Can Darwinism explain genes for homosexuality?

In the last 30 or so years there has been a huge push to change public opinion concerning homosexual behaviour. Thirty years ago homosexual behaviour was something many people were ashamed of. It was regarded as a filthy perversion. But as homosexuals started “coming out of the closet” and gaining progressively more influence in the media, the judiciary, and government, we’ve seen a huge shift in the thinking of people across western societies. If the homosexual lobby groups have their way, it will soon be a crime to talk against the practice of homosexuality.

Part of the rationale for this is the belief that homosexuality is not a choice, but it is an undeniable part of the way some people are born. See, if its a choice, then it is possible to argue that it is a sinful choice. But if people are born that way, then the argument goes, it would be very wrong to discriminate against people for “being true to who they are”.

Some scientists have gone on to argue that homosexual orientation is rooted in genetics. In other words, your genes make you a homosexual. I am not sure if there is any scientific justification for this, but Its a great way to lend further support to the idea that homosexual behaviour is morally indifferent, and that only the unenlightened would oppose the homosexual agenda. .

However, let us suppose for a moment that it is true that homosexuality is controlled by genetics. Something else we are being told to believe in today is the philosophy of Darwinism. We are told that we got here step by step over millions of through genetic mutations which occasionally created a survival advantage for the species.

My question is this: what is the survival advantage given by a “gay gene”. If there really is such a gene, under the law of “survival of the fittest” such a gene would have been eliminated from the gene pool a long time ago, well before the monkeys, because only heterosexual behaviour results in  the passing of genes  down to the next generation!

How can a mutation creating a gene changing sexual orientation to homosexual be helpful in creating a survival advantage for the species.

It seems to me that you have to choose between Darwinism and belief in the “gay gene”. But many god-haters will want to cling to both ideas. This is because both of these philosophies are useful to the “father of lies” even though they seem to be mutually incompatible.

So, to all believers in evolution who think that homosexuality is genetically determined, please explain how the “gay gene” survives in a darwinistic model.

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