Mani Iyer – Orthodox Hindu turns to Christ

Here is the wonderful healing testimony of mani V Iyer who is from a Hindu Brahmin family. Though his wife was baptised, he was not ready to listen to her words .. finally … he turned to Jesus Christ .. Lets have a look at his story .

Saved from an Accident

My name is Urumees and my home town is Angamaly in Kerala.

God has done a great miracle which I would like to share with you all.

I along with my wife were travelling to Angamaly, which is my home town. As we were approaching, the traffic signal in front the junction at Kalamassery seemed as RED means to stop the vehicle and wait for the next signal to move. I stopped my car and was waiting for the signal.

Then I heard a voice and at the same moment our car was pushed forward by another vehicle. Our car reached at the middle part of the road and moved to another side.

Satish Kumar

My name is Satish Kumar and I am from Nilambur.

I never got a chance to know Jesus because I was born in a Hindu family. But before a few years, I experienced his great love through a small bus accident.

At that time, I felt like being alone and I was mentally disappointed. And when I decided to turn my heart to Jesus, my heart became filled with his peace.

I realised that, no one else can love me as my God. He is protecting me as a father protects his child. Now I am living for him and within him.

Healed of Breast Lump

A young lady healed of a breast lump the doctors wanted to surgically remove.

Leelavathy Choudhary

Read the testimony from Leelavathy Choudhary who is from Kerala. She is sharing her experience with us through this short testimony.

Out of Bad Habits

Arabind Mujli shares his testimony with us. through this small story he wants to tell us how he left all his bad habits and turned to Jesus Christ.

Finding Salvation and Healing after Leaving Formal Religion

A lady shares how she was saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit after coming out of a formal catholic environment.

Retired Navy Officer healed of Cancer

Read the story of a retired Navi officer who was healed by the grace of God

Peter from Trivandrum

Here is the story of Peter from Trivandrum, India who turned to Jesus.

Elsy Chacko healed

A lady from Kerala wants to tell us how she got miraculous healing when she was watching a TV programme


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