Caspar McCloud comes back from brink of death

Caspar is a personal friend of mine, who I have known now for several years. As well as being a very talented fine artist and musician, is a very gentle man of God, with strong confidence in God’s power. Hear him on this video clip talking about what happened to him one time at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomastown, Georgia, in the presence of a doctor and a nurse. I have personally spoken on the phone many times with Caspar, and also once with his doctor, Dr Teri, mentioned in this clip.

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  1. Pastor_Tim says:

    “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.”

    I wish to bear witness to Caspar’s account. I recall seeing him on the carpet from twenty feet away thinking he was ‘slain in the spirit’ although that manifestation does not happen often at Pleasant Valley in Thomaston, where we attended. Caspar is a sincere and devoted father and husband as well. His testimony is true.

    Tim Reinagel

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