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I have purchased Choo thomas’ book and after I read it I passed it on to others. Unfortunately, the first person who read it felt disgusting after reading it, another friend read it part way through and was terrified. He said he wouldn’t touch or come near that book, he later told me that he put the book in a box and set it ablazed. These people are unsaved, if the unsaved people feel that if it that hard for christians to enter heaven then it is no hope for them. The point where she said that Jesus told her on her web site that many christians even in the rapture will go into the valley ahd me very upset and frustrated. How can redeemed glorified saints be confined to one particular location? Arent the redeemed the ones that are pure and obedient? And again, how is it that Jesus cook grilled fish in heaven, isn’t it true that there is no such thing as death in heaven? There will be no more dying not even of fish and animals in heaven. Also, she said Jesus told her that the tribulation started in 2008, then why is the church still on earth? There must first be a falling away and the man of sin revealed before that great day comes.

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  1. Bro.Jyothi Prasad says:

    We read Heaven is so real book ,We learned and received many spiritual gifts through “HEAVEN IS SO REAL.”

  2. If something doesn’t line up with the Bible, throw it away. If the Spirit God gave you cannot idenify with what is being said, ignore it. The devil is the only one I know of who wants to make it hard on people to enter heaven.

  3.  …in my view anyway. I have said this on another page on this site and given some reasons why. You have just added new ones. Its a pity that Christians are so gullible as to believe anyone who publishes such things as if they write with equal authority to the apostle Paul "This is the Lord's end time book. The Lord only wrote it through me … blah blah blah".

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