Healing and forgiveness

My name is Raj. When I was young I was bit drunk and commited a sin. I suffered from severe guilty and also I suffered from severe stomache. I prayed with tears on my eyes and prayed to god with all my faith one night with my eyes closed. Suddenly my bed was shaking as if there was a sudden earthquake. I feared for a minute and then thanked god and went to bed.

By the Blood of Jesus Am healed – Psalm – 40

I would like to give a real-life testimony of what our Lord JESUS CHRIST has done for me recently. We are so excited about it and would like to share it with all. We live in Chennai, INDIA,

Early 2004, My Wife and I went to a diabetic center for checking the reason for loss of weight. To our surprise, blood sugar was over 300% more than the normal levels. We started taking treatment to reduce sugar levels.

During this period, I was also complaining about loss of vision (in some regular interval). We then consulted a eye specialist and he confirmed that every thing was OK by the Grace of God and advised me to checkup with a Neurosurgeon.

After examination, Our Dr. (neurosurgeon) referred me for a MRI scan.
MRI scan revealed that I had a very large tumor in my brain (over the optic nerve) and Dr. said that I may collapse any movement and advised immediate surgery.

I was shocked and scared with fear, fear of life but beyond all this, We know that our Lord is a miracle working god and Christ is our only source for healing. That night we cried to our lord and he spoke to us through Psalm – 40 and confirmed his healing. “He confirmed that he will bring me out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings”.

With our Lords word I gained confidence and was prepared to be operated. On 20th Jan 2004, I was operated and later advised for radiation. Our Lord is Miracle Working God. By his Grace, Am healed completely and keeping good health. God restored 100% sight and no sugar complains. THANKS BE TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

God has plans/purpose for our life and we have to submit ourselves to his will. He will take care of us. Thank you Lord for your LOVE.

I thank our LORD for my wife and children, my parents, inlaws and all my relatives & friends, for their prayers. More important is my church (EMC, Chennai). Thanks to our pastors and all our congregation for their prayers. I thank all our Doctors for their prayerful service.

Thanks to our Lord Jesus for his amazing grace and he gave me life. Pls. continue to uphold us in your prayers.

Still Here, Still Fighting

I became a Christian back in the year 2000. But in 2004 I went to the doctor because I was bleeding and well past menopause so I knew something was wrong. As I suspected, it was bad news. I had Cancer. Ovarian cancer to be exact.
I was working a part time job doing a humble but necessary task. Driving a school bus for a company that handled a variety of school routes.

My testimony

God bless anyone that reads this.. all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for his everlasting love

Jesus is Mighty to Save – My Testimony

Dear Friends,

For my baptism, instead of standing up and giving my testimony, I felt God inspire me to put it in the form of a slideshow. The words/saying that came to me was “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  I pray that it will inspire and encourage my fellow brothers and sister to hand their lives over to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, in hope that they will let Him guide their lives and shower them with peace, power and prosperity. 

God does heal today!!

I was very ill 2 years ago, according to the medical profession I should still be very ill as I had a life long debilitating untreatable condition. God is so good, I was healed and leaped up from my sick bed on June 25 2008. It was and is totally amazing! I am so excited about what I am discovering about God. Since then I have shared some of what I am learning with many people and have seen God at work over and over again as people, who receive the good news with joy, are getting healed!

True life story of Suwimon Panyangarm


life story of Suwimon Panyangarm

A living


by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad



*See my testimony pictures at this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=264640&id=522257022&l=c0f4ce266c

Schizophrenia Healed


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My Story, by Andrew Goodwin

People being healed in a prayer line with John Mellor

More healings taking place with John Mellor ministering in the name of Jesus!

Painful tendonitis and damaged neck healed in Australia.


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