Blind Paralysed Man miraculous healed by Jesus – as seen on Australian TV

Can God heal blind people? Listen to this testimony. And to all the sweet atheists out there – yes, God does do creative miracles for amputees also, though these miracles are relatively rare. God heals when He wants to, when He deems it fit. If you demand God “perform” for you on your terms, you […]

Los Milagros Siguen Ocurriendo – Spanish translation of Miracles Still Happen

LOS MILAGROS SIGUEN OCURRIENDO (Por Marlies Zechner) Translated by Valeria Valesco Si tiene alguna pregunta puede escribir al siguiente correo electrónico. [email protected] Este libro está registrado bajo derechos de autor 1998-1999 por Marlies Zechner. No puede ser vendido o comenrcializado de ninguna manera sin el permiso de la autora. Puede ser copiado para compartir con […]


Chuck Kruder is revealing how Jesus healed him of many diseases and how God revealed Himself in his life.

Healed From Asthma

Johan says how he got healed from asthma when he was twelve in age

Brain Tumor healed

Riaan reveals how he was healed from brain tumor with lots of trouble and pain

Paige’s hand healed – live ministry clip from streets of Brisbane, Australia

Grant Shaw and the team from Bridgeman Christian Outreach Centre minister to a girl at one of the shopping malls in Brisbane, Australia. See her reaction as God heals her.

Grant Shaw on healing miracles through Outreach teams in Brisbane

Grant Shaw, youth pastor at Bridgeman Christian Outreach Centre in Brisbane, Australia talks about signs and wonders on streets of Brisbane, Australia and what Jesus Christ is doing through the young people who are stepping out in His name.

Healings in Brisbane Street Outreaches – Angela testifies

Angela talks about how how someone regained the feeling in their hand after prayer in the name of Jesus which happened on a street outreach in Brisbane, Australia.

Caspar McCloud TV interview and testimony

free from over eating

Shameera tells how JESUS freed him from OVEREATING


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