Hey people,

Calling all christian software developers
and IT people!

I have a question for you all. What im about to say is uttley stupid, though I believe that this could be one of the “most powerful” elements added to the internet. Image if there was one “christian network”. This network allows for communication between all the churches around the world! Imagine if there was this single network, that churches around the globe could share information? Users at home could go and get the latest “pod cast’s” off hillsong, in a couple of minutes? This network would have to be built on the existing internet, but also it’s smart so it can effectually cluster, mirror and so forth. From what i have determined it would require the following:

– Server.
– Networking side. Routing, Authenticaion, Network transmission encryption.
– Encryption Engine. Using a “new” cypher techiquie.
– Secure Remote Control Engine.
– Client.

Im asking for any responses because i know the massiveness of this task. Oh i forgot, this software must be free and is multi-platform.

What do you think?


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