Richard Christian

Richard talks about how much he values Jesus now that he has truly been born again.

Japanese Testimony

A Japanese man tells of his encounter with God and experience of the forgiveness of sins.

A Hindu Coming to Christ

My name is Thulasidas and I am residing at Tripunithura. First of all, I use this occasion to thank God for giving me such a nice opportunity to shout his fame. Though I was born in a Hindu Nair family I got a chance to know about Jesus from a prayer meeting in our neighbour?s house. I was interested in attending prayer meetings but my parents blocked me. But , it happened after three years when I was only 12 years old. My mother got admitted into hospital due to some serious disease.

Ciniraj Mohamed – Indian muslim meets Jesus Christ

Ciniraj came from a family of muslim priests, began to live wildly. The arguments of Christians could not convince him, but their love, and then a vision of Jesus Christ caused him to become a follower of Jesus.

Christ Brings Peace

Asha could not find the peace she was looking for in cyber-porn or wild living, but found it when she came to Christ through some Christian literature.

Simon’s Search

Brought up in a Christian family in India, Simon did not believe in Jesus until he had searched out many religions and finally tasted Jesus for himself. Read his story here.

Grace From India

Grace wants to use the internet to declare her faith in Jesus, and to also share how her friend came to the Lord before her.

A Mountain Tribe receives the Gospel

It took 5 hours by bus. From there we hired a motorcycle with four of us on one bike! After a couple of hours of crossing rivers and climbing a mountain, the bike would go no further. So we hiked the rest of the way up the mountain.

As we trudged through mud and crossed flooded rivers on logs a hundred feet high, the Filipino pastors who accompanied me told me that I would be the first foreigner, the first white man, to have ever set foot in these mountains. So I was anticipating a look of surprise on the faces of the tribal people when we arrived.

Visions of the World of Spirits received by Sadhu Sundar Singh


The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it’s Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life, Sundar’s mother would take him week by week to sit at the feet of a sadhu, an ascetic holy man, who lived some distance away in the rainforest.

But with the death of his beloved mother when he was only fourteen years old, the young Sundar grew increasingly despairing and aggressive.

God intervenes in court case

I have been attending New Creation in Singapore since that church was worshipping Westing Hotel .
The reason I stayed in this church is simply because I know Jesus is in this church.
I like the services because the Name of Jesus is always lifted up.

Though I am not a member ( if there is such a thing ), I attend regularly and sometimes
the mid week Bible Studies too.

I would like to give a testimony to praise the Name of Jesus and give GLORY to the FATHER. I hope that many people get to read it and be edified.


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