs are from God and some are wolves in sheep’s clothing..God tells us to search for Him with our whole heart and we will find Him….The Word of God is a healer Psalms 107:20; it makes free;, John 8:22; bears witness John 20:31; produces faith Romans 20:31; makes wise 2 Timothy 3:15-17; exhorts 2 Timothy 4:2; rejoices the heart Jeremiah 15:16; regenerates James 1:18; illuminates Psalms 119:130…..The Word of God is a lamp Psalms 119:105; a fire Jeremiah 4:14; a hammer Jeremiah 23:29; seed Matthew 13:18-33; a sword Ephesians 6:17….The Word of God will never become outdated as the books of men become… I encourage everyone to search and find for themself just what God wants to have you learn and not to rely on others for what He speaks to you will be perfect for whatever your circumstances are …..

      • michael says:

        Its true people can often get more from the Lord if they get into the Word for themselves and seek God for a personal relationship. But because people are lazy and lots of people watch TV we should be concerned about influencing what is going on there.

  8. Latalane says:

    You are quite right, I flip between TBN and a local christian station. The local station has a broadcast “The Shepherds Chapel” with pastor Arnold Murray that I look at on a daily basis because he actually reads and translates the Word, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. Everyone else is watered down.

  9. Hi
    Thanks for your post. God’s Word says men’s hearts are wicked and that all men like to speak good of themselves. We need to be careful to what we listen to. We need to read the bible for ourselves and not let the preacher read the bible for us on sunday or tv only. I think the reason why so many Christians are decieved is that we only listen to what preachers tell us and dont read the bible for ourselves

    The other day I got hold of some Jehovah’s Witness material and after reading through it i could see text that were contrary to what the Word of God says

  10. Brice Rodrigue Bambaka says:

    Brother Michael,

    i am very blessed by your site. Every day in my sparetime i come and feed my soul through different messages that contribute to my spiritual growth.

    I am Congolese (Congo-Brazzaville-Africa) and i am living in South Africa now.

    Thank you for opening my eyes about the “harlot”, because these wrong teachings given by its “vessels” or “mouthpieces” are also gaining ground in so many churches in Africa and polluting the African church environment.

    Thanx also for the links

    In Christ,

    Your Brother, Brice.

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