Ministry amongst Gypsies

This is what I experienced in Romania in the year 2000 ministering amongst the Gypsies in Romania near Bucharest.

Healed of Asthma, Baptized in the Spirit

Yes God really worked in my life and is still working.

I am now 16 and gave my heart to Jesus when i was 12 years old.

Before I was saved I was a religious person,thinking that i could please God through going to church and living better.
I was living a double life constantly seeking fame in my school , trying to please people.I was molested by older children when I was in grade 2.After that I suffered from guilt an obsessive compulsive behaviour.

My mother was saved 2 years before me and told me about all the miracles she experienced on church camps, all the miracles.Which intere

Miracles in India

In January, 1999 I spent a couple of weeks in India, in the southern State of Kerala. In the course of my trip there I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Christians, and also to unbelievers, telling them about Jesus and what God can do. I also had the opportunity to pray for the sick in Jesus’ name.

Quite a number of people were healed of all sorts of medical conditions through faith in the name of Jesus. There were people healed of breathing problems, back problems and a variety of other things.

Creative Miracles in Hospital

A little over four months had passed since I had given my life to Jesus and my heart was on fire to do something for God. The Lord placed a good Christian friend in my life to help me and it was this friend who presented the opportunity to fulfill my desire to work for God. He gave me some gospel tracts to pass out that explained the plan of salvation and before we knew it the door was opened at the local hospital for us to visit the sick. We decided to visit every Sunday after Sunday school.

Marlies Zechner on divine healing

Marlies offers some teaching and relates some stories concerning divine healing.

Medical Doctors Speak

A number of Australian medical doctors go on the record to talk positively about divine healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

Broken Wrist Healed

Graham Pockett gives testimony of his miracle healing.

From Atheism to Faith – Justin Combs

The Broken House of the Foolish: A True Story of a Man Who Found God – By Justin Combs


By looking at our surroundings, what do we see? Do we see only what we want to see, or are we able to broaden our perspective and get a greater idea of what is beyond the range of our eyes? Do our pleasures in this life come from what we can touch with our hands, or does it come from the knowledge that we have of what may seem to be beyond this plane of existence? For that matter, what is pleasure?

Delivered from the Fear of Death

In 1992, I began to get extremely stressed from my job and marriage. I was a Regional Manager for a high tech electronic company with lots of people to manage and offices to run for profit. I began to be anxious about everything especially death. The anxiety grew larger and larger until it began to consume my life. I felt like each day I was going to die. When the sun went down the anxiety intensified. I was divorced in 1993 and this was the final blow in my life. I was out of control drinking and not looking to God for help.

Recovery from serious motorbike accident

The story of an Australian man, almost killed through a road accident, who finds Christ. A good read.


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