Jesus Payed the Bill


From Hollywood Actor to Preacher


The Dino Andreadis Story

A solitary figure stood on a dark, deserted hilltop, high above the City of Angels. 
Overhead, a myriad of stars twinkled in the beautiful night shy as the blazing neon lights 
below beckoned intensely…

A New Body – Toby’s Story


Before a Thing Springs forth I tell you of it


Receiving a warning about what was going to happen

Four years ago I had a very uneasy feeling accompanied by a vision. I was suddenly afraid of sleeping by the wood stove and kept having the vision that the little door was being pushed open by flames and that those flames were going to burn me if I slept on the couch which was right beside it. I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden I pictured this scenario and why I was afraid, when we had had the stove for at least 6 years and I would take pleasure in having a snooze on the couch right beside this source of heat.

The Life-changing Story of Bobby Zimmerman

Check out this video testimony of how Bobby Zimmerman was dramatically saved 3 days before his tragic death.

If this story impacts you or you repeat the prayer like Bobby did for the first time, please share your story with us via e-mail to

my vision of jesus.

hello my name is jeffery,i just want to share my testimony of my experience with jesus in the year 2000 my vision was in winnipeg manitoba,at this time i was only 20yrs old,so i will get to my testimony

Calls Out to God and Pulls the Trigger – A Lady sees Hell and Returns to Tell

This is a rather remarkable story. A lady is desperate and hopeless and calls out to God before shooting herself in the chest. She miraculously survives, but only after experiencing for a short time the horrors of hell and the rescuing hand of Jesus.

Freed from Paranoid Schizophrenia

Freed from Paranoid Schizophrenia

My name is Geoff Primanti and I am a student at Calvary Chapel Bible College. I used to be a paranoid schizophrenic, BUT GOD healed me.

Rescued from the Kingdom of Hell – Out of Satanism

Like so many others, I came from a broken and dysfunctional home. My father divorced my mentally ill mother a few years after my younger brother Jon's birth, but not before inflicting deep psychological and emotional wounds through verbal, physical and possibly sexual abuse, thereby providing the fundamental doorways of demonic access into my life, even as a helpless and innocent child. In hindsight, I suspect he, or a caretaker, did the same to my brother.


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