Anorexic Woman with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies healed by Jesus

The testimony on this page is taken from the book “Jars of Clay” Copyright (C) 1999 by Rev. Claudio Freidzon. It is used republished on this website with special permission. I turned off any feelings toward God and those around me. I became religious and practiced Christianity in theory. Three years of coming and going […]

Delivered from Insanity, Drugs

By Cherie

When I was about 15 years old, I tasted alcohol for the first time and I knew that I was hooked. It seemed to fill me up in a way that nothing else did. I didn’t realize at the time that it felt good to me only because I was empty inside. I had something missing and something broken in my life, but I couldn’t really define what it was. I was yearning to feel complete and drinking was a counterfeit solution. It was like a bandaid. I didn’t know that I had opened a door in my soul to the devil.

Delivered from 31 years of depression

Bev writes:

“I spent 31 years as a Christian suffering from depression. That was not God’s Will for me or anyone else that is suffering with depression. I was diagnosed as ‘Manic Depressive’ by the doctors and was on medication for many years. They were a great support for me but only Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit can truly set the captives free. ‘He whom the Son sets free is free indeed’ John 8:36”

Shelby – Emotional Security

Shelby talks about how she found emotional security in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Out of Hatred and Abuse

This testimony is taken from the book “Jars of Clay” Copyright (C) 1999 by Rev. Claudio Freidzon. It is used republished on this website with special permission.

Until my father’s death, I had a very happy childhood. His presence always filled me with a sense of safety and love – unlike my mother’s presence. My mother rejected me for no apparent reason. Even though I was very young, she continually spanked me. My father always had to intervene to defend me.

Cori – healed of sexual abuse

I grew up in what you would call a very “churchy” enviroment when I was young. From about age 1-7 I was taken care of, a good amount of time, by my grandparents. My mother worked very hard to make ends meet. She worked all the time. My grandparents are Christians and they always taught my sister and I to pray and go to church.

My father was abusive and after many beatings my mom finally decided to get a divorce.Though I don’t know alot of the abusive situations she experienced I’m finding out more as I get older. I was abused by my father also, sexually.

Abandoned by her father

Verona was abandoned by her father and by many she loved. Read how the Lord helped her see the importance of forgiveness.

Healed Of Abuse

Vicki shares how the Lord Jesus freed her from so much sexual abuse and pain, and proved His reality to her, even after having been raped at a young age.

Healed Of Scars And Abuse

Shelia Holcomb’s tells how she was Delivered from the Hurt of Abuse and the Scars of Sin.

Marriage Restored

When her husband left her, Michelle realised she needed God to change her life. God changed her, and restored her husband to her.


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