Healed through Jesus only

My name is Suseela and I am from Kerala.

I used to keep away from prayers before I met Jesus. he came to my life through a healing.

I had a growth in my stomach but our financial situation was too bad that I couldn’t do anything to remove that. The doctors asked me to get ready for an operation. They were saying that there is no other way to remove the same.

I went to many churches and prayed to many saints. At last I lost my faith in all of them. I suddenly changed my mind and decided to focus only to Jesus Christ.

Healed of Breast Lump

A young lady healed of a breast lump the doctors wanted to surgically remove.

Elsy Chacko healed

A lady from Kerala wants to tell us how she got miraculous healing when she was watching a TV programme

Alice M.Shibu

Alice shares her story of healing. She is now staying in Australia with her family.

Mukesh – Healed and Saved

Mukesh had a very painful cyst between his buttocks which used to prevent him even to sit down. But when he trusted in Jesus Christ and prayed he received relief from his disease.

‘I am a sambava caste Hindu. My name is Mukesh.

I have come to know the Lord Jesus, and am now attending the prayer fellowship.

I have had a very painful cyst between my buttocks, which prevented me from sitting down normally like others.


Achamma from Kerala – healed of bleeding

Achamma, a lady from Kerala, had been bleeding for three months and she was touched by Jesus when she was lying on her bed unable to even go to the doctor.

My name is Achamma varghese and I am writing this from kerala.

My husband passed away 8 years back and three months before I had begun bleeding. One day I was lying tired from 5 am in the morning unable to even go to the doctor.

Jain from Kerala healed of Psoriases

Jain was healed of an incurable disease called psoriases which creates painful scales on the skin, with itching and bleeds when scratched. Jain have been serving the Lord since the last 7 years.

My name is Jain. I am a musician from Kerala.

I have been serving the Lord since the last 5 years. I was healed of an incurable disease called psoriases which creates painful scales on the skin, with itching and bleeds when scratched. I developed this on both my legs below my knees.

Healed of Rheumatic Fever

I was just a little girl of 11 when my life with God began, It was also the beginning of my life after a doctor pronounced a death sentence on me.

I had come down with a sickness that,at the time it, was virtually an unknown illness and very little was known on how to treat it. The name of it was: Rheumatic Fever. Anyway out of desperation my parents bundled me up and took me to church. I could not do anything on my own, talking was out, moving was out, I just could not do anything like other children.

But that night was an unforgettable night and the beginning of something wonderful.

Healed of Epilepsy – Amy Crane

Amy E. Crane had a disorder in her central nervous system from her childhood. After s few years her doctor told her that her disease are not controllable by medication. But she experienced the presence of God even in the darkness and she was saved from death.

Throughout my early childhood, I feared those moments of darkness that struck unexpectedly several times a week.

Healed of a Hearing Defect

Two years ago, I had a slight hearing problem and my ear felt very heavy. My mother took me to the doctor. He said that my ear was filled with wax, and my ear canal was very narrow.

I had to go to the doctor three times to finish the process of taking the wax out. Earlier, I couldn’t hear clearly, and I had to pull my ear lobe down to hear. But after taking the wax it was slightly better.

I always had a slight hearing defect, in addition to the wax problem. The doctor said that I had to undergo an audiogram test because he said that I have some hearing problem.


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