Character – Personal Revival Manual – Catch the Glorious Fire


From “Catch the Glorious Fire” by Ps Paul Quadros




prevent ourselves from losing the fire of revival we must know how to
continue to dwell in His presence by having the same character of God
in our lives.


it is true that worship, prayer, praise etc. through the blood of
Jesus can take us to the presence of God; it is our character that
will keep us there, and help us to get intimate with Him.


15 gives us nine important qualities that are required to keep us on
the holy hill of God. As we develop these qualities we learn to build
a friendship with God. Without developing a Christ-like character, it
is difficult to enjoy a continuous friendship and fellowship with




example, God is truth, and hence by speaking the truth from our
hearts we are able to please him. So also by being blameless,
righteous, and not slanderous or doing wrong to our neighbors, etc.,
we could cultivate our friendship and relationship with God, in order
to maintain the revival fire that we have caught.


bible also gives us the list of qualities that we need to have, in
order to be more productive in our knowledge of him. In 2 Peter
1:5-8, the Word of God says we must make every effort to add (build
on) these qualities one upon the other.


we exercise faith, we could develop virtue or excellence or goodness.
And when we are excellent or virtuous in whatever we do, we will grow
in the knowledge of His will and purpose for our lives. Once we have
the knowledge of His will, we can have self-control by doing His


if we don’t give up our self-control it will produce perseverance.
A persevering, self-controlled person can be godly in his behavior
even in the midst of adverse circumstances. When we have the victory
in this area, we are able to be kind and compassionate with one
another, which ultimately leads us to the fullness of love (agape


God has poured His love in our hearts by His Spirit
(Romans 5:5),
His Spirit will help us to overflow with hope (Romans 15:11),
and this hope does not disappoint us (does not put us to shame).
As we rejoice and glory in our tribulations, which will produce in us
perseverance and character.
(Rom 5:3-4)


bible says in James 1:3, the testing of our faith produces
patience or perseverance, and when it completes its work, we become
mature and complete, lacking nothing.
(James 1:4)


let us be joyful when we face different kinds of trials remembering
that the Holy Spirit will give us joy in our hearts as we depend on
him and allow His character to be formed in our lives.


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